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Jenna Nye | The Unstoppable Youth | SKC Live | EP07

In this episode, Brian sits down to talk to Jenna Nye, CEO and founder of They discuss Jenna's journey to becoming a CEO, and how her youth fueled her entrepreneurial spirit.
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and welcome back to another episode of SKC live I'm Brian KIPP I am joined here
by my very good friend Jen and I serial entrepreneur
um so many things that you've done but you're really focusing on like one one
major thing right now and that is my focus right now is on the
contrary to Off the Strip so it oftentimes gets confusing but that's our new project on the so me and
Jenna met about four years ago now 535 yeah well I
I would have to ask you how old you are for me to actually know that but I'm not going to do that on the show but
um yeah so we met by you know I had a a past uh co-worker that uh brought you to
an event that we did for the golden knights at the um then the Hard Rock now the Virgin Hotel
and um and I remember you came in and he's like Brian you have to meet this
girl she is so ambitious she her drive and she's got this great Pro uh product
and she's really she's really trying to like take it to the next level and I
remember I was slammed I got reminded by this a couple different times I was so
busy I ended up getting her her number and we end up meeting up later at my office when he could find the time
eventually yeah sorry then baby so um but no when you you finally came in and
I was beyond impressed with you that I'm like you know what I'm gonna help you I'm going to help you with anything I
can to help you with you literally went to every single networking mixer event
Gala Meetup anything you could do to get your product out there
people don't understand the hard work that goes into building a company
and you were 19 at the time I was 19 yep
19 going to all these events and like literally vulnerable like I wasn't even
old enough for half of them which I mean and back then I mean I know when I met
you you know I joined you for a few of the events and um you know 19 in Las
Vegas fresh into Las Vegas um you would think and she's around all
these influential people in environments where there's alcohol and there's everything and
none of that phased you you're like I don't even care about that I don't even want to drink I don't like to drink
and I mean literally if there couldn't been even more compacting uh reasons of why
somebody or anybody should wanted to help you um and it would and you never even asked
for help it was more like hey got a question about this or hey you know like
do you have a contact here or hey do you think I should do this or do this and
and I just remember that initial project it was such a great idea
um that if it wasn't for our friend covet I mean it was going in that direction
yeah but I think covet like it did with a lot of people I know sometimes it was a disaster sometimes it
was a great blessing and blessing it meaning that it was a not a good thing but it was like it it opened up your
eyes and made you turn to a different direction and for us it was both I mean it was disastrous in the sense Off the
Strip was all for locals and monetizing local search and a pandemic was nearly
impossible so luckily we were in a position where we could keep our team and just help local businesses that we
had been helping for years prior but yeah I mean the opportunity of moving
into travel where there was a lot more money to be made was an exciting switch while keeping our focused still on local
because that's that's what we love yeah because I remember we were we were working very close together I I would
dedicate the first part of my of my day going to your office and
um and literally it was a pandemic that literally stopped us and I remember even having conversations with you like you
were just like what do I do like there's there's there's no purpose right now like nobody nobody is getting into space
nobody's searching for local businesses because they're all shut down like how like how do we what do we do to Pivot
this and we and and actually you came up with some really cool ideas we did that whole video
um where you know I recruited a bunch of people that I knew in the industry you got a bunch of people
um and it was like literally kind of giving hope back to the community that I mean we thought everything was going to
be decimated and it's crazy because when we did that video together it was more to Vegas was the you know tagline of
that video we had no idea what we were truly in for like if I think back and put myself in that situation when we
made that video I think that that was probably something that we thought you know would last a month or two months so
I think that the really hard road ahead we hadn't even realized what was coming no 100 because I remember even leading
up to all the people that we were meeting with before the pandemic shut down and we had a lot of
we had a lot of good Runway I know and it was like all of a sudden poop here comes a cliff but I remember fast
forward when you came to me and you said hey I'm going to this conference in Miami and because you know you know that I go
to Miami all the time and you're like hey you're going to be in Miami at the same time yeah and it just happened to be I wasn't
um but you're like I'm going to this conference in Miami and I really um uh I I think I've got
like a good pivot answer and I'm like okay cool like and you go out there and you got to meet some of the greatest
Minds in Hospitality Hotel travel leisure you know tell us a little bit about that I mean that was incredible
I actually just got back from the second year doing that conference okay yes the conference is called Focus right and
oh my gosh I mean a month and a half prior to that I decided that I wanted to evolve on the Strip into a travel site
like a pure booking engine similar to a or Expedia and I remember I looked up this conference and you have
to be sea level so the CEO of Expedia I was accepted actually into the young leadership
program so I was personally at a table with these people the CEO of Hopper which is such a you know their user base
is just growing and growing and I'm a big fan of their site Google like a c-level director at Google and I had one
month to learn who's who um I don't know if you remember that scene in Devil Wears Prada with like the book and she
has to remember all the faces and names I did that and like you might think I'm joking I did that so I printed out the
pictures and put the names yeah and I had a month to learn uh one of the biggest things I think in the travel
industry is everyone knows and Expedia well booking Holdings an Expedia group they own everything so
actually one of the biggest hurdles was just who owns what who's who that was a
big thing but it was really cool the contrast actually going last year I
didn't even have a product I was sitting with the CEO of billion dollar travel industry travel
companies and I was saying I'm going to create an OTA an online travel agency
for Vegas laughs right like understandably so
um Vegas is it's the biggest market for large National companies but my interest in
Vegas was we're here like no one's really cornered in on Vegas and made it its primary focus I mean we have a whole
team here so I think that was my angle going into it but going this past year and actually having a website and
showing people having traffic and having success we've had great success in just six months we're a 10 of's
traffic in six months of being live so which isn't Beyond impressive I mean and the thing is you wanna you wanna the
definition of the hardest working person in Las Vegas you open up Webster and there's a picture of Gemini because
literally we have been friends for a long time and to literally carve out I
think I thought I was busy the carve out just time to catch up over a happy hour
drink a coffee impossible yeah because I mean you're so busy and our schedules conflicts so much
um but it had it been so amazing to go back the second year with the product
and then basically saying oh we did it I think the biggest thing that I noticed
was the first year I had to message people I had to like annoy people I had to mess them five times to get a meeting
with them this year people wanted a meeting with me yeah that was cool I mean because now
bed Banks want us to sell their inventory they want to be working with us and uh yeah it was just it was so
cool like seeing the hard work pay off especially after the pandemic in a few hard years yeah so you know it so basically you
know I remember Jenna called me to say hey I'm going to do this I'm doing on the strip and I'm going to specialize in
there's one thing that all the other OTAs don't do they don't break down the
little things like pet friendly hotels smoking hotels luxury hotels like with penthouses
ones that have jacuzzis in them I mean I'm probably hitting all the numbers because I I did my homework before this
podcast but all of these different things that I even have people that hit me up going Brian I I I'm coming to town
with my girlfriend and I want a room that has a hot tub jacuzzi and it's like
I know this property has it but then you try to go on the property website and they don't they don't break it down yeah
they they just don't do it and it's because Caesars and MGM and you can quickly you
know correct me if you know the a better definition or Direction on this but the reason why they do that is because they
Reserve those rooms for their high for their players or high rollers or even Define players you have a player's card
what you can get with the players card is incredible like my mom just left yesterday she was here for the whole
Thanksgiving holiday and you know she comes into town two three times a year she's got her little status on her card
but because she's from out of town they're constantly pitching her to come back and are offering free rooms and
dining credits and free slot play and everything else right but but that right there is for the
ordinary person the person that's just turning 21 or have never been to Vegas before you know it's very difficult for
them to navigate to you know it's either like hey I want the most expensive room
in the hotel which is astronomical somebody's properties have incredible
rooms that you just didn't know about because they don't advertise them and you figured out a niche yeah that you're
like hey I can offer this rooms with balconies that is a huge one some people
want to have a balcony for a view or whatever other reason why they want refresh it yeah from the Vegas casinos
yeah yeah there you go so I mean but even like properties are non-smoking properties you know like I mean I think
we only have one now in town but that's what parking gym is a non-smoking property it is so I'm gonna put you on
the spot on that one um I can't keep it all in here no no that's fine so so you went to that
conference so what did you when did you gain for that conference versus the first year
well I guess just trends that are happening in the industry um I mean Google was there actually and
they spoke on a survey that they did recently and 56 of people that they
surveyed said they would make a big life change within the next two years and
this change then they surveyed that group of people and I think it was nearly don't quote me on this one uh 40
said that involved traveling wow yeah so that's just very good for us to know in
the travel industry I mean it's booming people a lot of companies are pretty transparent like the public companies you can see their numbers they're doing
better uh I mean even Vegas is blown up yes and and that's what some records I
think last year all of them 22 is a record-breaking year by like miles and
I'm actually really excited to to review the uh every year they have a preview report from the lvcva
um but I'm really excited to kind of see what the numbers are all the way through from the gaming numbers to the Hotel
numbers I mean we have I mean Las Vegas I mean you're going to be in the Forefront of the next two years we've
got F1 yep we've got the Super Bowl within three months of each other and
you know like I spent a lot of time in Miami I've got clients in Miami and we just had our first F1 last May
nobody could have predicted yeah yeah actually everybody knew it was gonna be a really good weekend or a really good
week nobody predicted the the quality of of of uh traveler or attendee or visitor
or fan of the sport that were going to come and how much money it brings to that local
area I mean these people I mean are on a whole different level of
fanship and you know it it's called like the rich man's NASCAR right
um and um you know so a lot of people you know F1 is going to be November 2023
and then three months later we're gonna have the Super Bowl and I keep telling
everybody both are going to be fantastic for the city yeah but I think the F1 is
going to beat it Revenue wise you asked me about the conference the number one question people ask me right I'm sitting
down in a meeting talking uh stuff get our agenda items number one
question do you have hotel rooms for the F1 in Vegas and and the answer is probably you
probably I know you have Partnerships with the people and you probably have inventory that's nearly impossible to get F1 inventory because you know but
but I'm not saying we don't for anyone not say we don't well because
the thing is I mean what's going to end up happening is the casinos are smart yeah they're actually holding back the inventory right now and actually
Caesar's um just released their packages
um which is actually pretty interesting um you can get um you know I mean the the cheapest
package I believe was like 2800 no 1800 a night yeah but it comes with a ticket
for two and it comes with uh free drink free free food you know during this it's
a three days day a minimum three day stay um but I mean Vegas is going to be on
fire I mean if you you couldn't have mapped that out any better that
literally by the time Super Bowl comes and goes because F1 is going to be here for at least three years right it's a
three-year contract three or five I don't know I don't know it's three or five and and I'm pretty sure we'll I'll
have I'll have our engineer looking it up here in a second and and intertwine what that answer is but
the thing is is that like everybody thought that Vegas was going
to just Crash and Burn especially the pandemic right um you know you know there's a lot of
people I mean Vegas you know we shut down March 16th March 17th I think it was like that official lockdown for the
country but we were back open in the beginning of June yeah um oh here we go uh say a three-year
contract yeah all right yeah I would look at the screen over here but um it's a little small so thank you for that
Jeremy um so yeah the um I think there was a big fear in people
just recovering from traveling and feeling safe to travel so you say you
mentioned how like our content we break down and we try to educate our user but we want to make them feel safe we want
also to your point of someone turning 21 and coming to Vegas none of my friends have come to Vegas
and done it right prior to knowing me now now they do Vegas right of course but yeah it's so hard also I used to I
used to come to Vegas you know as a visitor I wasn't 21 so I wasn't doing crazy Vegas stuff but I mean moving here
and understanding how Vegas operates I mean Travelers need help they need to know
what experiences to go to where to go but especially after covet still I mean some people a lot of people are
traveling but we are trying to make everyone feel comfortable and excited
about their trip no 100 I mean the thing is is that you actually touch on something
um the story you told me of how you even got into this yeah with with Off the
Strip which which I which I hope at some point in the business model is to kind of revitalize that a little bit
um but it was literally you under 21. literally sitting at home
don't have any friends you just moved here thanks for mentioning that problem I mean a lot of people I mean I mean I'm
pretty sure but you're not the type of person that's going to do do it differently like you're not going to be on tender and and all that but
no you you just got to Vegas and you literally you're like okay what to do in
Las Vegas you know and everything revolved around 21 plus every single
thing I mean if it was in a strip club it was a nightclub exactly uh yeah I the
search I do remember was it was sushi near me and it gave me Yellow Tail de Blasio which I love that restaurant uh
but near me I was in Summerlin right that's 20 20 minutes away and I didn't have a license so I had to be able to
walk places but the the sushi place downtown Summerlin or down the street it wasn't mentioned so my question in that
moment was I didn't have an advertising background or really even a background in Tech and I thought how how do people
find about like how does this local sushi restaurant not get customers and then I started to care about this random
sushi restaurant I didn't even know what it was or where it was because I couldn't find it so the whole thing the whole thing is
you're trying to find sushi you come up with the ding the light bulb yeah going I you know what here's the problem and
this is how a lot of entrepreneurs a lot of people go from because everybody everybody's like how did Jeff Bezos make
his billions he came up with a there was a problem in the industry which was books the largest commodity uh being
sold was books and nobody was wrangling that book Market I mean yeah Barnes Noble had book you know was it Barnes
Noble what was the other competing one Barnes Noble and um that doesn't matter because they're
all pretty much almost out of business because Jeff Bezos figured out a way to get these books into people's hands
quicker more efficiently you know you have to go searching for it you know um but anyways you figured out of here's
the problem and you came up with a solution the I think the problem was and actually no problem it was literally
covet slam the brakes on everything because literally you know I think what was it
maybe two three maybe actually a long time leading up to that we were working on it vigorously and uh I mean I spent
three years going door to door well not all three years but the first year I mean you told you said it I was at I
joined every single Chamber of Commerce Urban Chamber of Commerce Asian Chamber of Commerce Women's Chamber of Commerce
Fitness yeah I mean nearly all of them and uh but apart from that I also
uh had my mom drop me off at a business Plaza I would map out so I would get dropped off at one business Plaza and I
would see how many I could walk to from there uh and I would put like five or so hours in and I would knock on each door
and a lot of them had stickers that said no soliciting but I truly believed in my mind that I was not I was there to help
them so I'd walk into a store and say can I talk to you and sure sure how do
you how do you get customers what kind of marketing do you do and I just I needed to know that the problem was big
enough to invest my time into solving it and everything and a lot of people said
hey yeah I would love to figure this out yeah because really the platform that you that you created I mean even the the
monetary amount that you were asking these businesses to commit was minisol now they're you know with
any business there's a cost or they call Roi right return on your investment
but if I can bring you an extra 10 customers a week yeah if I can bring you
an extra 50 customers a month they the business owner has to be smart enough to understand what the value of
that is how much money that they can potentially make out those customers to then go hmm
this is a good investment or not not a good investment and I think a lot of people the platform that you created I mean not
only did you go out and you recruited some of the greatest software developer
Minds that were behind I I might be misquoting is Yahoo
uh an initial search engine he bought that was bought by that company yes so I mean you literally you you went and you
found and I remember his name is Peter right yeah and he literally created the the whole search engine
which even to this day I Google my name all right if you Google Google Brian
KIPP yeah don't you have to put Las Vegas all right
if you see like a foreign link that's not Facebook not my website not SKC you're gonna see Off the Strip pop-up
this is how good the SEO was yeah on that platform and but I just don't think
that I think Vegas was ready for it um but I really think that it was it was
you know we we got the break slammed on us because of covet and I still think that we would have already be a
different way but you literally also had the vision for on this trip because you knew and to get back to your point about
the yellowtail why did yellowtail come up because the strip has the marketing budgets to blow out the locals
and what you are doing which you could have easily within the first year of office trip and I remember
having detailed conversations with you of saying you know like we were weighing the pros and cons you were never going
to defer from it it didn't matter how much anybody tried to convince you but you're like I'm not allowing anybody
that's on the Strip on the platform and and the thing was is that that was the right the right thing to do because if
you did they had to be on a Level Playing Field and I think that we were even talking about like you know what I
think there's a way to list these but but they cannot ever come in and Trump
like you were out there fighting I wanted the little guy to Trump the big guys yeah and and you know what and well
on her way I mean how many local business listings do we have or did you have during that time uh 65 000.
and and and this is you going door to door this is you getting on on Google
this is you going to all these networking events this is you you literally talked to the majority of
those 65 000 businesses I I even remember an event that you did in your parking lot of Europe yeah and like and
like literally you invited all these businesses to come out and you're like hey you know you need to stop by and I
remember I was like in between events but I stopped by I had to park way far
away just to come by to say hi to you because I knew I could only be there 10-15 minutes but I wanted to come
support and it was packed packed with local people yeah businesses and they're all
networking they're all talking and I remember going Jenna you got something here and I was actually within the first
probably six months of me knowing you yeah um but yeah I mean very very very few
people ever impressed me from day one and you know you just I wanted to put so
much you you wanted to put so much effort into it I remember spending sometimes nights on the phone because I would be
too busy during the day you'd be too busy during the day but you're like I've got to get this together I've got to get
this presentation together you had a I remember we you had a um a president an
actual in-person presentation what was the urban Chamber of Commerce or it was one of the chambers yes yeah it was yeah and you're like and you're like I've got
an Elvis because I want them to understand that a why that I believe that the urban Chamber of Commerce needs
to be a part of off the strip um and not only did we go over it you
had this whole rehearsal thing with your presentation which was what you nailed by the way I got video evidence because
I actually went uh-oh and actually I'm actually a good video and everybody in the room was so impressed yeah I mean
you had the VP of Wells Fargo there you had you had all these different people there and they were so impressed that
I'm pretty sure that all that integration went right into Off the Strip yeah I mean you literally wanted
to I don't care who you're from how much money your business makes you know I
have a plan for you and you have different levels and
I don't want to do too much in the officer but but that's where the bulk of of how we actually created our
friendship and we and we actually um and even our our business relationship no
you're probably like the third person I truly knew in Vegas right uh and it is
so crazy like looking back and just talking about this I mean this was a lifetime ago and you were you are
responsible for a lot of uh my early success I appreciate our friendship and just how much you really helped me I
mean I was an eager 19 year old and uh I am Canadian so I think too that moving
to Vegas you say I wasn't into the drinking and wasn't into all the glitz and glamor uh because it was so foreign
to me but yes it never enticed me which is good I think that I always knew it could have easily enticed me it's
enticing uh but I knew I had to keep my head down and focus and again my passion
was to help others and I knew if I was out you know uh
playing all the time yeah I mean it's probably the best way to say it I mean I mean we definitely went out and had a
couple nights um we tried to force balance on me yes which I appreciated well and the thing is that the thing is
I would I think I would rather have been the person wanted to be the person there
during that experience because I knew that that you would be taken care of and she
was and we'll leave it at that so moving on so we're gonna we're gonna
take the off the strip and kind of move that to chapter because even one thing that we even bonded over was our passion
for charity yeah I'm actually wearing the uh Saint Jude um I actually bought this
um they have a an amazing online store by the way I haven't got a
um a Christmas um pajamas it has like the red like a
red plaid with like a green shirt that says um like something about like supporting Saint Jude but it's very
Christmassy yeah um yeah I did a couple other shirts did it did a decent
donation for that good because I love it but you know I started um you know I've been doing some work with St Jude and
there was a um an event not an event it was a concept that we came up with
called suit up for Saint Jude and we actually knew um the person that
initially was our initial sponsor for the suits and we got him and then I
actually came to you and I'm like hey this could actually be something really interesting and really fun because hey
you think of suits you think of men you think of you know professionals I'm like you should be the first woman or the
only woman in this suit for Saint Jude which what we do is we gather up the most influential people of Las Vegas and
what they do is they for one month in the month of March they post out and
they and they fundraise for their individual page and the goal like I think we had a 2500 goal but if
everybody has their goal then we have a nice raise and at the very end of it we have a a big shopping day and now we
partner with stitched yeah and stitches an amazing partner like amen charity I'm
a Charlie you guys are the best because they this is what they do and and well
I'm telling them because I know you already know this but they literally have two shopping days
when we launch the event and at the end will they do 50 off a lot of their merchandise and a hundred percent of
that goes to the charity a hundred percent that's not giving so not only do you get
a deal yeah off of an incredible high quality suit um but I remember the very first one it
was right before covet like literally right before covet it was March 4th I
think it was um the event um or sorry well I think the last event got canceled right we had the kickoff
party we had the kickoff party we didn't even finish it yeah but we actually did a good raise yes yeah no we did we did
do good because we're all doing it we're out we're all at home and nothing else to do yeah like we're texting everybody
and you know but it actually was a really good event but that but I remember that event because
we um um yeah the kickoff party was incredible we had I mean an amazing amount of people we had some
of the hockey players from Wellness were there you introduced me to some of them which I was so excited about the Canadian and me and big hockey fan was
thrilled but that wasn't during the kickoff that was during the remember their grand opening event oh yeah okay
so I have to tell everybody so we go to the grand opening a player's locker in Summerlin Wolfgang Puck place and
um he he brought in a bunch of the players you know Partners um and um
every single hockey party was there almost every the only one I didn't see
was Mark Andre Fleury yeah he wasn't he wasn't I would have remembered yeah sure Penguins fan yeah originally still you
know no no no no all nights now awesome um so yeah so we so we went to this
event and like literally it was like Jenna walking into a candy store I mean he lit up her eyes lit up
because she is she's a die-hard hockey fan yeah and um so yeah we literally I
I was like her little I was too nervous to approach them directly so I literally went up to every
single hockey player and I still have them all on my phone and I literally said hey do you mind if my friend Jim
take a photo with you and they're like yeah no problem yeah and I remember Alex
Martinez just got he just got traded the team and I think he hadn't even played a
game yet he just got into Vegas I think a couple days prior and was still meeting everyone he was told me maybe maybe he played one game but he was very
very new yeah and he was there because I got a photo yeah um but uh you got to take I mean everybody was there I mean
the president of the golden knights was there I think Bill Foley came through um I mean it was an incredible event but
all that was short-lived because boom that shutdown was drastic but I'll tell
you though you know I remember talking to you and you know I I've had the pleasure to meet your parents too and
and and and I remember like your your father was saying this is something serious and it's going to affect the
whole world nothing like oh yeah he was right he was like this is
going to be a global shutdown well yeah we're past it now but I remember like I
was so scared and you were telling me it wasn't maybe as big as a deal as like I
had thought it was at that time and uh yeah it is just so crazy though like again I remember going back into that
exact moment like friendships there was you know everyone saw things so differently and of course we were in a
pandemic like everyone handled it and it's it was this in all different ways invisible scary thing and I mean I can't
even imagine you know how a parent would have explained that to their child uh or like a two three-year-old yeah all of a
sudden you got to put a mask on yeah and you gotta and you're forcing these people because I remember even having you know we would go to lunch on an
outdoor patio yeah and it was still like people were wearing masks outside yeah
in between their meals and but I think in retrospect I think we we look back on it now and we knew that yeah it was it
was a really serious thing yeah but but I think that we could have handled it differently at the same time I mean yeah
people's mental health like really quickly deteriorated and then on the other end like telling children trying
to explain to the your children why they can't see their friends or classmates also grandparents my grandma did not
understand what was going on I mean imagine trying to tell an 85 year old that has lived their whole life a
certain way and has routine and structure of going to the bank and paying her bills explaining to her like
hey this is you know um you gotta stay inside Grandma I mean that that's that's hard to understand it
was hard for any of us to understand so yeah it was definitely a rough a rough period but you're right we got through
it and and the thing is but it gave so like it so the positives that come out of it
you end up creating on this trip yep or OTS yeah right
um all the strips
um and actually during that time I actually rebranded from from my full company name which was soaking Creative
Group to SKC group yep um and it's funny I'm actually rebranding it one more time
well can you give us any I will right now okay I'm giving you the exclusive okay exclusive hearing it here starting
the first of the year okay and um you ever you ever seen the movie social network yeah phenomenal movie right so
good all right one of my favorite parts of that movie is when they meet Justin
Timberlake which is the Napster guy right yeah um and during it of course you know
Eduardo was like very threatened by that character and didn't want Zuckerberg to
get like you know rolled up into the sky and uh and as he was leaving he goes
drop the the just Facebook one of the greatest lines yeah so I think I'm gonna
drop the group and we're just going to be SKC okay so that's that that's the
Rebrand yeah so and it just happened to be that this works very well with the SKC live yeah um and God I mean my team
they do such a great job with The Branding and the because I even know that you know because even one of my
employees actually helped kind of initially build your platform she did shout out to Amy uh yeah she's so
talented and incredible I mean yeah you're such a good team what I wanted to say on that was you guys have been
killing Tick Tock Instagram reels you your team is just uh killing it and like
the influencer and creating space I've definitely noticed that for our clients we're definitely
murdering it right now yeah we're um you know we've we've got really lucky to
bring on some of the some of the clients that we have I mean from the number one you know nightclub group in Miami you
know we just launched um uh one of our newest clients that's actually one of our oldest clients in Miami around the
same time well a little bit after 11 but we've had them for over a year finally opened the
restaurant in Brickell called wet and and it's been open I think almost exactly a month now but it's killing it
we we finally were able to get a photographer in there to get everything that we need to get done content-wise
and we're super excited to roll that part out but yeah when you have really good clients and you can be very creative with them
I mean the sky's the limit I'm actually more excited to kind of see what the evolution Beyond you know OTS is going
to be because I know that you got you have to have some things up your sleeve um you know and and I'm not even like
seguing into like you know wanting you to tease about it but I just know you yeah like your mind does not stop you
know if there's anybody if you if you didn't have a governor on your mind you would have a hundred businesses yeah all
right and you would do it and because no one's going to stop you that's one thing about you nobody can tell you no that's
actually the worst thing you can actually say is no you cannot do that she's gonna be like huh that's foreign
to me that would just fuel me to do it but the hint of what is next is two words Club Vegas club Vegas
37:34 yeah I haven't even told you about that I think we actually have to talk really
because we actually I didn't know about that yeah I actually have something that I'm working on oh that actually
um if if it's what I think Club Vegas is um
yeah we definitely need to talk because we should talk yeah because I actually have a big project that I'm I'm either
going to self-fund it or I have some a a partner that wants to come in and fund
it and it kind of of revolves around a membership for Vegas yeah but also ties
into the nft market okay because the thing is is that the number one thing that I think people need to
um so let me backtrack so my client 11 launched an nft membership called the 11
cabinets club and 11 Campus Club basically gives you access into this Alpha group of people that are 11 fans
okay there's 111 of them and uh but when we launched it we launched it when
ethereum was around to 2200 ethereum it was three ethereum it's a pretty privacy membership so the people that are in
there I mean I there's huge celebrities in there all the way down to just the
the the club goer or the or the 11 brand fan which there are many of uh 11 actually
came up I was at the conference I just went to I wanted to tell you um we're talking about partying and they
said oh how do you ever get any work done Jenna you must be partying in Vegas all the time and I said actually I've only been to a nightclub and this is
exposing myself I work with these nightclubs I am knowledgeable on them I know what happens there I have
experienced a few times I've only been to a nightclub less than five times and they just couldn't believe this and they
were talking about 11 and how great it is and I was saying that you know you
were responsible for some of that greatness so well I I wouldn't I don't want to go I want to go on records I'm
responsible but but I have been around since day one yeah um you know will you help with some of the greatness that's the other way to
put it yeah and after after they act after they you know reopened during coven we actually you know were able to
kind of come on and do some initial Consulting actually one of the things that was brought to me is they uh one of
the managing Partners was like I cannot figure out a way to getting 11 verified
on Instagram um this is like November of 2020. tell us how you did it
call no actually yeah so it I made a call to a friend that I know that
um um that has those connections can you tell us who this friend is I will
offline um but there was no reason why they're not verified they were in the pub I mean
to get verified on any platform and now Twitter you you pay your eight bucks and and you're and you're gonna you know be
verified but for all the other platforms you just have to be press work that you have to be notable you have to have a
reason to be verified yep there's no reason why 11 wasn't verified yeah yeah
um and I definitely don't want to go down the road because it just it was one of those things that I think that they
thought because they have an adult component that that they weren't eligible yeah
um but no we ended up within three days got them verified wow and I think that kind of opened up the
door because you know to you know building a good relationship with them and so we pitched an idea of like you
know kind of bringing you know highlighting the brand itself and kind of bringing it to life and how
we can work with the 11 marketing team because I mean we're 2300 miles away yeah so how does that make any sense or
why you know a branding digital marketing company in Las Vegas could be
working with the company you know there's a whole bunch of other digital companies it's because I think that Aid
they trust us with the brand and B we understand the brand so since I've you know been around
since day one I was there for their grand opening party all the way through and then when they reopened my first
trip was back out to Miami and it wasn't because I want to go out there and party well I
that too um but I wanted to go out and support my friend and my friends that you know our
partners in the project and uh or in in the in the club and that's the cool thing the pants
sorry to interrupt that's the cool thing the pandemic did do was it did allow people to work in a more remote scenario
uh where I work with some people now I never would have I mean I really believed early on because I was face to
face with so many people you'd come to my office and I loved that I didn't want to zoom I didn't want to talk on the phone just come down the street and I
thought that was really important for productivity and it still is you need FaceTime I mean extroverts need it uh we
all need it to a degree but it has been interesting to see just the connections that we've made as a company and I mean
you're able to work with 11 and like you said they're far away and that was something that uh the pandemic made more
okay and accepted by companies I mean the biggest companies of all right are shutting down their office doesn't have
I don't think it would have happened um well I I think I think
I think covet or the shutdown yeah okay the shutdown I don't think
I think the they were able to regroup the brand yeah and figure out exactly
how they wanted to relaunch it because even when they opened I mean they had major restrictions
um but they actually were one of the one of the later properties to reopen because they didn't want to offer a bad
product to their customers there was other venues that opened up right when they were able to even with
the restrictions because they need to make money yeah 11. they literally thought it out and they really carefully
planned out their reopening process and then they wanted to follow all the rules and they did and they
every time I was there if there was a mass mandate for employees they were wearing them if there was you know a
restriction on you know it could just be a table reservation they were following them um you know they had a sister property
that that opened up um that they reopened earlier because the product is different
but not to get too much into the 11 round but but yeah I mean if you're ever going to Miami you want a great time 11
is definitely the place I mean you're at a conference with CEOs and directors and they're like have you been to 11 yet and
you're like going well my friend does a marketing there and he knows everybody I'm pretty sure I can call her they said Vegas is crazy but 11 is just as crazy
in a good way yeah 100 I mean they it's funny we live here yeah I go to Miami to
party yeah I mean I'm really there to to work but but I'm there like my job is to
network during these parties and um and yeah but I'm here I mean I still
go out here but I don't go I don't don't go okay Friday night I'm going out I'm gonna get smashed and we're just gonna
just blur into Saturday no we don't do that anymore and but do I still go out
and have a good time absolutely but when you go out and have a good time in Vegas you always run into people you work with
I mean I think that's the biggest thing that I learned about Vegas is it's the biggest small town in the world yeah
because another thing too is you don't want to go somewhere and be like hey Jenna I saw you at right the spirit
rhino and you're like whoa like um how did you what no uh go away which
I love that you always run into people and I mean just working in marketing in PR right like you kind of have a
connection everywhere um that's how the City Works and it's nice seeing familiar faces I mean you feel like it's a family I feel like this
industry is a family I love working with people and I love learning from people and just uh but with that being said yes
you can't really uh really let your hair down no and that's something you have to be aware of I think especially as like a
young female is your reputation is I mean anyone's reputation is important to them but in a male-dominated industry
that is something that I've always had in the back of my mind so that that's something you always have to be aware of
and that's actually one thing that you know knowing you spending a lot of time with you
um going out charity events we've we've been out piano bars and and everything
but the thing is that you've always been a you've always held your own B
I mean you're like me when like when I drink I get happier
and but I'm still aware of what's going on yeah and I think that that's one thing about you is that you
you know your limits but also very rarely do we ever go I think the last time we went out we went to the Todd
English Place yeah Pepper club Pepper club yeah yep amazing that needs a shout out that's one of my favorites yeah
chef you got to we we got to figure out a way to work together because I mean that
place you're right is something I actually went there a couple other times after that I don't know like like I
really it has a great dinner Vibe it does but that happy hour they have theirs so incredible and and I think
more people need to take advantage of it well that's the funny thing I mean downtown like with downtown is such a
tight-knit community and there's so much support from all the businesses uh all the chefs everyone knows each other but
I will say Pepper club is the one that I still am getting people say what's that where's that is that a hotel is that a
restaurant so I do and I don't know why it's absolutely incredible um but the few times I've been there it
hasn't been too busy so well it hasn't been dead either I mean it's just it's just it it it's just steady yeah and the
thing is but that place should be jam-packed waiting list out the door it should be like Esther's uh wait times
right 100 and the thing you have a very famous chef you know uh you know taught
English and and and the here's the funny thing about I and maybe it's because
I've been in the industry so long and I've worked with so many amazing people but I feel like when I go to when I go
out here in Vegas I run to people all the time yep when I go to Miami I run to people all the time and I actually uh uh
Todd English I see him in Miami no that's so funny another great guy he'll
pop by because he you know he's friends with a lot of the partners at 11 and yeah and he'll pop by and you know and
uh always a good time catching up with him but I see him more in Miami and I do him here you know and you know it's
funny and every time I see him here he's like he's working if if he's at the restaurant he is literally and he's
constantly training and and if you know anything about Chef you know uh TOP English he literally
he he's he's an educator he literally and he wants people to be as great as him yep but uh but yeah I mean
you know that you know the one thing you know because you were working with Circa for a while right yes yes are you still
working with them yeah I mean no I'm just curious I mean
yes or no no the only reason but the only reason why I asked that because that's another property I remember
watching all the stuff that you were putting out from them that type of content if you are listening to this and
you're in hotel marketing you need to go back in time and see what she was doing for circa and you need to and you need
to adopt that program because you were highlighting the things that people don't talk about
in Vegas like you like I remember there's a video about the room you were
introducing the room it's a hotel room but no all the features that come with the room all the different amenities
that come with the room I remember you're the one your video showed me that
you can spend an extra amount of money or whatever it was to hit the button to
make the Vegas Vicky thing you know to activate the Vegas figure whatever that was I learned that from your videos yeah
I learned Stadium swim I mean I've been to Stadium swim but you really got into the nuts and bolts of it
berries and I think that's like the differentiator too is with most hotel
sites you go you book a room but us we're actually a Content sites so you come in through you know what brunch you
do and then we educate you on the hotel so it's really uh top of the funnel content but yeah for the Circa we like
attached a personality type to the room so if you were a Founder you should stay in this Suite if you were uh you know a
party a party or you would stay in the bunk bed Suite because it would fit all your friends so I do think that was
really cool just also being in the creative process of making those videos and showing people it's not just
oftentimes photos of rooms on hotel sites are not uh too accurate right like
just maybe the camera doesn't show how big or how small the room is so I think that was like a really cool approach
that hotels are actually going in that direction the conference I was just at I mean there's a lot of VR right like
walkthroughs of hotels and now people are focusing more on video recently as well I was at a conference
and it was the first time Google spoke on their Google travel product because Google things to do is now actually if
you search link uh Link Hyrule or anything here in Vegas you'll see the search results actually look entirely
different and Google is not becoming an OTA necessarily but they they do want to
be the best aggregator with things to do in travel just like how they have their flight product they have a hotel product
but they're just they're just showing you where to go but it's a bit of a game changer with photos and videos actually
trumping search and they did say within two years search is going to look
entirely different so I think for us that focus on articles and blogs and written content which has been the
leading form of how we we can SEO videos now and what other travel site is in
Vegas with real people writing and taking videos taking photos going in
everything yeah and by the way I didn't want to put you on a spot about the hall if you're still working with oh no I
don't know why I got weird no no that's fine but but the thing is though is that like people need to take
notes and if you know even like the case study behind that it needs to be shared
because that is exactly I mean you were doing this knowing that things were
coming down the pike yeah and you know and my whole point to that was is that
you're you're kind of a you're not kind of you are a Visionary like you you see
things and you're like you know what I know they're not going to understand this and and why I'm gonna have them
spend so much money doing this but it once you put it all together yeah you
know like I like whenever I have clients come in or even potential clients and they're like here what do you think of
my social media all right and we'll just use Instagram because that's like the one that everybody you know really wants
to hammer down on nowadays um but there's a difference between taking
every individual post if you took them out you printed them out and you laid them out okay
the content could be amazing individually but collectively it might
look like a mess what you did is individually you created
great content but together it all pulled it together and it made you told the
whole the whole um uh story of it you even got to hang out with Derek Stevens the owner and you guys should do some
bets tell it was it was like a betting thing oh yeah so they had one initiative where they was like oh memory yeah
there's so much going on especially right now but uh yeah we wanted to
educate women in particular on sports betting uh because they were seeing a
larger demographic at males at the time and they just wanted to get more people into their sports book I mean now it's nearly all sold out probably every
single event uh they are just crushing it and they have a great sports book if you haven't been uh but we did a video
it was actually the uh manager of the sport the director of the sports book that taught me how to uh place a sports
bet on their app which is super easy to do and we did this really cool fast-paced video on how to do that
um so it is cool mastering how to explain a complex process in 30
seconds I think something that we always like to like keep in mind is people's
attentions fans these days uh I know mine isn't very long uh well because I
mean I I remember you had a product um it was called Jenna does Jenna tries
Jenna tries yes yeah so I mean you I mean I had a client that was doing a lot of cars you got to go and yeah and and
whatever cars it was but I watched the content that you were creating and it was like first of all
the business model it would never it would never keep going because it's you it's Jenna and you have you can't be in
a hundred different places at one time but the whole point of it was you got to go in behind the scenes
and almost like what you're doing with these videos you're explaining the whole process yeah I can I can put a photo of
a cocktail with beautiful Ambiance with some you know great garnishments and whatever
with a nice person serving it but is that really what I'm gonna get when I go
in yeah you actually went in filmed your entire experience of trying
certain cocktails certain foods and you really got to explain what it
was and I actually really enjoyed that whole series but the thing is I think
that it if you just would create it with with a
whole bunch of other people in different markets and it could be four or five a dozen two dozen people in a market that
go out and do all these different things and send in the content I mean but you I know that that's where your mind was
already going but you had to kind of show the process and I remember your first video was you driving your Tesla
yeah yeah yeah it was Jenna tries the lottery ticket getting a lottery ticket
or something you went you did a lottery trigger but you also did one going up to Red Rock okay oh uh Valley fire Valley fire
I think for the lottery we were showing like you can drive Vegas is such a great place to be able to drive to all this oh
yeah and the Valley of Fire right there's so much around is that was so those initiatives were for Off the Strip
because you know people have this idea that Vegas like I live in a hotel and I
eat room service every day and right there's no there's nothing outside of the strip so uh trying to show where you
can drive to but yeah I mean the POV we're in a world of influencers right now and content is fast it's created
quickly as well so to your point of if I'm scrolling through Instagram and I
see this like perfectly displayed cocktail it's well lit I'm like that might not even exist where if I see
someone that I identify with someone that I looks like me that I want to look like drinking this cocktail uh that's
gonna speak to me and I think that's what a lot of brands should I I do think brands are now adopting influencer
strategy way more than ever before in like the quick fast content it's becoming more acceptable but that's just
content consistency is important but it's easier now than ever to make
content no no 100 but they go back to your point when you're scrolling through in that cocktail image captures your
attention I think they actually got their job done they they actually capture content but you're actually right if I've never been there I'm a
creature of habit if I haven't been to a restaurant or a bar all right
I probably won't go by myself I I haven't surprises me about you yep I have to go with somebody okay but if I
already know the product I already been there before easily I can go there all day long by myself
um like I was that type of person that it took me a long time to go eat by myself
yeah even to go to a movie by myself that's just it just wasn't uh it wasn't
a thing it was like you know you know you go out to dinner with somebody or you go to a movie with somebody or a
group of people right so I think that but but my whole point to this is that you were jumping on
trends before Trends really got started now I'm not saying you're the creator of it but
you literally but you know you literally already had the vision of it and I think the one question I get a lot of times
from people is why isn't Vegas doing this or why isn't Vegas doing this
and the the short and long answer to that is Vegas is still stuck in their
old ways because of some of their old leadership is still there and and I definitely don't want to call
it anybody you spend you know your whole career working in all the way up to be a VP in the president of a hotel but I
really think that you know if you are listening I'm not saying you need to retire move out of the way but I think you need to open your mind and you need
to start listening to other people because there are little things that we can do that was the one good good thing
when I was when I worked at um at when you know I remember you know uh hearing
down the pike through meetings for Steve Wynn of him saying this DJ thing is a thing yeah like if people are going to
follow us go for it and he literally was one of the one of the first Casino operators to really dump money into it
because there was already like group and Angel management and Tau group they're already they're already Hospitality groups already trying to do that but to
bring in these are huge names on a consistent basis and huge contracts you needed like Steve win money right and
when Steve wooden got behind it came over everybody started innovating yeah well he was one of the creators of the
Las Vegas Strip he literally innovated everything of how things are as high
class as they are now he took it to a whole nother level the Bellagio was the creme of the creme he literally created
that whole Art Gallery which was like 100 what I think is it would be valued
now right around a billion dollars um and then goes on and creates a win hotel and then Encore and then but the
whole thing is that he was a listener as much as he knew what he wanted you're definitely not going to get him to
change his mind on things but he always wanted to listen if he didn't have if he didn't have his mind made up he he kept
listening about it and um but I think that that right there is one thing that all the other casinos need to do I
actually went to an event kind of by accident which is weird because I invited a lot
of cool things but a good buddy of mine um called me up from Miami and he goes Brian he goes I have a last minute
booking for one of my artist singers and um she got booked to do this private
event at the Palazzo Suites at the Rio okay and if you know anything about the probably the nicest Suites in Las Vegas
or at the Rio even though the Rio is not really the Rio anymore but um don't want to talk bad about my town
but Apostle Suite is amazing and he's like myself or her manager cannot make it out there it's actually her attorney
friend of mine he goes Brian would you mind kind of like going to this event
and kind of like just kind of um you know just chaperoning her just make sure she's okay because she's gonna
be in a room with all these billionaires and millionaire investors because it was a board meeting for a new property
that's opening up here in town wow and I actually I can't talk about it now but I want to talk I'll talk to you about offline because the guy
um the guy that put the whole thing together actually lives here in town is it a property we knew about yet nope no
it is actually really exciting um but the um the concept's incredible but it
was them basically celebrating that they raised all the money to to launch it wow and um so they hired this the singer to
come in and and um she was an amazing singer she comes in and
um does her whole thing but um but long story short I actually got to meet all these people and kind of
hang out with them and I'm like going like holy crap like they got the old
president CEO of Cosmo John Unwin he's now the president CEO of this project so
if you want to do your research everybody just find out what he's doing now and they just announced it like days
before that that board meeting um but again there's all these different
evolving projects and and things at Vegas the Moon project is that is that
even a real thing that the giant Moon that they're creating on the Las Vegas Strip and if
you don't know about it we're going to sit down I'm going to educate you I don't know about it it's right in front
you know where the Trump Hotel is that empty lot right in front of the wind yeah that lot
and what does the moon do it is Jeremy type in Moon Hotel Las Vegas Brian's
exposing me right now I got you no actually I'm not exposing because I I just learned about it myself
yeah they're putting it right across the street from the Wynn Hotel it's supposed to be I believe at launch
is supposed to be built sorry uh it's okay uh it's supposed to be built um by 2025
so they started construction then I don't know if they did but if they broke ground yet
um and who's doing this this is a very good question
but yeah but you can see it's all over the place and I will tell you when I used to Google it yeah okay
when I used to Google it see that that's actually not even oh this is actually another
um another um uh part obviously this is in Vegas this
looks like the Bellagio Fountains but it's definitely not Vegas yeah um that was fine you can yeah this is
actually the where where I've seen it the location
but yeah right next to Fashion Show Mall well yeah this just shows Vegas's growth right
um I think like the biggest whenever someone asks me why I'm doing what I'm doing it's Vegas I love it here and
there's just so much growth when I came here there wasn't even a hockey team you know now we have an American football
team which I'm still trying to understand uh I haven't been to a Raiders game yet actually
OMG yeah all right so I think no again this Sunday the
following Sunday I'll take you because I'm I'm good friends with the um the
director of wind and so that you know the Winfield Club yeah yeah we could I'll I'll ask him see if he can pop me
in the list for that Brian I work on Sunday yeah but you but you're gonna take three
hours off and you're gonna go watch a football game it's fun to see the American culture of a football game right that's your Sunday activity where
that's well this is more on the bougie side because um because the um
it's more of a nightclub on a field so it's like table service bottle service I've been to many concerts and been in
the wooden Field Club but yeah so um such a great such a great idea but I've
heard it's awesome for the games I mean if you're really watching the game it's you know obviously you're
gonna you're on the exact level as the players and so the play is on the other side of the field
it's a little difficult to kind of but you got all the jumbotrons and everything to kind of keep up on but um
wow I mean you know what like I didn't we didn't even script this at all no and
um I'm thinking we I know we went over an hour and I'm thinking that I know that
there's a whole bunch more that I want to talk about because there there's a bazillion things
um but um yeah I would love to welcome you back maybe even do a part two you know maybe
after the after the new year yeah I I actually I would love to kind of get an update on what you know
on the strip I mean I I really think that you're going to be you're already there I'm going to be calling you up for
a job one day saying hey you need a VP of marketing and you're going to be like
yeah well we're always hiring so uh there's so much talent here and everywhere and it's just I have such a
great team but yeah I mean Vegas everything happens so quickly right we might have a moon soon uh but just
monthly things are changing and new properties are opening I mean I think now is the biggest time inbox is full
with opening invites and sometimes I have to sit back in my chair and just really truly grasp the growth and
opportunity that this City offers and just the excitement right it's really exciting being a local and seeing your
city Thrive no for sure I mean and and I'll tell you like you know I I say this
as like a proud like brother yeah like watching you grow like has been
tremendous oh thank you you know and um you know like Jenna used to call me
on every little issue problem she has she doesn't call me anymore because she's figured it out or she has another
uh person she can call but the point is is that like you know she's not gonna she's not she's gonna
search out she's gonna find the answer and and that's why I know that you're gonna be
if not bigger than your competition um I think you're going to have a
problem in the next couple years where they're going to be literally saying hey let us buy you out or we're going to give you a hard time
because you're literally you're going to have that you're gonna have that problem and you know and you
know walking in the footsteps of your own father that he was able to sell a company off and you know I'm pretty sure
that you have an Exit Plan and strategies and things like that and I'm really excited because that's why I'm
working so hard we got that Big Exit Plan eventually eventually and but but like what I would be more excited about
is what is the next thing yes because I know you it would be very difficult for
you just to go I'm retired because if a lot of people don't realize you probably could have done that on a
on a micro level yeah um you know and a lot of people don't have that but you no
no no no I I found a problem I'm gonna find a solution and and you did it and
yeah there's a lot of future problems that I want to solve so we definitely have some ideas but the Focus right now
I mean I think one of the biggest challenges too has been well one to your
point like I remember I used to call you to read my emails and the email would be like I would ask you is this okay to
send and it would be like hello uh would love to chat about so and so thanks Jenna and I would I mean just the
confidence too that you gain with experience but what I was going to say is I was stubborn and I still am but
when you finally realize accepting help is only going to help you learn and then
you're gonna get more confident and grow so much quicker like if you were not okay accepting help
um there's gonna be you're going to be set back like in many different ways so yeah just appreciate all your help and
it's so full circle being back here and well I mean literally I enjoyed every
minute of it yeah as did I because I put in so much time in other people mentoring people and you know and but
when actually somebody appreciates it and they apply it and they're you know like am I going to take credit if you
become the next billionaire uh when I become oh did I did that's that wrong
if I said yes I don't know I probably did we're gonna
play that one back at one point but um uh yeah when but you can't you can take some credit Brian take credit where it's
deserved and you were my first Mentor in Vegas and uh on the record like you taught me a lot of what I know
well I mean literally on that point um I do appreciate the time and I know
that you're extremely busy and uh so yeah so uh until uh next time thank you
Jennifer for for coming on and uh we will see you later
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