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Billy Womack | Crypto Chat | SKC Live | EP06

In this episode, Brian sits down with crypto-guru, Billy Womack, to discuss the learning journey and risks it takes to understand cryptocurrency and its potential benefits.
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KIPP I'm actually super excited for my next guest here um really good friend
crypto genius nodes serial entrepreneur
just everything about crypto Billy Womack how you doing doing good excited to be here today yeah you know I
I'm excited for you to be here I mean you know I mean crypto I mean right now
in the current days it's like crypto is so much up in the air with all the all the commotion going on but what I really
wanted to kind of talk about is you know you're you're like really really big into
crypto and nodes and you know like I'm off in Miami
partying Labor Day weekend thinking I'm at the best parties and
probably in the world going on probably besides Las Vegas and I looked down on
my phone scrolling through and Billy's often in La somewhere hanging out with Snoop Dogg
probably another really big crypto huge act so and and not just with Snoop Dogg
or at an event with Snoop Dogg we're actually hanging out with them yeah so how did that come to fruition
Snoop is huge huge huge in crypto as some of you guys know some may not know
um I've been in crypto now for eight years so it's it's been a I started making Bitcoin back at
um 275 bucks ethereum at 80 I think it's 78 bucks so I've been in it for a minute uh
and I think the best best thing that happened to me was I got
burnt the very first crypto um Venture I went into and I I scarred me
and I was like is this really what this is all about and it really pissed me off and I was like man I've got to find a
mentor I gotta find somebody to show me to navigate me through these Waters and I did and I found a really good Mentor
and I was very fortunate I got linked up with this guy and I've only been with two mentors the whole time I've been in
crypto and so I can't take all the credit but I was smart enough to find somebody that was in this space and they
just led me down this road of making cryptocurrency I've only made it I've only I've only minted or mined crypto
the whole time I've been in crypto and during that process it's still a very small small uh community and Snoop is
one of these guys that's just in that space and we were very fortunate when I
uh first got started one of my my partners I'd rather not say his name at this point but uh one of my my second
Mentor in the business he calls me and he says hey man can you be in Vegas this was on a Tuesday can you be in Vegas uh
by Friday I've got an event I need to introduce you to somebody I was like sure no problem
jump on the flight this guy's worth just a ton of money so I jump on the flight fly to Vegas because all right guys
we've got this really cool concept we're gonna we're gonna launch this new business a gaming platform I'm like
gaming you flew me all the way to Vegas for a gaming platform I don't play games I haven't played a video game since
Donkey Kong or Tetris so I'm like this is okay he goes no no you got to meet this guy he's super cool man he's super
successful it came to find out it was Eric Schumer the co-founder of Myspace and so Eric was there and Mike McCartney
who's the uh creator of um of um called Farmville he's there and so there's 20
of us in a room 22 of us I think 22 23 of us whatever it was and he said well yeah we've got this really cool idea
we're going to do a play to earn situation I'm like okay you know but Billy we want you to help sell these
software nodes and these and Market this thing for us going into the marketing yeah and I was like all right and that I
can do but I don't really know about the gaming and long story short for those that
don't know Eric Schumer was the co-founder of Myspace Myspace Facebook was coming out myspeak started going
down ended up selling out of his portion of Myspace going to Silicon Valley uh
creating a company called uh zanga which now still holds the record of the most funds Ever Raised out of a fund 10
billion dollars Silicon Valley went back to Zuckerberg says Hey I want to be the gaming arm for Facebook and Facebook
said sure Zuckerberg I think had two million users at the time um so Eric and his team
at that time had already accumulated 50 million Gamers brought them to Facebook created the very first game on Facebook
uh which was called Zenga poker then he created uh Zenger Words With Friends
Mafia wars Farmville one two and three wow so these guys did this in a matter of four years accumulated not only 400
million Gamers additional to what they already had but at that point he went
and uh I think they exited that four years later with nine billion dollars that's impressive I mean I mean like so
you just get a random phone call hey come to Vegas yeah and hey and you get
put in a room with these amazing guys I wouldn't say random um these guys kind of recruited me to come on board with
them because they knew I was in blockchain and I was in it for the long haul and this was my career this is now
I didn't have the experience they had but I was willing to put in the time and the effort and so yeah they recruited me
to come on board and say listen let's do this so I locked on so they won so that that was a game
changer for you that was a life changer for me yeah I've I've made good money in my life before but not the kind of money
that came with that scenario and that that group of individuals when you're talking about guys that are worth
billions grabbing you putting you in a room so we're going to launch this are you ready
yes sir well so so if everybody knows I mean I've known Billy a long time and
you know and Billy's been talking to me about nodes and and you know kind of getting into these platforms and so I
asked him very politely he actually lives a couple blocks away from my office I said hey can you come over to my office and show me just show me what
you're doing yeah um and um and I even asked him to kind of get
outside the comfort zone I said hey can you show me where you converted your rewards I showed you my wallet you
showed me your wallet you show me what you're basically getting pretty much almost every day
um kind of like deposited and but not even now but I even I even asked you to even go one step further which you
agreed which I was awesome because it actually helped me because I'm a visual person I I'm a realist I have to like I
have to know that there's real Equity behind here and I said can you
show me where you converted that into actual real cash and you did you pulled
up your Wells Fargo and you showed me you said here this is why I cashed out this much money I'm not
going to get into how much money but let's just say it's a lot um and um
literally you know it sold me so I literally you know jumped on board and
and uh you know I've got some Investments now into some of the projects that you're doing and
um I would say so far so good so far so good I mean that what I was showing you
was those particular deposits were the ones where I pulled out where I bought the brand new Bentley cash
I didn't want to get into all that but but just put it this way everybody literally he
showed me seven figures Plus in cash he's pulled out so I mean
yeah again I'm trying to be it's a lot everybody um but yeah I mean because it because
again everybody talks about like hey you know I can do this or or My platform is doing okay I need you to buy into this
and it's not even like that I mean you're literally trying to get people on board I mean you're now I mean I you
know I I follow you on Instagram obviously I see you all the time too but you're you're creating your own mentorship program you're actually now
becoming you were you were the student now you're becoming the teacher and you're teaching people and listen if
you guys want to know that path down he's not going to teach you if Bitcoin is going to go up Bitcoin is
going to go down he's not going to teach you anything actually he's going to tell you if you have any of that sell it and
get in the nodes nodes create the coin that then either goes up or goes down
but here's a good thing it's still always creating coin and that was the one thing that made a lot of sense to me
you know unless the thing just goes to zero right you're always going to be making money that's great it some days
might be really good day or some months and some might be bad yeah and I'll give
you a scenario the the the first project that we launched which was called Gala games I can put it out there uh so I
mean Gower games only a billion dollar it's a billion dollar company multi multi-build billion dollar company yeah
I mean they got gal games Gala film Gala music Gala music that's where Snoop comes in so so everyone if you need to
zoom in on that I don't know if you can but he actually has he got a gifted from
Snoop directly personally personally did the death row death row emblem yeah you
see it on I mean soup gives it out to people you know I almost say a lot on on his Instagram very few but very but when
he talks to you but when he does he posts on his Instagram and it's a big deal to get one of these chains from
Snoop so and I know that soup's very um heavily invested into Gala correct so
you know the cool thing about what happened was going back to Eric and what happened Eric was a big music guy that's
why Myspace right he was on Myspace and then once we launched gala gala took off and did extreme extremely well but he
wouldn't go back to his roots right and I can't I don't want to speak on behalf of Eric I'm just telling a story but so
now we have not only got like games but now they have Gala film Gala music so
now not only do we do we have play to earn we have listen to earn we have
watch to earn all of these different activities so the world that you know
of going to the movies watching the movie and them getting paid you're getting nothing out of it other than the pure enjoyment of watching it but what
if you could watch it get the enjoyment and earn something out of it a hundred percent I mean like I I think we need a
whole episode on that yeah um but like literally when you were telling me that it blew my mind like you know that you
can own literally digital space of anybody who's listening
to a certain track uh to watching a certain film it that that that was
impressive that's how Snoop came around so I I was very fortunate to be one of the top no guys in the world and and did
a couple other requirements and you know they they flew us out first class got to hang with Snoop that weekend Labor Day
weekend barbecued a uh They Carried bags around of weed I don't smoke but they were it
was a it was a really cool experience to to sit in the same chair that Dr Dre Eminem produced their music with in his
Studios um it was really just an awesome experience and that's just one of many many different experiences the cryptos
allowed me to have well yeah because because you even you sent me a link I
don't know a couple months ago and you said here look it's official and it was the headline was Death Row Records yeah
officially Partners they're whole catalog with yeah yeah with uh with Gala
so we uh when I say we Gala I'm not Gala I'm obviously an independent rep and I
state that very clearly but uh Gallo your independent rapper you were kind of
there from the beginning oh no I was one of 20 people that launched the company yeah there was only 20 of us uh but yeah
I I like to be an independent so I can come and go and say please and I do that with not just one but I've got now close
to 15 17 and Counting different blockchains that I work with on a
personal person dealing with the CEOs dealing with their their development team helping with the marketing helping
on every aspect of that and then launching their node projects for them so so I mean you you had me at
when you came to my office you broke everything down and showed me everything yeah so nodes crypto and that whole
Space so how how do we get past what's currently
going on in today's world with the whole debacle collapse of FTX
because a lot of people even ask me like hey Brian did you have any money in FTX and you were actually one of the first
people you sent me a message when it was just slowly breaking and you sent me the
article of the CEO or founder owner of binance how he basically said listen
we're we're not going to move forward with the FTX deal because there's billions of dollars missing and we can't
account for it as appropriate funds exactly but no no but this is in a very beginning I mean I mean FTX would you
know was still an active account yeah they still had FTX on on on the arena in Miami before they yanked that down a few
days later yeah um but but the thing is is that I mean you have your pulse on a
lot of this stuff and you know like how do you how do you still Mentor people in
the crypto space I know that node is in crypto you know the actual coins and and
they go hand in hand but I mean they are a little bit different but how do you how do you have a conversation with somebody now when the mainstream media
is basically saying that crypto is not secure that it's um it that it is back
like two years um you know I think it really pushed us
up two years it's saving a lot of people a lot of money and it's really about perception right how do you look at
things a lot of people lost a lot of money but what the beginners forget to
to understand is the fundamentals if you don't own your keys you don't own your crypto that's day one yeah I learned
that before that was my first hiccup my first uh time that I got scammed when I
first got in eight years ago I learned that eight years ago so I've always told my friends and family if you don't own
the keys you don't own your crypto so unfortunately there wasn't enough education out there but now the whole
world is getting educated so we can look it as a total loss which it is it's very
unfortunate and I feel bad for a lot of people I know a lot of people lost some money so it's very sad but it's also but
I lost a lot of money the very first Venture I went into but it prepared me I didn't stop the industry I didn't quit
the industry I just took that knowledge I said now that I'm smarter now let's
move forward One Step foot backwards two steps forward and as an industry I think that that's exactly what's happening we
all are very cognizant we're all now a lot more uh careful about what we're doing and how we're doing it and I think
those steps are very necessary you're gonna have to have major explosions in
order to move forward on any industry no no no 100 right like you you actually
explained that very very beautifully but so to get back to
what do you think it was actually the reason behind the collapse well anyone say yeah yeah I mean you
take someone that has zero banking experience zero yes he's a he's a genius
but he's obviously not that genius you know he's gonna be sitting in jail for the rest of his life but
um you take someone with zero banking experience you're putting behind a bank what's gonna happen yeah I mean and and he and he'd what he
did with all that money it it's really they have like what some like 100
properties they own in the Bahamas something like that I don't know it's a ridiculous number well yeah I mean but all that stuff is going to be liquidated
in the bankruptcy of course um short-term gains gets you nothing but is how much like the percentage so
there's over a million users on FTX that lost money yeah okay
how many how much what do you think the percentage is of what people are going to get back
you know that's hard to say because you don't know what the government's gonna hold I I've seen different government projects where they've recovered XYZ and
three four years later still no one's ever covered a penny from the government I mean I I know one very personally one
that I lost money in and that's been four years ago and still the government hasn't released one single penny they
still haven't had a court date to finalize everything so I you know it was crazy when all this happened because I
remember eight months ago I was in the Bahamas right next to ftx's headquarters meeting
with the prime Min Prime Ministers for one of our banking solutions for the Bahamas the but we we couldn't do
anything for them because most in order to help a country like that and they want they want to be known as The Hub in
the Bahamas that's why they invited them down and everything else and we're sitting at the table with some of the prime ministers and talking about all of
these and they're like FDX wants this and FTX wants that and you see where they kind of are though
but sometimes when you're so anxious to be part of that inner circle you kind of you don't cross your t's and Dot your
eyes unfortunately and that's what happened and it's very sad uh but like I
said in any industry it's uh it's a necessary evil if you will to have big
hiccups like that a Bernie Madoff type no hopefully it's not those that big
with different things but you see them unfortunately well because the thing is I mean my my initial thought
and after reading and started you know really diving into the whole debacle was that he just literally didn't know what
he was doing that's it and um but unfortunately you know that's not an
excuse to lose all these people's money especially agreed well because the thing is at the end of
the day if you if you inflate your numbers it would be like if I went down to a bank and I said hey I make 1.5
million dollars a year but I only make actually 200 000 a year and the bank
gets me a loan based on the 1.5 but obviously later and it says hey you never even made that much money even
though I'm making the payments and everything's good I'm still liable it's mortgage fraud yeah so but really at the end of the day
I mean you know I but I'm starting to really think that he actually had a plan
to inflate his numbers in hopes of raising more money through
was it alamede with tiger and all the other funds that they had but that
that's fraud I mean and you know but you know he invested so much money into
um even to the into the US government and you know and got a lot of people to look different ways which I think you
know not I don't want to get political on this at all but I definitely want to bring at the fact that
I really want to know your opinion on regulations of the crypto industry because I'm going to tell you right now
if if anything was to happen this did it this definitely torpedoed It Forward
where even if the government didn't want to regulate they have to regulate that of course for anybody to do things in
the U.S so so what are your thoughts on regulation for crypto and do you think that's going to affect your your
business I think it's going to help our business I've said that from day one the second thing got in trouble I said this
is exactly what we needed is a lot more because it's going to weed out all all the bad players right so and and when
you when you've put the time and the effort and the the money that we've put into our platforms and our projects and
the things that we do you don't want people like that out there screwing people over you you want it to be
regulated oh 100 we we go through the checks and balances on every project and we've got the correct legal team to get
us through those and you know these guys when you purpose obviously put your self outside the United States for certain
reasons which is what they did of course yeah so you know I think if they were
inside the United States it would have been it would have been monitored a lot a lot closer so they they knew exactly
how to skirt around those around the laws yeah yeah I mean it's the same thing with even you know I'm working on
a project a crypto Casino project
yeah and they can't and they can't um there's no regulation in the U.S you
can't you can't get a you can't get a crypto gaming license so you have to go outside the U.S in order to get it and
then you can't even Market the project or the product in the US
but people find out ways to get around it you know vpns and everything else
right so you know I mean and we had that problem I remember years ago if you wanted to play you know online poker
when that whole debacle happened with Full Tilt and a few other online poker you had to go down to another country
and be Costa Rica Costa Rica and actually a good friend of mine who I sit on the board uh well he's actually the
the director president founder of uh charity Series of Poker um he actually had to go down to Costa
Rica for several years um to literally you know to play online poker and and whenever the WPT the World
Series of Poker is in town then he obviously comes back plays those you know in-person events but uh but yeah I
mean like literally you know but again to get back to you know you're you're a
mentor now like I see a lot of your videos you know uh when people even when people ask me about crypto I'm like
listen I'm not the guy I know I know a little about a lot yeah but I definitely
am not an expert by any means but but you know I I do I do I do fairly well
but you're now out there mentoring saying listen you know what get on board
with me I'll show you the way but how do you do how do you how do you get past
with again with you know FTX a multi-billion dollar company crashes and
burns you know and you're now kind of stuck here going I'm still pushing
appointments 10 10 appointments today why because people out there especially
in the economy that we're having they're searching they're looking for something when you have somebody out there says I
can show you no matter what that that we call it a digital reward no matter what that digital reward goes to I can show
you how to create that on a day-to-day basis people are like wow they find fascinating and I did as well and I
still do that's why that's why I'm out there mentoring people I I want to teach them I want to show them there's an
easier and better way out there one there's so many different Avenues out there that people
try to pull you in they're staking there's this there's that there's buying a coin there's trading a coin I I had
one of my good friends here in Vegas she's a physician she's a actually she's a
um what is she she's a she's a doctor here in Vegas I'll leave it at that and loved this lady to death she knows I
Mentor people for years in crypto I've asked her if she needed help to help Billy I got this i got this he actually
owns the property in the Bahamas as well and very dear friend of mine she's a sweetheart and one day she calls me she
sees my video online she goes I need to speak to you immediately I said yes just call me whenever you get a break and she
shot me a text she goes you're available and yeah I jump on with her she goes I need your help I'm like yeah anything
for you she goes I've lost 350 000 because this guy told me he was
going to teach me how to trade cryptocurrency I've lost it all that was my house that I was buying in the
Bahamas and now I'm I need help and I was like what why are you trying to trade all these people to get now listen
Traders there's nothing wrong with a Trader if you know how to trade yeah
ninety percent of these people are losing money they don't know how to trade so I I tell them I'm like if
you're gonna do it go get an education behind it learn how to do it and get into it but why you get it's like going
to the roulette table there and here in Vegas and just throwing 350 000 down so
now I'm helping her I said listen I'm here's what I'm gonna do I'm still I still got a consulting fee now so I said
I'll help you but I'm like I'm not going to do anything I'm going to help you get your I'm going to help you make what you
are going to make off of that situation in the next 24 months no no I mean and I've showed you that
game plan of how how I'm doing that and I'm doing the same thing with her oh no 100 I I kind of wish I can pull up the
you know he he came to my office wrote everything out and it's still sitting in my office and it's just literally a flow
chart and it just makes all the sense in the world but you know what's funny I have the same issue in in my world you
know obviously I own SKC and you know Big Marketing branding digital you know
agency and even my friends the one thing I don't do is I don't go
to my friends and say Hey you need me yeah yeah all right I never do that either my friends know that I'm here and
I do this and I and I'll say you know once a month maybe twice a month I'll get a phone call from my friend a friend
saying hey my website got hacked or hey my website guy um uh went MIA or hey I need help with
this logo I need it you know and sometimes this help like somebody just screwed them
and and I tell them the same thing I'm like listen you know what I'm your friend you know I'll make it a priority
but I'm gonna charge you just like I charge anybody else because I I really wish you would have came to me first as
I told her yep and the thing is that you wouldn't have lost that money I mean I took I I can probably count
probably more than 20 times that I've had actually friends
people that I know personally that have come to me and literally said
hey I spent thirty thousand I spent fifty thousand on either a website a
marketing project branding project whatever it is and it didn't turn out
the way they wanted to or they got ripped off and or hey can you help me I don't really have a budget and I'm like well
a budget that you just spent on that you should have been spending on me I I don't know what to say but I feel bad
for them and I would say 90 of the time I've I've went I've figured out a way to help them because they're my friends or
those you know these people these people know you and they're they're gonna go I've
got this I've got a great almost the same scenario here's the opposite side of that too where they'll they say yeah
just wasted 350 thousand dollars and I said what did you start with I
started with 100 Grand okay now you know to make back that you need to to invest
something you need to put something up we need to get you some collateral some assets going what are you willing to put
in to make that back twenty thousand how are you gonna want to get you know it's so frustrating I'm
looking at you like you just put a hundred thousand into something you had no clue or didn't know the guy had no it
blows my mind I've got another I got another a couple friends of mine doing the same thing I've told them for years
they've known me no granted I've been mentoring for years and years I just haven't launched my mentorship program online you know I've mentored people
forever doing what I'm doing but I've I've told these these two girls uh for I
don't know three four years listen let me let me teach you let me show you let me get you set up and they're like yeah okay but
what's the minimum these girls are millionaires multi-millionaires they're like but what's the minimum we can put
in with you to to get started and I'm like didn't you just spend 50 000 100
000 over here or 200 000 on this restaurant that just went down or four hundred thousand dollars on this thing
that went down but usually when they because everybody wants to tiptoe into it everybody and because again the
reason why I had you come to my office and show me everything visually I had to
see the track record and and thank you for that I mean it really opened up my
eyes that this is not this is not [ __ ] this is actually like real I
mean you literally invest into something that is going to create money yeah I would say the only equivalent would be
if if the if a bank or the government said hey if you take a hundred thousand
dollars and put it into this fund you're guaranteed to get a return of XYZ twenty
percent yeah all right and that'd be the only way I'd be like okay
20 on 100 Grand or even more done I'll do it all day long
nothing's ever a guarantee and even you told me that but these are the best channels you know
you know I invested a little you know in the five figures with you well not with
you but with you with my help yeah with your guidance and um and what you've told me over the
next year maybe a little bit longer um you know that could turn into seven figures easily
and you know and and the thing is if you guys are watching you really need to follow Billy as I
believe is at Billy w-o and there's a lot of fake accounts but that's my only
account yeah yeah just make sure that you you message him and make him send you a selfie back
no but um but yeah but yeah at Billy Wu and you know you said it earlier it's
about having your pulse on there and one of the things that we do uh is I'm
connected with so many different blockchains and when you start with a purpose and you you find a need in the
in in the world that needs fixed and you focus on that and you say all
right this is the problem here's the solution then we go find a CEO that has
the experience unlike a FTX like uh someone that maybe was the founder of a
Discover card or a major bank and we put them in charge which we've done and currently doing in on one of our
projects and then they help us launch something and then now you're creating
and solving the issue and solving a problem in in the world and that's kind of what we've done in so many different
Industries where we've we've got blockchains now in banking and in energy
and and gold and precious metals and which I believe I'm in that one yes I'm
in that one because that one's really exciting well it's really exciting because it's actually backed by gold yes and and it's actually I believe you can
get gold as rewards you can yeah you can you can mint uh you know what I do is I
teach people obviously as you know but for them um teach people how to buy these software nodes these software nodes
create a digital reward those digit rewards add up in your your your your wallet it's just like a bank account it
goes in there every single day once that company launches it goes on to a D5 exchange and then with enough volume
then it gets picked up by a major exchange as I showed you step by step by step by step once it gets picked up on a
defy exchange there's no holding time it's not like a stock where have to hold it for a year or two years once you buy
that software node it starts minting that coin once it hits the D5 you can liquid you you could you could you could
buy sell trade anything you want to so actually to break it down and layman's term but very simply right
um and and cut me off if I'm if I'm actually explaining this wrong so the difference is is that most of the people
the general public get their word that oh this
this coin is cryptocurrency is now live on let's say coinbase that's probably
the most reliable one right now right so and I'm not endorsing it in case Oh by now so there's binance too so
um so but before it hits her you've already when you when
you have a node you're already creating it be in in in anticipation of it actually going to the
exchanges whether or not it's a small exchange or even to the really big one if he gets to a big exchange game over
right I mean we're building value so it's not about getting a coin on there
to make money it's about having a solution for a problem and adding value value value that's where the real value
comes well like for example like you know you know when you take a stock right and when the stock is about to go
public all right and you know you it's not like you can come in and buy the
stock options beforehand I mean you can be an investor in a company but there's no way of actually getting that but but
with a node you're actually creating digital rewards beforehand in anticipation that when it does go live
you were actually showing me I'm not going to name it the company unless you want to but you were showing me one of your wallets that you've got 100 million
plus and reward with this one and you're just literally sitting back waiting for
that to go live and once it goes live you have the option of going hmm is this
going to is this going to pop you know right from the beginning and then maybe drop is this going to go up but again
but you've already invested into that so you're like an investor into an early I'm an early adapter yeah and different
blockchains uh adoptions so in different areas so that's the exciting part
knowing that you can be a part of something that's literally going to change lives that's really really
exciting and then when you get to see your deposits on a day-to-day day-to-day
day-to-day basis now I've helped over 200 plus people here in Vegas Alone by
these software nodes 200. now I can't predict the future I can't predict what
those rewards will go to but if they even go to a couple pennies we're going
to have a lot of brand new millionaires here in Vegas what note which is awesome I mean and and the thing is but you
don't just do Vegas you do the whole world yeah I do all over the world yeah and um so that so there's one project so
a few months back um we hopped on a call we were talking
um to a buddy of mine one of the partners of 11. um Everybody I've known
Geno too for like 20 years oh yeah no yeah yeah I I apologize you're 100 right yeah um different probably longer than
you um yeah no no no you you actually met him through Beau right I met him in
2001. you met him before me yeah yeah so um yeah when he was in very heavily I
own I own my nightclub in Tampa at the time and I was flying back and forth to Vegas I was a Sports Marketing agent and
I had a 45 pro athletes that I would bring my athletes to Vegas and that's
how I met Beau and Gina gotcha okay yeah so what so we're on this call
and um and I I don't even remember what the what the initial purpose of the call
was but either I know it was really weird but but I know that we got on the
call and then you literally said hey do you guys want to see what I'm working on yeah and you know I've been in the
nightclub Ministry obviously Gino's in it um you were in it and there were there
was a couple other people on the call and um you literally unveiled this Mega project
that you guys went and acquired this land and and land description was a bad
idea because it's not even it's not even it it's actually a pre-built let's say installation and you broke down what you
guys are doing with that with all your partners you broke down all the Partnerships all of the money that's
already been pre-committed by these large hospitality companies Hotel yep
um Brands world Brands it's known worldwide yeah but
this is something that and it's going to be a community like Community like his
own ZIP code Community right it'll have his own name like a town you're skirting very well
and literally that is going to be 100 crypto base
I wouldn't say it's a hundred percent crypto base uh I will say it's 100 crypto friendly okay there you go okay
because yeah because we're it's definitely crypto friendly uh yeah it's it's gonna be an extreme Resort is what
it's going to be it's gonna that's that's really we can also live there though too 100 it's it's a resort it's
an extreme Resort and it's uh I mean we almost caught like a destination yeah
it's gonna be um um it's going to be in Colorado so it's going to have some year-round
functionalities uh it's going to be above and below ground hint hint
um and I've seen I showed you guys pictures and videos pictures you showed us we got the whole video tour and and
listen I I don't want to tease you guys I don't want you to be like okay don't try to hit me up trying to get the ends
the inside information once it's ready to go but it was really really really interesting uh of that project because
that is something that is taking the crypto Community with the
the normal Community I I don't know how to even traditional right and they're all kind of coming together to where
the only caveat and and I did misspoke when I says 100 crypto what I mean 100
crypto friendly like what you just said that literally the people that are you
know doing well in crypto or that want to be paid by crypto or just want to be off the grid and just be in the crypto
space that is going to be a community for them or even a destination Resort for them to
come visit it's going to be it's open to anybody that wants to come once it's finished it's about a we've got about
four years at the Max uh uh we're in the middle of raising some some more Capital but it's
it's going to be an extreme Resort family friendly anybody could come out for that above ground below ground I am
just I'm Gonna Fill the Nugget no no you can't no okay not yet not yet not yet okay not yet oh wait yeah yeah that's
another episode another episode okay we'll call it I threw the Nugget okay okay there's the Nugget no because I
mean it's exciting exciting exciting Venture yeah that that crypto gave me I
I wouldn't be in that situation and that was my first that was my old lead up that's my leader that was my first
Mentor right there the guy that brought me into this project so there's three of us that are the uh the founders and
owners of this project and he was the one of the guys he was my very first
Mentor in crypto so yeah yeah wow yeah so it's pretty exciting so they're kind
of segue a little bit so a few months back I don't know yeah a few months back we uh you and invited me out and
introduced me to a really a really interesting a very nice guy Bruno yeah
down in Miami down in Miami he actually owns the the Mansion yacht probably the it's the largest yacht in Miami that's a
house yacht yeah incredible I mean we actually got this 10 000 square feet yep yep we actually got to stay on it
um we actually we actually rebuilt his entire website for him okay nice I don't even know if you know that no no now you
should check out Mansion definitely check that out it's fun that that same yacht is when Super Bowl is in
Miami Michael Jordan rented out that yacht took out all the furniture painted
it to Michael Jordan's Style after the I think you paid 350 000 for
the week for that thing and then after the Super Bowl put all repainted it back to the original put all the original
furniture back in and gave it back but it's a really really cool uh place if you're if you're doing an event in Miami
you have to you have to consider that you have to consider that to take you know I I'm gonna do something for some
of my top uh sales reps and some of my uh top leaders that uh and people that
just make a lot of money with me we're just going to run it out we had a great time that we other than the rain the
last day but that's Miami but uh yeah oh yeah oh yeah yeah we got flooded which
is actually really interesting yeah that was uh that was pretty fun no but the the segue into that is you know that
it's not you know when people think crypto this that there's a lot of fun side to it too and the fact I mean you
know you introduced me to you know to Bruno and uh and he was incredible we actually had a pretty cool like little
like show and tell that yeah all that no no we did yeah oh yeah we did it yeah yeah we did that and then when then he
had the boat show yeah um yep and he had the boat show and then um I invited um actually again
I feel like Gino's always in my on all my podcast um but Gino came out
um Eric Galen he's uh one of the uh um his uh law firm uh represents a lot of
the 11 verticals um anyways he came out he wanted to take a look at it and
not only were they Beyond impressed with the with the boat and the structure and everything but they were really impressed with Bruno yeah
um I've known Bruno for 2000 and I met him at my nightclub in
Tampa uh I think it was 2002. so 20 years 20 years yeah long time friends
good buddy we've had some fun together and you know it's funny he would really appreciate this bill you look really
good on paper that was the inside joke when me Gino Eric and Bruno for some reason like it
was um uh I think it all started because Gino goes wow you like I saw the photos
of this of this boat but you cannot you can't really imagine to appreciate
it I appreciate it till you get on the boat yeah so then so um so Eric or Bruno one of the two said wow so you look
really good on paper so it was like it it just became like the the thing for
the entire weekend um but anyways hey yeah it was really fun but no but we had the opportunity he
was really you know um you know you gave me a really good introduction um
um he gave me the opportunity to rebuild his entire brand uh for the uh for the
matching knots on the lab he's gonna start accepting crypto as well now there you go I said I didn't even know that
yeah and actually you know that's a really good thing for the upcoming Miami nft week and for the Bitcoin conference
in April um April or May I think I think it's April um so and that's just one of many doors
you know when I got into crypto I remember I'll tell you a funny story um because it's important people yeah
people see me now with the success I have but when I first got into crypto I
had a failing business that just you know business up and down up and down at that particular point I was in the
medical field and I was just like burnt out my business wasn't going that well and I was just ready for something
different and I started Googling uh Googling um crypto and blockchain and I was like man
this seems like so you know what this is what hooked me and and here's a tip for
you guys here's a nugget for you guys we okay one time yeah okay uh here's a
nugget for you guys this was eight years ago I Googled blockchain and Walmart blockchain FedEx blockchain Mercedes
blockchain every company and every one of them were using blockchain but nobody
in my circle not one single person knew anything about crypto or blockchain nobody so I was like this is something
called Emerging Market I was smart enough at that point even eight years ago to say there's a space Here's a gap
here's they're the only people investing in this right now or Fortune 500 people that I know of but I need to find a
mentor I need somebody to show me what's the right path to get in there and I had this guy hit me up and he'd
seen me speak on stage just a couple years back before that so it was 10 years ago and he goes hey man I posted
on social media who do you know in the blockchain OR crypto and he said um hey man
let me get with you man I got the perfect guy for you and everybody's like it's a scam don't do it it's for drug
money don't do crypto wow eight years ago and um I'll say so there was like 40
messages and he was the only one I knew it was hand raised I do I do do so I mean he convinced me to have lunch with
him two days later and I meet up with him and he was smart enough to put me on the phone with his mentor which is the
guy that ended up mentoring me and at that time I mean I probably only had like four grand in my in my in my
account you know I'll just say it like it is and uh he calls me it's not the case today thank God but he uh yeah
throw a little nugget out there that's not the case uh but um at that time you know and he gets on
the phone he goes so um he goes yeah you want to come on board and learn about crypto I was like yeah he goes why don't
you come to Iceland have I told you the story Iceland yeah did I tell you the story oh this is you'll appreciate the
story this is how I got in this is literally say well this is the story this is how I got into crypto first day
so I'll tell you the story all right so hold on I'm gonna I'm gonna readjust because this is gonna be a good story this is a funny story you'll appreciate
this one um so um I go to the restaurant it was called doc bees at International mall in Tampa
Florida and um I'm sitting in Doc bees this guy puts him on the phone he goes
hey man you know nice to meet you it's very very likable guy and he goes yeah I heard I've heard good things I heard
you're successful and this and that I'm thinking in my head yeah I'm very successful this is just to really kind
of Dip in My Story right now but you know he doesn't need to know that right so I'm like all right and he goes um hey
man well man if you're so successful why don't you jump on a flight we're going to be in Iceland in two weeks why don't
you jump on a flight and come to Iceland and meet me in person and learn exactly what we do if you really want to get in
blockchain and crypto I was like yeah man that sounds exciting yeah yeah I was like that sounds really freaking expensive
so I'm like all right damn it uh I said all right well uh uh all right yeah what's that trip run like 10 or 12 Grand
that goes yeah that's about right like oh [ __ ] I'm like all right all right how am I gonna make this work I said
he goes yeah why don't you why don't you uh jump on book your flight and come up and I'll show you exactly what we're doing so you can get locked in I said
that sounds great I said hey let me give you a better ideal I said why don't you give me a quota to hit in the next two
weeks and if I hit that quota then you'll fly me to Iceland to meet you and go through this he goes well
that's funny I didn't know I offered that he goes why would I want to do that I said because you're going to you're
going to want to meet me and he goes I don't need to meet you I said you're going to want to meet me I said he go I
said listen if you're that you're if you're that uh afraid you know to throw a quota out there he goes all right
smart ass that's exactly what he said all right smart ass you go sell fifty thousand dollars worth of these at the
time they were s seven miners right these Hardware miners that we're selling
you go sell fifty thousand dollars worth these miners in the next five days because the trip was coming up I'll buy
you I'll buy you a trip out to Iceland rekovic and I was like yeah so I call him three days late I said now what
exactly is a S7 Miner I had no clue it was my first meeting no freaking clue
what a minor was and he goes he starts laughing goes nice meeting you click
he's like yeah I don't have to worry about hearing from this guy again so I call him three days later ring ring
ring hey man how you doing doing good he goes um I said hey you need my flight
information he goes uh no I don't he goes I need you to go out and sell if
you want to participate I said yeah I've done that you sold 50 000 worth in three days of
these miners I said no sir sold three hundred fifty thousand dollars worth in three days he said you're full of [ __ ] I
said go open up your back office and look sure enough had 350 000 worth of
sales in three days of a product I didn't even know but I needed to meet this guy because he was worth
nine figures plus yeah and I was like I'm gonna meet you and sure enough he bought my flight two weeks later I'm in
reykovitz Iceland I got pictures videos the first time only time I've been in Iceland and I flew up there and that's
when I met him and then the next 13 months I was on his private jet I was in 13 countries in 13 months learning
crypto that's how I got started we are yeah that's impressive yeah that's pretty cool yeah I I mean I can't believe I've
known you so long I've never heard that story but both knows as well he he would see all my stories and stuff like that
when I was in Iceland but that's how I met him and um yeah and I became the number one rep for him for the next
couple years um selling these s7s s9s these miners
that company when and I was like man if Bitcoin could only hit ten thousand dollars we're gonna be rich
it gets all the way to 20. and now I'm burning like 80 000 a month right we're
flying around in private jets we're running out Islands this is six seven years ago anyway so
um that happens and then Bitcoin goes all the way to 20 000. we're like whoa
whoa I'm reinvesting most of my money back and buying more nodes more nodes and all of a sudden it drops down to
three thousand dollars and it stuck there for two months four months six months
eight months company goes under I lose everything I'm like you got to be kidding me so now
I'm depressed again I'm like oh [ __ ] now I'm broke again because I didn't pull out you know because you're leaving it
in there you're thinking you're just gonna rock it out and learn to learn a valuable lesson there as well
um but he introduced me to his good friend who is now the guy that I've I've worked
with now for the last five years I've only worked with two people and the whole time I've been in crypto and this
guy um was a lot more successful than he was uh
he brought me in and he goes listen we've got this really cool thing that we're going to be doing I'm going to be
calling you that's why I picked up his call and I flew to I flew to Utah and met with him and he goes yeah we've got
this and this and this and he's painting me a picture of all these different really cool projects that are now five
years later coming to fruition that I'm working on um and he goes man you've got to be a
part of this program and this platform and all these different projects that we're going to do we're going to change
the world and he he didn't he wasn't worried about money and I think the real
gain changes in this industry they don't care about the money they don't care about the recognition they care about
the purpose of how it's going to change the world and it's like Steve Jobs so
let me ask you a question so I would probably think that the fact
that crypto goes up it goes down is kind of it's not stable right that that alone
was somebody that wants to invest into the crypto space it makes your industry
that much more valuable to get in on the nodes let's talk about that because most people don't
understand what nodes are most people let me explain why they don't in stocks you can buy a stock it can go
up and down you can buy a crypto it can go up and down in stocks you can trade crypto and you
can lose money or make money in crypto you can trade crypto you can make money lose money but in stocks there's nothing
in the real world that issues you free stock every single day exactly so in
crypto we have something called miners or nodes or software nodes that actually
create that every digital reward every day so when people people say you know
only three percent of the world even knows what crypto is one percent active in it and only one percent of that one
percent even know what I do so it's a really Niche Niche Arena that I've
landed in and it's done really well for me but I think it's really selfish of me to be blessed and have this many
successful people around me to help me hit that and Achieve those levels without me giving back so obviously
that's why I do it and I'll tell you my my business biggest success story uh of
being in crypto is nobody in my family ever came for money we didn't come for money we talked about this you know that
your family didn't come for money and uh two years ago I went home for
Thanksgiving and nobody in my family has ever probably had more than thirty forty
thousand dollars in their account ever they just I just I don't come for money that's not where I come from and
um when I got involved in crypto I started doing extremely well and I tried to convince him guys let me let me help you nobody
wanted to do it nobody wanted to do it two years ago after seeing me fly around on private jets and seeing me in Dubai
and Ferraris and my Bentley all this blah blah blah all this superficial stuff but you know hey
there's got to be something that there's got to be something there yeah and so finally they listened to me finally they
they got in on that first company in Gala that I told you about and I told them when I say listen this is what you
want to do and I got them involved two years ago I went home every single person in my family my mother my nieces
my nephews my brothers every single person had over a half a million dollars
in their account which then I helped them convert that
into nodes which means now in the next 12 months you have me on here less than
six months from now every single person my nieces which are 27 28 and ones 26.
my brothers every and my mother everything now she didn't want my money she's like I want my own money she
didn't want Charity she goes you teach me how to do this and which I did but every single person in my family now
should become a multi multi-millionaire because they took the time and they humbled himself and let me teach him and
show them what to do and to me there's nothing better there's no car worth that
there's no trip worth that but to know that you've helped somebody go that stressed day to day in their life that
now if they go blow everything in their account today guess what tomorrow
they're still getting another check another another I mean the thing is is
that like and again there's gonna be a lot of people watching us and they're like okay this still sounds way too good
to be true but I think the best thing is three years from now
three years from now we're 2022 right now yeah going into 2025
we need to re-watch this together yeah because because we'll we'll be popping champagne it'll probably be on an island
somewhere but we will watch this probably an island or yacht whatever or the plane or the plane but but the whole
thing is is because because people want to hate talk down call it a scam call it
fraud of things that they don't understand of course and it's ignorance it's pure ignorance and I'll tell you
everybody that that's in this space that is big crypto players
and I've actually brought up your name before and you know talked about nodes they're like he's smart he's actually
ahead of it like like they're still trying to pay catch up with with the loss of Bitcoin and ethereum down
they're trying to pay ketchup catch up to you know get their money back before they can start reinvesting it but it was
even one thing that we talked about is hey you're going to give me some tips that the general public can research on
their own and here I'm going to show you how to make a couple hundred thousand dollars so you can take this money and
put it into a node that gives you money every single day we call it a digital asset which SEC doesn't like calling
money by the way note to whoever's watching listening you
know I behave but I'm a part of your company so I can say pretty much whatever I want but I will agree with you this is not incoming disclosure yeah
but but it's a reward that has a that has a has a financial value right if you
say so my legal team's not here to hush me
I don't know but no I I think you're doing a great job yourself yeah no no but they would be proud of me yeah but
but the whole thing at the end of the day is that you you know if you just take the time investigate research
understand I mean like literally it could be it can be watching a game changer in your life
I'm watching you with even people that we know yeah to helping them
and and the thing is you said something to me before we got on on on the air and
you said I remember when a million dollars was a lot of money like like literally hey you know what that would
have been game over put a million dollars in my account I'm happy I'll live the rest of my life off a million
dollars nowadays you know I mean a million dollars stole a lot of money you know but is that
retirement money probably not well it is retirement money depending on where you live in the country and the budget that
you're living on but like people like you know me and you like our our monthly
our lifestyle our money or not our entertainment
traveling sorry Mom no but I mean I mean you you fly all over I mean I've seen in Italy you were
what in Canada you were I mean you've been all over the place um you know China you name it all over
going back to Dubai I love to buy Tobias amazing opportunities right now okay so next time you go I gotta go with you
I've never been oh you've never been I've never been it's just blowing up right now have you been to Ibiza I have
not been to Visa though okay so how about how about that no no it's right there oh well it kind of I mean it's you
know is it the Dooms Dubai's fun Dubai's gonna be fun yeah it's definitely the same reason you know it's fun because we
my first crypto company we flew over there right and uh it was the first time I ever flew first class internationally
got the laid back and first class Emirates and drink you know I was like
all right because a long flight I'll make every 10 minutes bring me another drink till I pass out I'm gonna wake up bring
me a steak and they did they had a shower I just got to get up and take a shower take naps and I look back there
and my buddy's in the back and he's like it's like so I was like crypto pays [ __ ] crypto pays yeah I don't know 100
yeah and so they gave us for we were there for eight days nine days they gave
us 20 Ferraris Lamborghinis rolls-roy system drive anywhere around in Dubai
so the thing about Dubai you don't know this but you see all these Lamborghinis
uh the cops and everything they're chasing down but what they don't tell you is inside City Limits there
you're like yeah let me get up and get some speed you're driving the Ferrari or whatever the lambo through there they
they have they have the uh the uh police station or the uh
speed traps right there on a pole and they get you before you go into the tunnel and
everything else where most people kind of accelerate they'll get you and when you turn in the car
you got to pay it right there oh wow so they don't even pull you over the you're in a rental car so when you
turn in that rental car they've already snapped it and the tags they know it's your rental you're done so there was
like 20 something people there that had 400 600 tickets oh no so it's kind of
fun I laughed I didn't get a ticket no I've had a lot of friends that have been there and they they swear by they I
don't want to dive in too much into it um but uh zero to X
um but no but no I definitely if you're gonna go like you know you know Ibiza is
definitely a summertime thing yeah you know right around the end of May like pretty much
between Memorial Day and Labor Day yeah anywhere in between yeah well typically the end of September
is like they're closing parties which is that which is the what I went at the end of September did you go with Bo no okay
no he was just there no actually I went with my business partner Alicia we actually went out to meet
um we did Burning Man one year and it with the uh founder of Cirque
um a guy named Kia liberte and um yeah we had we had invited to his
Camp it was his birthday weekend at Burning Man and then literally they said hey everybody's going to Ibiza he's got
a club out there he's got a compound we decided to um we decided to go we had our own our
own room at a resort and um hope so well no because we got invited to stay
at the compound oh I see but we didn't we just didn't know I mean very eccentric people yeah and if you know
anything about my business partner Alicia like we're I mean we're strictly just business partners and we we just
didn't want to be in that in that environment just in case it got like really let's say eccentrically weird
um you know it I mean I don't mind it she probably doesn't mind it but together we've just been weird to be in
that environment um anyways having had a great time was there four or five days we actually flew
into so I learned a trick you fly into London
and then you you literally book your trips from London everywhere you want to go back to London so do your round trip
from from from Vegas or wherever you want New York wherever you live and just fly into London we flew in the Gatwick
instead of Heathrow actually we found there's a train that literally takes you
right to Victoria Station in downtown London um which our hotel was like right there
everything ended up working out so we spent a day and a half in London really funny story went to London
um we're checking in at a restaurant we're about to eat at we're only there one night so we got there at nine
o'clock in the morning we're leaving the next morning and I get a text from my buddy Gino from
11. and um he's like did I see that you you know that you're in London and I
said yeah I go um I'm actually currently right in front of the Hippodrome which is a casino in London he goes he goes no
[ __ ] way like he goes I'm a block down the street with uh with Dennis
um and we're about to go to uh um Milos yeah for dinner and I go well
[ __ ] um when you're done you know come over and meet me to the Hippodrome did you meet him yeah so crazy so it's funny
so he he ends up going hey you know like we're out here like you know on business and um
he's like um you know I'm not sure how long we're gonna stay um so they show up like around like 8 30
9 o'clock maybe maybe a little bit later and we didn't leave until like 2 30 3
o'clock in the morning um we just had so much fun up in a lounge having drinks a little bit of
gambling yeah it's always so much fun but um but yeah hey you know I I can keep this conversation going forever
um but I really want to thank you for for coming thanks for having me love the setup man you're doing killing it over
here yeah no I mean I told you we need to do one of these in my house my new house uh you know what I can definitely
help you um help you put this together but uh but yeah again
one last thing yeah I mean for uh for on a serious note though before we close out if anybody I I just started doing
videos on my Instagram page as you know but we've recorded probably 15 more so they're gonna be coming out uh so which
are just tips you know tips about nodes information about nodes so it's easy to
get lost in in the Google world if you will if you're out there just looking
there's there's these guys out there who think they know what they're doing and they're going to tell you this about a
node or they're going to tell you that about a node um I don't care if it's me or somebody else but find somebody that's literally
the the old saying still holds true today uh if you want to make money find
somebody that's truly making money and have that person Mentor you so find somebody in your Niche whatever that is
uh and have that if you need tips on on on the software nodes I'm gonna start
you'll start seeing a lot more uh from me personally because I just figured I've just got to start educating more
people on them and giving them little tips 50 second video so I'm going to be dropping a lot more of that uh just to
help people out you know it's just free information for you no for sure yeah we even have a we have a nice little like
title thing that's popping underneath you at some point throughout this it actually says a type node
now Billy Womack at Billy wo there we go but yeah but but again you know thank
you again for coming on I mean very educational um you know we typically talk more about marketing branding and we got a little
bit of that but but I really think that this is going to help out people to understand that you know just be safe
you know when you're out there treading this if you don't own your keys you don't own your crypto say that three
times say it say it say it and memorize it and then when you start making quick
and one last tip you you've been in a great point right there when you do start making money on your crypto pull
it out of the exchange put it on a private key right safe a treasure
anything like that and then put it in a safe put it somewhere safe like that because you'd never want to leave if
you're accumulating a lot of wealth like me split it up don't put all of it on one
put put it on three or four or five give one to your you know your kids or safety posit box and at safe and at home in
different places but be very careful because you lose it you lose it oh no no 100 I mean yeah actually
um another one of our friends Nick um Nick wolf oh yeah of course yeah yeah
I Mentor him I'm the one that got him in it there you go so he um he invested
into a a cold wall company I I I I know it very well by uh yeah um what's it
called yeah damn I was just looking at it yesterday you know you know the funny story you know you know it's so bad is I
I actually forgot the name of it and I was gonna kick myself in the box so we're going to get up I was just looking at it too I can't think of it but here's
the funny story we you know Richard uh Wilkes too my good buddy Richard of course Richard yeah so I'm sitting here
telling Richard Richard man you got to get Richard runs Circa and so I'm like we're at Circa one day and Nick Wolf's
there and Bo's there and I you may I don't know if you were there or not no no I wasn't there for that time but I
remember I was actually out of town and so I'm telling I'm telling um I'm telling um um
um uh which is not Nick um Richard yeah Richard I said Richard
listen man you got to get started on this let me teach you exactly what I'm doing this is a year ago plus whatever
it was and Nick's like really I'll do it you know Nick he's just like bubbly hey
you tell me a tip I'm gonna run with your tip I gave him the tip and boom he made like 450 000 on that tip uh lesson
60 70 80 days whatever it was it was really quick and and Richard's like
he's all pissed and the next time we saw him he goes all right Billy sit down with me educate me on these software
nodes and it's funny because that's exactly what I did with you yeah it went down sit down with me show me we he
pulled me into Barry's Steakhouse and one night and we got there at 7 30 for dinner we said a Barry's Steakhouse till
12 30. we were the last people to leave by the end of the night me
Richard the two uh there's three owners of berries right two of the three owners were sitting there with me by the next
morning they're all investors with me I'm mentoring them all teaching them all how to do this no no 100 like and here's
the thing is that like when you definitely have the secret sauce and it's not even the secret sauce
it's just you took the time you kind of educated yourself yeah all right it is a
secret and mastered it yeah yep I mean I mean I'm I'm right in the middle of a tip that you gave me and I and a handful
of other people I've that I know that we know um and actually you threw it out
on your Twitter so if you want us if you want to troll Billy Billy Womack his
Twitter troll it he actually throws out the tip on there I think I do yeah yep and you
basically said um uh you put the name of it and you put thank you with like the arm emojis up or
something like that or you're welcome yeah yeah you're welcome you're welcome and because you don't want to have
everybody dog piling something because really dog pounding is actually the worst thing that can happen you need to
organically create but um but yeah I mean like I said we can sit here all day and talk in six more months though we'll
do a recap six to eight more months we'll do a recap of this and when I'm wearing a watch like Billy's all right
all right if I do this all right then that means this tip came through yeah all right if I'm still watchless
that means we're still waiting for the tip to come through that's right so that's not going to happen though
you'll be wearing two of them so again I want to thank everybody thank Billy and
um until next time Brian KIPP SKC live I'm out thank you
I am hey let me [ __ ] that was hot that was good yeah
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