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Ariadna Jacob | Social Media Madness | SKC Live | EP04

In this episode, Brian sits down with social media expert & influencer manager, Ariadna Jacob, to talk about the chaos and beauty of social media's touch on business and marketing.
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welcome back to another episode of SKC live I'm Brian KIPP I'm really excited
to have Ari Jacob here marketing social media PR
influencer everything expert when it comes to digital marketing welcome thanks for having me good to see you
yeah so uh while you have stirred up the internet over the last couple years
um wow I mean you've done everything I mean you're You're Building Brands you're working with Brands so tell me a little
bit about like what you're doing right now like so
I have a uh talent agency we're kind of Boutique I used to work with a lot of
influencers now I sort of picked a very um
you know I think I have like five clients that are exclusive with our agency and uh they're just really
creative people that I believe in uh you know they're growing and they're all
across the board to have a base jumper who jumps off the stuff and uh travels
around with Jake Paul and I have a guy named Rodney D Norman who is like an
older gem looks like Santa Claus but he does like these funny inspirational sort of he's a comedian and uh so I've got
him he's a comedian and yeah just uh dancers and and art singing artists and
uh so but a good like small crew of of people that I represent uh and I am
developing a new startup that hopefully will be working with you on yeah the cookie jar super excited about that I
mean what people think it's not actual well it is it's good but like you know it depends on what kind of food you're
talking yeah it's a really fun concept I've been thinking about for a couple years and and I sort of revived the idea
and a lot of people are excited about it so yeah I I when you brought the idea to
me I immediately got it I mean I I actually I think I even called you I was like this is amazing and you're like hey
you want to work with me I'm like absolutely um but yeah I mean you know going back
to the people that you represent I know there's some people you can't probably like name drop but you know like I know
just by knowing you some some pretty notable people um and you know it's really good that
you're you know that throughout the years of of everything that you've done because you've you've managed probably
what dozens of influencers yeah I think at one point I had 85 five of the biggest tick tock Superstars out there
oh my gosh so did you get in right on the ground floor of tick tock yeah so
when musically switched over to tick tock there was I was already working
with Brands and with influencers mainly on Instagram and YouTube uh and I lived
in uh La at 1600 Vine which is kind of
where all the big Vine Stars started um Jake Paul Logan Paul King Batch I
mean some of these people are even maybe not as relevant now but they were really relevant I love King Bachelor I love his
content I don't know how I mean like literally he he reinvents himself all the time like I'm like you can't get
anything better than that video he just put out then he puts out another amazing video well that's sort of what being a
true influencer is is Reinventing yourself constantly being an amazing content creator you know what's funny
garyvee which I know that you know or Gary vaynerchuk um he that's he preaches that all the
time I mean if if there could be a message that was somebody's talking like blue to the face and screaming in the
top of the lungs create content multiple posts every day do something and the
people that are doing it are making tens if not hundreds if not millions of dollars you know a month in a year yeah
and it doesn't it doesn't pay off right away that's the thing that people may need to understand they get frustrated
with that yeah you have to be creating for a while and and figuring out what works and what doesn't
and and listening to other people that have done it and collaborating with people that are at your level or higher
than you you know so that uh I mean if you listen to any podcast or interview
that Mr Beast has done like he breaks it down into these sort of finite uh
strategies that he does and if people were really to go in and study what some of the biggest creators have done I
think they could be really successful with it but you know people just want to fast forward to the success and
unfortunately I just really don't feel like that exists except for to be really honest is on when Tick Tock blew up I
think a lot of the people that gained a lot of success on Tick Tock were at the right place at the right time in culture
the pandemic there was no other forms of entertainment happening that's exactly it and Tick Tock need like if anybody
needs to think the pandemic which obviously was an awful thing to happen but Tick Tock blew up in the pandemic
right and you know because everybody were talking about I mean the first thing that I saw that blew up on on it
was the guy and you probably know his name cruising on the skateboard with his Ocean Spray
and that was probably already like a year after it blew up after I was representing Talent on there my client
was one of the first people to um blow up on Tick Tock and she she did this meme it was she tasted kombucha for the
first time and you probably saw the memes like she made this kind of gross face and then she made like a oh maybe
face and then so it was all these memes of like gross and then maybe and so that
was in 2019 so oh wow uh she was one of the first people to start getting
sponsorships and Brands really didn't know how to advertise on there they just knew that there was a lot of eyeballs on
Tick Tock and so I did a lot of uh just like
education like with Brands and sometimes you know I think a lot of times that really works when you're when you're a
marketer um any type of consultant or anything like that it's like when you explain to somebody what they're spending their
money on versus just like you need to spend your money here yeah for the brand side I I definitely know how to sell
that to my clients and Brands but on the other side which you're more of an expert than I am on is teaching somebody
how to be an influencer like anybody can be an influencer that's actually the one
thing that I really like about the the the digital element of marketing social media is
that it doesn't you don't have to be like beautiful you don't have to be in
shape you don't have to be funny you could just be you can be have one small
Talent or just be yourself which a lot of times people find amusing
um and you can as long as you're dedicated to that to that cause or whatever that whatever that industry is
or that topic you know the one thing I had this whole conversation with somebody about and I know we're going to
get into Elon here in a little bit but I think Elon not only did he blow up with
obviously Tesla SpaceX you know even probably a little bit before that
his memes he had the most creative memes and people started following him on
Twitter for that and I and I remember watching I started following him years ago but everybody kept saying hey what
are you going to get on vine when are you going to get on Tick Tock when are you going to get on Instagram and and and his responses always were you're
lucky to get this from me because I'm so busy right but but he kind of really you know he he created a small audience of
people that just followed him just for his memes you know each platform is different and I think that Twitter
rewards people that are interesting witty
um controversial so yep you know and and that's what's I think interesting for
for brands for example I was on the there was recently sort of this like emergency
uh Twitter spaces uh where you could see almost every single brand that you could
imagine was on this sort of like public call uh where Twitter where Elon was on
it and then somebody from Twitter like head of advertising or something like that was on it sort of like uh calming
down the brands to because you know they're like what's gonna happen on Twitter there's misinformation or
there's you know negative sentiment on this brand you know worried about what's happening with Twitter uh but I think
that you can't advertise the same way as a brand on Twitter than you do on YouTube than you do on Instagram then
you do on Tick Tock um I see Tick Tock is more of a uh like
traditional advertising like a television commercial where it's not so much direct response like
click a link and and purchase right from there it's more of it's branding branding exactly like for example like
you know the one thing I really enjoyed and and and maybe I just fell off of this and I'm just don't see it as much
but remember the Burger King Wendy Wars you know over over Twitter and it wasn't even Wars it was really but I don't it
some people would say that it was staged some people would say that it was just organically they were just throwing I
went to a conference and I'm pretty sure that the Wendy's agency I mean they spent years not only
building that sassiness of of Wendy but also
uh trying to get it to the point where they were able to do what what they
wanted to do essentially with the executives because it wasn't just like hey here's the keys to the kingdom go be
sassy on Twitter I mean to convince Old School Executives I would be okay with
that I think took a minute but then once they showed the value of of you know
these this team of Executives that were the ones responding quickly to things I
think um Wendy built their brand around that 100 and and and you know like for
example like if I was if I was representing Burger King or advising Burger King I would say get the king and
do a lot of content of him in the everyday Community not just with Burger King but like riding a bike going to a
park going on a on a a roller coaster I mean people need to know what who like
who personifies their brand even if they don't have a mascot right like I think they need to touch on all of them
all senses but the thing is but the one thing that you actually did bring up and I'm glad you brought up to remind me is
I think that the old school mentality of marketing brick and mortar traditional
print media like like the people that are like so stuck in their ways of like yep you know what we're you know we're
going to continue pounding the payment on this we got our radio budget we got our TV budget but they never give any
budget to the new generation of marketing right I think a lot of these people are starting to age out and but
there's still a lot of people are still in those positions I I personally have not that issue but like there's a few uh
industries that I want to tap into more of that have great relationships but those Powers would be just above the
people I know are still old school and they don't want to carve out any more budget for their social media or to come
up with these clever you know marketing events or stunts or you know I'm pretty
sure you know I've I've heard that you've done some really really really interesting stunts so yeah I mean I
think that the problem with sort of the explosion of digital was this ability to
uh like attribution right you could actually say like this sale came in from
SEO or this sale came in from a display ad or from paid me whatever it is right
the problem is that there's all these touch points with a brand that you can't attribute to one specific thing right
100 that I I especially when it comes to social well the thing is is that I have a lot of clients that come in or
potential clients and within the first five ten minutes of the conversation all
right um uh we'll spot Roi on this campaign to pitch me and it's like it
cringes me because I think that a tradition if you want to go to a a you
want to go to a SEO house you want to go to a PPC house you want to go to a you
know a media buying house that's the question you ask is number one when you go to a brand agency like me a digital
marketing agency you know a full service advertising marketing agency that's not
the first thing you ask the first thing you should be asking is how does my brand perceive to the digital Market
where can we improve you know because that right there there is no Roi to that
I mean you're gonna you're gonna invest money to make your brand look better get everything lined up I always tell people
websites are like your are like your storefront if it's dirty messy broken links it's
the same thing if I walk into your store and it's dirty broken tables out lights you know you know your neon signs like
flickering like it's scary movies you know like you gotta you gotta make it look a presentable yeah I think people
don't put as much like I mean it just depends sort of who's who
you're talking to at the company I understand why Brands want to know you know if I'm spending this I'm going to get money back but I think there's this
like uh long-term value of building a strong brand I mean I was just reading
um I think it was like old emails going back and forth I don't know if it was Jeff Bezos was looking at buying ring
like the ring camera you did buy it yeah he bought it right and so the emails basically was what he was saying is I'm
buying their Market their um what's it called when you when you own sort of the they're the first thing
you think of when you think of those types of cameras he said I'm not buying technology I'm buying the Mind share
exactly right and so I think whenever you have a company like for me that's what I would want to have with any
business I I start or I'm running and and I think uh in order to have mind
share you have to have the social and The Branding and the website and everything has to work together it's not
just and if you just only look at okay you know what's my Roi on XYZ
um no we'll get there we'll get to the ROI I mean of course yeah the number one thing so when the clients come in it's
like okay so let's fix all this let's get the brand messaging actually maybe
the messaging that you currently have is broken it's not relating you know it's old
um this refreshing this so once we get all those assets together and then we say okay now we're going to start
advertising in the space whether or not it's radio TV obviously social
um creating all the campaigns definitely we should be talking about Roi at that point you know but also like
I always tell clients depending on what kind of business it is look at your numbers today
all right and then let's look at your numbers you know a quarter from now sometimes I
have to say next year because some of the businesses are seasonal right um you know Vegas you know is a very
seasonal place not really for locals but like for tourism right um the same thing with like I've got an
office in Miami and in Miami season's starting like this week and it's going
to be slammed all the way up I've got a brand new restaurant that just opened up in Brickell and they are
like in the black from day one and and of course I want to say hey I want to
take a lot of the credit but I can't because it you know it now did I set the
brand up did I do all that stuff of course but season's starting yeah I mean it it's
supply and demand um well I think you know when you I think I guess I just I try to tell
Brands like you have to take opportunities the this the world that we live in people move so fast and for
example that kombucha girl that I represented right she went super viral and she's on all these memes and a
smaller kombucha company that was um you know run by one guy that was very
involved in the company and sort of made a lot of marketing decisions he straight up like invited her over to his house in
LA to make kombucha and like really experience it and all this stuff and and
it was you know a decent deal but I'm thinking like I want the you know the Pepsi of Kombucha or whatever you know
the major brand and that brand finally came around but like six months later when she had already signed the deal
with the small Nimble company and we had exclusivity but it's because there's so
much red tape that those bigger companies have to go through so I would say like if you if you're a marketing
person and you have uh the ability to to go directly to you know you have some
autonomy those are the those are the times to take chances um and and hopefully the bigger
companies will start to realize like we have to do the same thing otherwise we're going to lose that mind share of
of but you know with social media you have to act fast it's like you know the the brand needs to reach out to these
people as quickly as possible so speaking of speaking of acting fast
um I hacked I I happen to be with you um and Elon posted up that he is not
leaving Twitter until it's fixed yeah and what does Ari do she runs grabs her
cookie jar well yeah let me explain where the cookie jar is so yeah so cookie jar is
um a company that um provides clothing and Essentials on demand 24 7
um delivery so for example you know you're out late with your friends you want to get into something
comfortable you can uh go on cookie jar dot Co cookie jar with a K uh and
basically order it like you would on ubereats we're gonna get on all those platforms but we want to drive people to
our website to get the delivery but essentially it'll come with you know a
top a bottom and and shoes to wear um and then we'll have add-ons like you
know toothpaste toothbrush all sorts of stuff maybe even like phone chargers and I mean it's literally brand new yeah
when I was here talking to you about it we're just talking about the marketing and the rollout and the website and
everything yeah but I have you know sample clothing um basically at my house I don't even
have the packaging yet we had just finished the logo and so I saw that um
Elon Musk tweeted that he's staying at the office sleeping at Twitter's headquarters in San Francisco until
Twitter's fixed so I'm like he needs a cookie jar so what a cool opportunity you know to to get him a cookie I know
where he's at right it's close by and you know well it's not very close by you
literally had to jump on a plane well I live in Vegas it's not like yeah he wasn't in New York HQ yeah
um but you probably would have done it too uh I don't know I would have thought of it do I have friends in New York
um but yeah so so I saw him tweet that and I here's the what goes through my head
it's like uh I could put together a a cookies package you know within the next couple
hours um and so I could do that and then you know
my time maybe five hours of my time and then to go fly a couple hundred bucks to
fly up to San Francisco and back um so you know my risk is like let's say
six seven hundred dollars right of what it's gonna cost to to go up there and drop it off even if he doesn't get it at
all I've got content now for my socials and you know to kind of put the idea in
people's heads like okay if I'm pulling an all-nighter at work this isn't just for you know girls on the Strip that are in a dress this is like are you talking
about the Walker yeah the Walk of Shame which is like it is going to be fun to sort of like play on that for sure yeah
for sure um you know and the cookie jar is kind of like like the Uber black that you order the girl you know to to show off
it's like oh you don't have to walk home in your dress from last night let me order you a cookie jar but there's so
many other you know reasons you might need a cookie jar like if you lose your luggage at the airport let's say you're
a mom and your kid like spits up on you or like poops on you or something right like you might want a cookie jar 100 so
there's like dozens of reasons why people might need clothes between the hours of like 8 p.m and 10 a.m the next
morning where they can't get clothing you know but um but so this was one of
them with the whole Elon thing and so but you know so the risk versus reward right the risk is you know let's call it
under a grand and several hours of my time um the rule so let's just say he doesn't
post he doesn't even get it I still get that content which I think is worth to me it's worth a thousand bucks
um if he happens to post it or let's say he ever happens to wear it ever happens
to wear it and someone takes a picture of him in the outfit that I got him like forever you know I could use that
content um and so and what is that worth that's
worth a million that's a Super Bowl ad if he tweets about it if he ever talks about it whatever
also like what if I you know it's we're it's the world is so small I feel like
you know it's one of those things where who knows I might end up with somebody you know in front of somebody in a
business conversation and be like oh you're you're the one that said that thing you know so I just feel like they're they're to me the risk versus
reward is um it's worth it and a lot of companies they've they don't do those
types of things people need to literally take notes because like I'm telling you
like you literally you saw an opportunity and you're like you know what I'm gonna take I'm gonna take the
risk I'm gonna it it's my time it's money I'm literally gonna go I mean I I I you know I saw I saw the content
um and I I think the content's worth a lot more than a thousand dollars yeah I think it's amazing
um you know to actually now now since we're on the Twitter Elon uh conversation
um obviously everybody knows I'm a super fan of Elon um and not because he bought Twitter but
well before that um if it wasn't for the fact that he fought to create EVS we wouldn't have
UVS today no car company was gonna literally get away from their their
deals with fossil fuels right all that stuff and I'm not making a political I'm just he literally fought it and went all
the way through um and of course you know solar I mean he he's an innovator so Elon
um you know he you know obviously EVS solar SpaceX
in our starlink neural link I mean he's got everything now he buys Twitter which
is a little bit outside the scope of you would think this guy wants to get into stirs up a whole Hornet's Nest with the
media right they're just like what is he gonna do he's gonna you know like what's his plan if you don't think that this
guy has a master plan to literally bring in the community together
social media Community but on his level on like what he thinks that that that
that the community needs to be you know I've been saying since 2015. since I
started this company we need to hold media companies social media companies Googles of the world
accountable because they can control The Narrative of everything on the internet
and so Elon comes along everything said he's going to disrupt that I don't even
think that that he doesn't care about that well yeah I mean I have so many thoughts I guess my first
thought is you know yeah I do think that Elon has a plan I
also just think that he has so many smart people like right there to help him I mean I
know for a fact that he has uh Jason calcanus who's like a big VC guy who's been on Twitter pretty much since it
came out um who's like I don't know if he's an advice like an official advisor but he's got these people helping out he's got
this guy um sriram Krishnan who worked for uh
Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook he worked for um Evan Spiegel whatever at Snapchat he
worked for Jack Dorsey at Twitter I mean and he's now like advising on the
Twitter stuff you know so these it's not like he doesn't have the best of the best at his fingertips plus he's
interacting with Mr Beast I mean if there's not a better person to
um help uh Elon figure out what Twitter needs it's like a Mr Beast or it's uh
what's that that a really popular like Tech um uh I forget what his name is but he's
like a big Tech uh like YouTuber like he reviews Tech whatever uh but I mean he's
like any Creator a lot of them are big fans of Elon so get those people in a
room tell tell him what does Twitter need to compete with Tick Tock I mean
Tick Tock came out of nowhere if Tick Tock didn't come out of nowhere and explode then why can't Twitter you know
and I feel like well the thing is I think I think Twitter's already exploded from day one I think I I think just kind
of like we every social media platform has fake account spots
um and and you know the one thing I really you know like I I watch a lot of the town halls and and that with Elon
I'm again Super Fan of Elon and I'd really like to see his hear his perspective because I'm I'm trying to figure out where he's trying to go with
this and I don't think anybody really knows he's really smart at not letting people know but when he basically came
out and said listen it's not fair that because you have a relationship with somebody in Twitter that you're going to
get a blue check mark because you're a weather person and you know and
you know Kansas um which is not really fair and if
there's two topics of conversation you get um a blue check mark because you're
aligning more with their views and you're over here with the same following and you're and they're not going to give
it to you but you're on the same platform or the same level it just
wasn't fair so I think everybody thinks everybody's in this uproar like oh he's going to charge money for a blue check
mark no that's not what he's doing he's doing it for a to verify that you're a real human for one two he's collecting
he's basically you know verifying everything through because right now it was only through Apple
um iOS yeah and and you had to have a iCloud account apple and Apple ID
and verify I did it with a company and um and it verifies it immediately
great so now get some other you get some other like perks you can upload 10
minute videos you can edit your posts I mean you know 100 but it wasn't just
about the blue check mark and right right and and the thing is I think what he's attempting to do which is going to
force the hand of Instagram for us to hand on Facebook force a hand of anybody who has a verifying platform that you
need to have the ability to have a Level Playing Field for everybody I don't know
I don't know if Instagram is gonna play ball I mean I hope they do it's it's really interesting because they have all
these like requirements and and a lot of the influencers like I even think you know some of the influencers that um you
know may have like spoken negatively about me in the past like to the New York Times Reporter and stuff like I
think that they were they knew that you had to get you know seven articles in mainstream press in order to get
verified and so I think you know some of these Bad actors or journalists like dangled that as a carrot of like hey
I'll do I'll put you in a couple articles like if you you kind of say what I want you to say I mean obviously
I don't know what they said but that's kind of my perception is like you have these young young people that the Holy
Grail is getting verified and so if how you get verified is through mainstream
media articles that gives a lot of power to these journalists right because they're like I'm gonna put you in the
article 100 so um that's quid pro quo that's not that that is to me the equivalent of of a
journalist paying someone to be in the article and as a source right because you're in a way they attention paying
for media and attention is currency in the world we live in today no no 100 and the thing is both me and you very easily
well actually I I know that you're already verified on Instagram I'm not um but if I wanted to I could literally
you know leverage my PR contacts my relationships with all the media companies I know and get my five to
seven articles mainstream and get verified
it's not a huge priority for me and I I think the blue check mark is cool to
have and it does actually it would help me and my and my business 100
um but I think to go back to the Twitter side of it is that but I also just want to know if that's really you
um I'm communicating with you now Instagram you're right they probably ask what Twitter is trying to fix right now
is because when they first like launched that Twitter blue thing everybody thought that he was going to
verify like human beings and then it just became like do you have a credit card on file at iTunes so they kind of
stopped all that and I think he's been tweeting basically saying well I wanted to figure out how we're going to roll this out again well the thing is I
actually figured out um um I don't want to say an issue but I
own I own a couple different brands well I would have to create an Apple ID for every single brand to then do the
verification which I thought was actually okay now if you go back
it costs less than a penny to create a fake account okay he's making it to
where it's going to cost you 7.99 a month from perpetuity to keep that blue check
mark right to to say hey I'm a real person um now
are people going to do that you know are the scammers going to do that I think he's going to have a one hell of
a you know an issue on his hand when it comes to that again I never tried to try to get ahead of
Genius because he's definitely a genius but he literally mentioned in his Barren funds Baron Institute Town Hall that he
did he literally talked about how he wrote Co he wrote the code for PayPal
what was called payax or something whatever it was now it's PayPal and he wrote all the code
and he's like there were so many things I wanted to do when we were writing this code but the technology wasn't there
like I could write it I could make it work but it we had nothing to connect it to so he kind of leaked out the fact
that he's looking forward to being more of a verification for maybe payments
down the road so like you have Apple pay right right PayPal you got all these yeah I think he's definitely I mean like
he created PayPal right so he's one of the yep one of them go him and Jack and
then you know then Jack Dorsey went on and opened up no Jack didn't create PayPal I thought it was I thought it was
David sacks and Peter Thiel and Elon Jack did Twitter and then Jack went off
and did Square pretty sure yeah yeah we did a fact check here I'm
pretty sure yeah so like you're 100 with all the other people for sure I thought Jack had I thought Jack and Elon worked
at PayPal together I don't think so I'm pretty sure Jack was always Twitter
I a long time ago I read this book book called hatching Twitter and it was I think it was like the one guy that got
ousted from Twitter it's so interesting because all these um like big Tech platforms have these
sort of stories about how like just nefarious things happened
um and not all of them have a movie you know I just I think it's really interesting like what happened with
Tinder and um uh Whitney wolf who who filed like a
sexual harassment suit and then she left and started Bumble and then Bumble became a billion dollar company I mean
there's like when you look at the tech the tech industry is just so full of all
the things like greed sex like uh you know fraud stealing everything you can think
of um oh here we go all right all right so we got yep definitely Peter till yep
but it's funny because you don't have Elon Musk on there but I I don't think Elon Musk was I think he just had he had
shares in it oh he didn't start it I don't know yeah we definitely don't need to sound
rich but I yeah I would definitely look up to see Jack Dorsey specifically the
PayPal Mafia yeah I see Peter Thiel yep Peter till
um just put creators of you know was Jack Dorsey a Creator but so uh Elon
wasn't yeah I see that's really weird it's not pulling up I thought they had a relationship at from PayPal
um and Jack Dorsey Wikipedia go to Jack
dorsey's Wikipedia
yeah so I read a book I think it was by bizstone or it was about bizstone
he was like the guy that got ousted I'm pretty sure I don't remember it was a long time ago all right well we're we're
probably gonna look like idiots later because everybody's like no he wasn't a part of it I don't know for some reason
I thought he was um and you're you're probably 100 right I mean I
I you know if really want to understand like who's companies it's it's go and and and do
some of the research on on these people like for example Peter Thiel do you know about the whole uh how he sued or how he
funded the lawsuit between Hulk Hogan and Gawker I think it's like an epic story no so
basically um Peter Thiel he have you ever seen a
social network of course remember when he comes in and he invests in in Facebook he's like I'll give you your
first 500 000. yeah and then they kind of screw over the other guy and like they told him to sign the thing anyway
yeah so Peter Thiel was that investor in Facebook and he's done all these other
you know big Investments I guess he was involved in PayPal so
this is a billionaire who I guess everyone in Silicon Valley knew was gay but he hadn't come out as gay so he
didn't come out of the closet so Gawker which was this very like tabloidy online
uh publication that was kind of mean like they would put out pretty mean things about celebrities and and just
like wealthy people in Silicon Valley whatever um and so they put out an article I
think it was like the title was like Peter Thiel is totally gay and so
even though people in in Silicon Valley knew that I mean Peter till didn't like it and it was kind of messed up that
they outed him for being gay with him without him doing it first right yeah so he had this Vendetta against Gawker he
really hated them and when he went to people it's like what can I do you know you're a billionaire he could do
anything he got all the money in the world they were like you can't do anything about the media they just operate you know the First Amendment
they can say whatever they want like you know it's not it wasn't it wasn't false what they wrote so it's not you know
it's probably in poor taste but you can't do anything about it so when you tell a billionaire there's nothing he
can do about something he's gonna figure out what I try to do it yeah so I don't remember how much time goes by I want to
say it's like five or ten years and uh somebody comes to Peter Thiel with the
business proposition and it was kind of like hey um you know I have this idea you invest in
this uh I don't know this fund or this project 10 million dollars and all the
money will go towards basically funding anybody that has a lawsuit against Gawker defamation lawsuit
the goal which was to basically shut Gawker down and you know these
Publications they have insurance companies and whatnot and so and it's really hard to see the media
because of the First Amendment and so
from what I remember they start investing like they start putting money into all these cases so you know anybody
that has a case against Gawker um this company who like hired this guy
Charles harder this Attorney Charles I don't even think knew who was funding the company he just whoever was the head
of that fund went and and got the attorney this really great attorney and then they would reach out to people
suing Gawker and saying hey we'll help you basically and they're like why are you helping us don't worry about it
we're you know whatever so Hulk Hogan files this lawsuit against
Gawker because um Hulk Hogan's best friends like Bubba
the Love Sponge uh leaks all these basically sex tapes of of Bubba's wife
hooking up with Hulk Hogan and I think Hulk was just like saying crazy things
and it was just like so it got put out there I don't remember the details but essentially Hulk Hogan Sues and
Here Comes Charles harder the attorney and he's like hey we're going to help you and so Hulk doesn't even know that
you know the his attorney starts getting checks or I don't know how it starts working but basically uh Charles harder
represents uh Hulk Hogan and they went forward with the case and uh basically
there was a there were they were starting to win the case I believe and there was a part where Hulk Hogan could
have I think sued for pain and suffering something like that and that's what would have triggered the the um
insurance company to basically pick up the tab if they lost so on that one count he didn't file he
didn't sue for pain and suffering essentially on purpose so that no matter what they would be sued personally the
the CEO of the company to take them out essentially yeah and they did they they
won Hulk Hogan won I think it was like over 100 million and then they ended up
settling for like a 30 million settlement uh and and then after that
the whole thing came out that Hulk Hogan won then Peter then it sort of got leaked that Peter Thiel was behind it
and then when Peter Thiel got asked about it he's like it's it's one of the most philanthropic things I've ever done
in my career because these people are mean and they try to destroy people's
lives and I mean I hate to say you know that um you know a billionaire could use
his money to do that but you know it if anybody knows what happened to me
it's like it's kind of inspiring that that well if a billionaire could do it you know of course I think I could do it
but like but no it's it's just if somebody tells you you can't do something and you know it's wrong like
you have to fight against it you know and I think you know Peter Thiel discovered this really interesting way
um to get sort of back at Gawker which you know I don't think should should have been doing the things that they were doing
um like you know leaking revenge porn and stuff I think that's just wrong oh yeah and I think now it's illegal in a
lot of places 100 but yeah but I mean even with you I mean you know you I mean you got canceled because you were
blowing up you know for you know and again we haven't really talked about this directly I mean we've you know
touched on it because we know each other but everything I've read up on it seemed like you were blowing up and you had a
really good agency you know and and and all of a sudden you've got somebody that has huge media
ties that is now Partners or has a piece of another company a competing company and
they got to get you out of the way yeah and so I'm just gonna go right after you and I'm gonna attack you and I'm Gonna
Cancel you for really not a thing there's no no merit behind it
um you know and and of course I mean you know if if you've obviously if you just look up the whole case but I mean you've
been on Tucker Carlson you I mean you I mean your attorney represents some of the you know some of the uh biggest
people that have like the first amendment you know and second amendment rights taken away from them right
um well I think like I think any entrepreneur do you ever see them the
show Silicon Valley I I've seen it I I'm not like uh everybody's like oh my gosh I can't believe you're not watching it
like like religiously I I should be I just don't watch a lot yeah I it's so anyway it's the show about this this guy
in Silicon Valley that starts serving like everything that goes wrong that can possibly go wrong goes wrong you know
and I think every entrepreneur has experienced that at some level of like oh my God like I was just at this press
business success and like this thing goes wrong or this person stabs you in the back and a lot of that stuff happens
but I think you know what happened to me is just like any entrepreneur I had failures I you know I'm not perfect I
made mistakes but but when you get when your reputation gets completely
tarnished and you're not at a point where you're you know successful enough that you can
balance back like really quickly or um I don't know like what happened to me
is I was on the up and up of my in my business in my career everything was going the way I
thought it should go but I didn't you know I didn't have a big investor I was bootstrapping and you know I felt like
that was part of my story so that's kind of why I put it out there looking back maybe I shouldn't have right maybe I
should have pretended like oh I've got this big background I got Peter tear on my backpack right because and it's you
know it's it's tough as an entrepreneur like I don't like to lie I'm like the worst liar ever I mean like but sometimes I
feel like in business you have to fake it till that's why they say fake it till you'll make it right because
um if you put out too many vulnerabilities right up front then people know exactly where to attack you
when you become successful people try to find the vulnerabilities with you and
you're right you kind of have to show that you hey you know what I'm I'm I'm already stable up to this point yeah you
maybe you can come in and try to knock down a few things but I had a very similar thing kind of happen
um years ago like I literally was I grew up here in Vegas went to Miami
um did really well in Miami and decided hey I'm going to move back to Vegas the industry was starting to blow up out
here in around 2005 and I came out with a good chunk of money and I had a
business opportunity with this billionaire and you know he he his
family sat on the board of Wachovia Bank I mean like we're talking like a lot of money and I'm thinking like hey this
guy's the perfect guy to partner with right um but he wanted me to basically put he's like listen of course I've got the
money and of course you know there's a relationship here but I need you to put up what I'm you know I need you to match
you know like you know what I'm going to be putting in and literally got hosed and I went back to
my attorney and my attorney did a quick background check on the guy and he goes Brian
you might want to walk away from this one and I'm like why it's wrong what he did he's like I know but the guy he not
only does he sit on the board of this major bank which obviously eventually got bought out
but they also own law firms like huge litigation law firms if you know
anything about legal litigation is the people that go and argue and throw paperwork at you all the time he's like
Brian he goes literally like it'll it'll sink my firm just representing you even if I did it at a quarter of my rate
right um and um and we're not talking about a little bit of money we're talking a decent amount
of money right and I literally but I learned my lesson that I'm not ever going to put 90 plus percent of my net
worth of you know into a project doesn't matter how much I believe in it now you
know you hear the whole like go all in entrepreneur but yeah of course I did that pretty much and I I remember being
so broke like I was like literally you know trying to like get changed just to
go buy a Subway sandwich I mean it got bad right and and been there too it's
once you like once you get back like those you'll always like remember those
moments and look back and be like okay if I I made it through that I mean that's so you know I was at the height
of my career a a journalist you know that was working with my competitors
um wrote a hit kiss about me sorry if you heard it you heard it in the New
York Times and and like you don't really recover from like a bad New York Times article if you're a little baby startup
um you know and and but you know what I learned is that
I had the truth on my side and I I really at that point felt like I have to
fight back because like what am what is my whole career worth if I just if I let
somebody like destroy me like that I mean I was in a dark place for a while and then I just like what am I gonna do
just be like upset about this for the rest of my life no like I mean they're gonna have to do something about it or
and even if I try and am not successful I could always say Hey you know I you
only have a year to file for a defamation case so if if I do ever you know try to get somebody to represent me
on contingency or whatever and if it doesn't work out like I wasted a year in my life but I could always say hey at
least I tried and you'll never regret it and and thank God that I tried because
I've I filed a lawsuit against the New York Times and I mean we're still in it it takes forever but I gained a lot of
like Inner Strength I think and uh experience that hopefully will help other people women entrepreneurs anybody
that's like you know being attacked and canceled and I think you know everybody
has a right to to get their side of the story out the problem is that the media
is so political in the way that it's controlled I mean even if you're not political you're you know unfortunately
you have to understand how the game is played and if I can help people understand that game between the
politics between the lawyers and the talent agencies and the media companies and and the different journalists and
their relationships and um the fact that journalists have talent agents and representatives and book
publishers you know it's like when you look at all the companies that own like food companies like Monsanto and stuff
it's there's only a few companies that own like a whole bunch of different companies that's what you have to
understand same as media but it's all about kind of going back and and pulling
back the curtain and understanding how all these people work to together because it's just like anything else I mean if you're friends with someone like
let's say you and I are friends right if if somebody came in with this like terrible story about me and it's like
maybe you're like well I don't know if that's like true but like what would be in it for you to like ex like to expose
me let's say like say you don't have anything to do with it you like I don't know whatever it is yeah it's like you
may not have a reason but but that you're not a journalist right that's not your job where I think like I think
journalists are so in bed with each other that it's like oh this thing happened to this person well you know
there's no benefit in me telling this story to to my audience right and so you
get enough people that that there's more benefit into just ignoring what happened
not unnecessarily even lying about it just ignoring it that somebody gets hurt and and taken
down by a powerful journalist so I think like the the my new sort of
um mission is to like expose these bad actor journalists that that are doing
you know nefarious things to people that don't deserve it and then maybe their
colleagues will be like ah I don't want to follow in that person's footsteps maybe I should be a little bit more
let's just hope it's not like a cartel because like you literally take out the head of the cartel and then there's
always that next person that wants to be the leader so you go and you take out you know the top person like uh Taylor
loraz right and you take her out boom all right there's somebody that wants to
be the next star um no you're absolutely right but I do think that uh you know let's say so well the New
York Times hasn't lost the defamation lawsuit since the 1960s and that's I believe because there's a case uh New
York Times versus Sullivan where uh they decided that if you're a public figure
that you if you sue a public sorry if you're a public figure and someone defames you you have to prove malice
yeah and basically you have to get into that person's head and prove to a jury that like that person had uh malicious
intentions or whatever I actually think that public figures are targets and and and and and I definitely think you know
you have to be able to report on them your thoughts your your opinions and things like that but you're not at the time you weren't a public exactly but
that's the thing right but that they were there I think they're trying to say I am and it's like today and
um you know where we are today who's to say who's a public figure if you have a thousand Twitter right okay but this is
all going back it's all circling back to why Elon wants to level the playing
field for that blue check oh and yeah and now you have uh like citizen journalists that are putting out like he
launched uh well I think it already existed but um they're they're pushing more it's like community notes on
Twitter where you can like fact check like so somebody tweets something you can fact check it and so they've been
like fact checking like President Biden and like the New York Times and stuff everybody yeah yeah but it's just so
interesting especially interesting like have you been following the um the FTX stuff or whatever
of course it's like you know the New York Times basically gets an exclusive
with uh Sam whatever and it's a puff piece it's literally so
it goes so easy on him doesn't mention fraud none of the things and so
um and that's the New York Times but you know it's like I I mean I mean honestly that's about
the best example of the of somebody buying the media I don't know what else but but I think but I think if they
would do the report today it would be a different it would be a different piece I'm not defending the
New York Times but I think they got it so early before really everything came out maybe
some of it I mean I mean the the thing is is that here's the irony Jordan
Belfort Wolf of Wall Street right he literally is sitting back going hold on
a second he's like if this guy is not in shackles and extra Drive the United States by now
there's something wrong with this this whole world like every person that's ever been convicted of a fraud pyramid
scheme Enron you know all that right Bernie madoff's got to be life
because this guy literally whether or not they believe that he purposely intended
to defraud people I personally think the guy didn't I think that I think the only
thing he's probably really guilty of is being not a good business guy inflating numbers which obviously that's illegal
you can't do that um trying to you know puff up I think it was like a tin he didn't didn't they say
that he bought like um or that his parents own like a 16 million dollar home in the Bahamas and
his parents were like professors at Stanford or something well yes yes parents are very yeah his parents are
very established people even like his girlfriend that was running Alameda which was what what the VC fund or the
hedge fund um but at the end of the day I'm definitely not sticking up for the guy I think I think the guy literally
he literally didn't understand you know he wanted to create this whole thing and then create his own agenda and
and and push on his own uh view views what not the political personal climate
change to I mean he dumped he was the second largest donor to Democrats on
this last time I know and and the irony is that when they when they go and they question different Democrats like yabby
also gave the Republicans great you know like like I don't like to say I'm a republican Democrat I have to say I'm an
American um that's educated and yeah and I'm going to go with the side that I feel like is it you know is more but but if
you but if you follow me enough you understand we're on where I lean towards but with the media I mean you have to
know which way people attacking politically people are leaning the media is leaning they need to be going after
him and when I mean going after him and attacking him attacking him with the
right questions but this isn't the first time that the media has done this I mean if you look at Elizabeth homes put her
on every freaking magazine cover say they did the same thing for SPF and and
so like they can't they're gonna do a three-page expose on me and my Tick Tock
agency but like they can't focus on these people that they're pumping up it's like give me a freaking break and
by the way they lied about me oh no 100. but it's like they use the media to put
whatever narrative they want to put in people's I mean today laughing that needs to be put into there
was like a I want to say I don't know if it was uh CBS or NBC did this like whole
story recently like last week about about Dr Biden's laptop and I'm like and
they're like we got this guy and and he um you know he he went into the laptop
and yes it's it's it really is hunters and it's like uh Megan Kelly was arguing and she's like
then they they roll back this tape of of Donald Trump talking to oh 16 minutes yes she goes I'm 60 minutes we don't put
that type of lies on 60 Minutes yeah and Donald Trump's like no you listen it's
the second largest Scandal it's been verified no no no no no no no but both but the thing is though is I think and
and and and and let's just like call it what it is Republican or Democrat no matter what
that story had it been put out by the press in the way that they would have covered it if Donald Jr if that was
Donald Jr's laptop 100 that really could have swayed the election it really could have
um if the election was that close that year and so I'm not a proponent for or or against
someone but but free speech freedom of speech level plan but tell the truth that's what the media was supposed to do
now everything is just like I just don't understand uh I don't know I guess
people need to be like um they need to wake up to what's happening in the media and not just
relate it to Trump saying fake news because I think you know people have such like Well it Well no no let's talk
about that because I mean Trump literally was calling it out from day one fake news fake news because and he's
not literally saying that they're lying he's just basically saying they're unfair I mean they're unfair they're
that they're biased on one way or another the one thing I I will have to say like when people go oh freedom of speech oh
you can say anything not anything hate speech anything and any hate speech should be like literally banned and and
and and literally like that should be the sensors but if I said I think that
you were the dumbest on the planet it doesn't matter how much political clout you have my voice should be able
to be heard and be able to say it just like if I'm like I think you're the smartest person right and the most
intelligent a great example for example Andrew Tate right they de-platform him I think they debanked him and I don't know
what he said specifically I mean I think he's kind of a douche like I think he's just like whatever I think he said to
somebody in an interview like if hypothetically if I had a girlfriend and she did only fans I'd make her give me
like 80 of what she makes I forget what he said yeah it's just like a stupid thing to say but like he should be
allowed to say it who cares about his hypothetical girlfriend get you know whatever it's ridiculous but it's like
so for example so they do Platform now Twitter uh Elon lets him back on Twitter
and all these people now follow him just because of the you know it's like the the Streisand Effect where you say
something and it you know you say I don't want people to see this thing and then everyone wants to see the thing so
I followed him and then like after a couple days I'm like this guy's annoying so I unfollowed him so it's like let him
talk if people will people will people be themselves right and that and people will be able to check those people
better than if you if you de-platform them it just makes it seem like you're hiding something you know you know you
know what's funny is that uh you know if you go back at elon's tweets probably the past uh probably I'm gonna say week
because I'm not 100 when it happened but somebody uh in the Press did a fact
check on his um on elon's actual Twitter following and it popped up and it said
that uh he had a 70 fake fake followers or Bots that were following
and in his response really was I'm working on that like because I mean that's the whole purpose of why you know
because a lot of people are like well Elon you know he said he wanted to buy it they didn't want to buy it and they suddenly want to buy it if you don't
think that that was a ploy I mean I think at one point he probably legitimate was like oh my gosh this
platform is just full of bots um and I I thought it was gonna be like five ten percent it's probably more like
30 40 50 percent everybody knows that anybody in the market digital marketing world knows there's a whole bunch out
there I mean you know when it comes to when it comes to people fact checking or even uh uh Donald Trump
he's back on Twitter three or four days ago right they did a poll 52 percent of people said no let them back on
um Donald Trump when his account went live again he had a I think 1.1 million
followers all right if you go look at it now I don't know let's pop it up right now I think he's literally at like over
80 million oh really wow that quickly that he that he gained he hasn't tweeted
anything yet on realdonaldtrump I believe yeah so yep
so I don't know if you can if you can see this he's at 87.6 million followers and he hasn't
even tweeted right and he still has not tweeted his last tweet was to all those who have asked I will not be going to
the inauguration on January and then he got over a half million you
know likes I mean I mean the guy's a very smart businessman he gets in the office
realizing he's the biggest fish in his camp and then he goes off and he's just so
polarizing is the problem now and it's like I don't know how you reel that back I think the Twitter thing was a great
kind of segue towards you know like we've been talking here for an hour and
over an hour which is I mean I could literally talk to you for hours and hours and hours and I enjoy the
conversations with you but I definitely want to invite you back thank you um I definitely think that we need to have a
part two at some point yeah absolutely maybe we should do a part two on the update of the cookie jar yeah absolutely
yeah because I mean you know I'm really excited to be working with you on that yeah so I'm excited too I mean my team I
literally took everything that you put together and and I said it over and they go oh my God are we going to be able to
work on this I I think so um let me just work out the details with Ari and well yeah I'm excited no I'm
really excited and and honestly like you know um yeah I mean let's just let's crush it
I mean I've got my New Year's resolutions how about you but but one of them involves crushing it yeah
absolutely and and 2022 was a good year for me I think 2023 is going to be a
phenomenal year for you know I'm actually able to get around some of my good friends and bring them into kind of
like my into my world that want to be coming into my world yes um and you know it was great to kind of you know now
intertwine with you and yeah thanks for having me and and always good conversations I think you know it's it's
cool to be around someone's like an OG in Social and digital and um yeah I would encourage people to I've
I've grown on Twitter like 10 000 followers in the last like couple months
so and by the way OG stands for outstanding guys
I'm not that old it might be a little bit but that's okay yeah I already like I think
I already aged myself but but say when I started but still I think uh yeah I'm
excited for like what we're gonna do together and absolutely um yeah I'm a
little Miss Jacob on pretty much everything so oh yeah and I think it pops up on uh right underneath her it'll
pop up at the Instagram handle um yeah your set is very professional by the way I'm very jealous of your set
very cool well thank you um so thank you again for tuning in
um Ari Jacobs Brian KIPP till next time
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