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David Mecey & Caramie Cason | Mece Magazine | SKC Live | EP01

In this podcast debut episode, Host Brian Kip sits down to talk with industry legend, David Mecey, about his rise to photography fame. From shooting for Playboy Magazine, to shooting for his own Mece Magazine, David Mecey tells all. Featuring multipublished model & friend of David Mecey, Caramie Cason!

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ERS here in Las Vegas full service marketing and branding agency also out
of Miami and I'm actually here today with two amazing uh people and actually
one of them being a gentleman that I actually looked up to back in my younger
photography days David Missy how you doing man good to see you again I'm
doing great yeah honestly like literally um oh I I gotta at least throw it
because you're about to be Sidelines for a second this is gonna be a bromance here right now we have care me here um amazing uh you
know I've got an opportunity to meet her a few times through David um but I'm out of bromance moment real
quick but uh but David here um you know comes from the Glamorous
world every photographer wanted to be a playboy photographer and if you're a
professional photographer and you're really looking to build up like that was the cream of the crop I said that's the Pinnacle it's like in a tech world like
working for Google Microsoft Facebook like that is like the end right or Amazon right
being a Playboy photographer not only being around the most beautiful women on the planet but David had the opportunity
to do that for a few decades yeah two of a little over two yeah about 23 24 years
uh including my freelancing yeah a good 24 years oh my gosh it okay so I I mean
the audience here is going to want to just kind of start rolling right into that um but yeah well first of all like what
like what made you want to be a photographer not only be a photographer but how did you get the opportunity to
work alongside Stephen and Arnie and like and and meet half and and have him
look at my photos and stuff like that yeah well um it was it was actually pretty amazing
I am originally from Texas as is this young lovely young lady here oh my God we're both from Texas yeah interestingly
enough and um I grew up in a a small town at the
time it was a small town about 45 000 people when I lived there back in the 70s and
um so I was in a bad motorcycle crash oh no yeah and I couldn't walk for almost a
year about nine months and my doctor was an avid photographer at the time and and
I was an artist by the way when I was growing up an artist and a musician I was going to be a music major in college
but my art was something that I just kind of had my mom was an artist so anyway after this accident
um I had all this recuperation to do I couldn't walk and I'd go back and see him once a month and I'd show him my
artwork well about the second or third time I saw him he said why don't you buy a camera instead of making these people
sit for you and I'm like oh that's kind of an interesting thought so after I was walking again I took some money that I
had made on this crash a little bit and bought some cameras started reading
everything I could on photography and and self-taught myself photography so here 100 self-taught 100 self-taught
never never assisted anybody I mean same here but I mean I had a little guidance but but wow yeah and so I started I
started shooting a lot of sports stuff living in the in this town I started I was doing things
um that was sort of abnormal because I was trying to be very forward thinking and trying to do things that weren't done yet and so I started photographing
Night Football games in these small town stadiums which had hardly any lighting but I had uh played around with my
processing at home and all that because I had a black and white uh kind of a Lab at my house oh wow a dark room and so I
started doing these things and and I started being able to and I also bought one of the first 3028 lenses that Canon
made back then back in 76 I think it was and so I had my 328 lens and I was out
on the sidelines and I wouldn't even I didn't even have to get permission I just walk out there and people thought I was like from freaking Sports
Illustrated or something I mean because you have the cameras right I had the goods so I'm taking these pictures so
after I did that I took them to the Longview News Journal they're going to love me mentioning that by the way to
the Longview News Journal to the sports editor uh his name was John Inman great guy and so I showed them to him he goes
oh man I want you to start stringing for me and he started sending me to the Dallas Cowboys games
and I started photographing the Dass Cowboys and I ended up shooting stuff for the Dallas Cowboys for maybe a year
two years and then after that though during that time period I started photographing my girl buddies let's call
it I want to say girlfriends because then they're thinking that's my girlfriends but my girl buddies and one of them took their clothes off out of no
and I'm telling you this was out of nowhere nowhere she just it stripped down and you were so disappointed no I
was freaking out no I I never had a girl pose with in nudity with nudity and so
she took all of her clothes off she wanted me to photograph that way and I'm just like what and I was like we need I
remember it like it was yesterday wow so I took her pictures gave them to her and then she literally tells me can you send
these to Playboy and I'm like where I had never seen a Playboy up until that time never but I promise you I had not
seen it I was raised a strict Catholic way here's one here's a number for you I went to Seminary to become a priest when
I was 12 years old lasted them I lasted them I lasted what a career change yeah I lasted a month
because that I mean the the boys were really the boys were kind of bullies seriously even that Seminary called my
mom I got to come home so she brought me home and then you know the rest is history as they say that went out the
window and I after I sent the pictures up to Playboy got a great letter back saying that they didn't feel that she
had what it took to be a playmate but they enjoyed my work please send some more and I started sending some stuff to
them off and on and then they finally invited me to come to Chicago and I went to Chicago and they put me up at the
Drake Hotel for a month and um you know this is like 1980 and then after staying
there for a month the Director of Photography said hey would you like to work for us as a staff photographer that's how it started wow that's
incredible and the rest of it's all history and then I started traveling the world photographing beautiful women and
it's just and it's it's been one of those things that was like an innate sense about doing that too I I think a
lot of it was due to my personality and how I relate to the women and this is something Karen me can probably bring
along to and add to I'm very comfortable around them I'm very I try to make them
feel as relaxed as possible there's no uneasiness there's no weirdness or any kind of you know slimy yeah for sure you
know that kind of under the table weirdness and and I'm just very straightforward it's all about the pictures it's always about the pictures
and that's one of the things that they really really love and when I show them the photographs that I'm taking of them
are just like oh my God is that me and and seriously that's what they say you can ask her she even said that to me
almost every woman I photograph historically I actually have you have my
new man and well well this is something new is this the newest one uh well no that's September oh the September but
there there's some Carry Me In Here There is some caramine she is she is my that's color Miss December I don't call
them that normally but she is my Miss December and I've I created this
magazine because Playboy as you know is gone they they stopped publishing and they had gone kind of a different
direction and so a lot of people were reaching out and saying David you need to keep doing you need to uphold that
standard you need to bring back what what was Playboy classic Playboy because that's what I am I'm classic Playboy not
the new stuff that they were doing before they ended but the stuff where it's all about the beauty of the woman
face beautiful light on the face and beautiful poses and sex taxi but not
over the top but that kind of thing and so I mean you know I started thinking
about it and I'm thinking well maybe I mean that's a man that is a that is a big arm load Super Fan right here I know
no and well and what's amazing is when the girls end up being in the magazine
they become a fan because they know what it's all about it's like it's bringing classic Playboy back without and I'm not
trying to downplay Playboy at all and I'm not trying to take away anything from Playboy or try to become but
they're not here anymore but they're not here anymore and I'm I'm doing what I did my entire career photographing
beautiful women scantily clad is the best way to put it yeah wow so I mean
I've got this is probably the perfect time to transition okay over to over to carry me here so
like what like when did you meet David and like what was your aspiration to to
photograph with him and like I you know I've had other people on and talked
about you know like you know did you did you always think that you wanted to be in Playboy did you always want to do
that and a lot of the answers is well yes I you know almost every girl probably has aspirations to be a
playmate um but um but yeah yeah tell the story about like how you guys met and
okay great so I'm from Texas as well I'm from Midland and he's from Longview is
that pretty close no it's like the big state yeah big state but he's like as far as not as far as East as you can be
but he's East Texas and I'm as far as West Texas can be so it's funny because you know East and West finally get a
photo shoot going um but I had heard about David about eight years ago through some friends and
I had um and I was supposed to go to the photo shoot and never ended up making it but always was a fan of his photography and
then when I had um reached out to him through Instagram he's like oh I'm uh
you gotta wait but I'm gonna be creating this project and I was like okay I'll wait and then finally he's like okay
it's here and then what do you think and I was like wow like I'm so happy you're moving forward because to me his
photography is always classy and it's incredible yeah and you know
the girls like he picks are always classy uh you know he
um has a certain standard and and with that like he is seriously excellent on
his photography and the one thing that stands out for me is the lighting and so when he said hey would you like
to be a part of the magazine I said okay well like what is it insist and he's like well look at the magazine and you
know let me know so I looked through it and I was like wow okay well you know there there is some nudity
um and I had never thought about doing that and nor had I ever even wanted to be a playmate um I do have some really
good girlfriends that are officially Playmates not like cyber girls or wannabe or even you know pick the logo
or whatever they're like you know their official Playmates nice so um and then
just you know getting in touch with David and then also knowing he's from Texas so I I flew out and the one thing
he does and I've shot with several photographers but the one thing he does is he makes you feel comfortable and
with that being said um it's you know he makes sure that you like he helps he he creates this story
in his head and then he has this final product that he has already envisioned and then with that but he gets all the
lighting done and he already has you know in his mind he already has like exactly the outfit and the position and
he assesses by your body type your looks your features and then with that he is
able to highlight your hair your face and then people are like how does he do this you know so and you as a
photographer Brian yeah no I I I it's fascinating I mean the one thing about
photographers is we we all strive to be the best of what
we want to be and we are and we have our own Visions but I've but after talking to David and you know I I felt like
we've we've always kind of been kind of the same mentality obviously David's you
know light years ahead of me a lot of things but but the same thing like you know you want to try to find the right
model for your vision the location outfit hair and makeup and and you want
the model to trust you that you're going to you're going to you're going to put them in their in the best
circumstance or the best situation to be to for the photos to come out right because a lot of times you you get those
know-it-all girls and they're they're like no I don't like this is not my side or no don't do that and and I I always
have to do this I have to pull my arm up over here so I can stretch out the side you know like it's like don't worry
about any of that because I'm not even shooting at it anyways right and you kind of go back and forth but the ones that are just like hey you're a great
photographer just I want to see your vision right and then after you're and I'm sure David you know
like after you've worked with a talent for maybe two or three times and then they come to you and say I have an idea
and and you're like okay let's do it let's try it out and um no I actually
pulled up the magazine here because I mean literally you know the that black and white set is well that was that was
part of it is I had this idea and I mean like I mean just I don't know if you can
see this but like literally I mean there's many more photos but like that
this black and white is just incredibly lit
I mean just a beautiful overall everything yeah and I had one in black and white and so I was like hey do you
mind if we do a black and white photo shoot and I love to collaborate with the models when they have an idea I I yeah
let's see what we can do let's see if what we how we can make that work and I and that's another thing about the
models that like about me they'll they'll they'll offer an idea and I go yeah let's where can we go with that yeah really I mean you know there's just
like they're kind of surprised because a lot of photographers as you know they have their own thing and they go no no
no I want to do it this way and no I mean I ex I accept the challenge 100 but
you have to I mean to be creative it it can't all be it can't all be you and
don't be wrong like there's been situations where I got hired by a client to shoot something specific sure and
then you get the the models like no no I want to do it this way and it's like all right I know you want to do it this way and we do that at a later time possibly
but I've gotta I've gotta shoot it this way um but no I mean you know I think the
number one thing with photography is is one the collaboration to the trust yes
that trust is everything and it's not even trust where you're going to be a creeper or not it's a trust of like is
he going to capture me the way when he directs me and says Arch Arch Arch or you know to stretch out your torso or to
you know like I I always had like a whole thing I would do with the models I would say hey arching that you know
doesn't just mean like you know just sticking out your butt it's also taking your pelvic and thrusting it in as you
get that really nice curvy and it stretches out you know your abs like really good especially if you have them
and um and I used to have to I used to demo it a lot
you dip it in right all right and then that naturally pumps out your butt but
also but it's but it does really elongate the you know the stomach area and it because if you're just pushing up
the the you know out the butt sometimes you kind of Pooch up the the front unless you you know that and then also
you know like you know when you're when you're when you're trying to get a girl comfortable to give you like sexy right
sexy eyes um and you're like you know like give me the you know that that that that that that
that that luck and it's like you know a lot of them want to like pucker up no no no not like duck lips not that no no I
actually blow the air out don't blow their air in you know and then like you know there was a very popular commercial
the dentine ice commercial and I don't know if you remember it but the girls on the subway and the girl and the guy make
a connection the guy gets off the subway and she like blows um like it looks like Crystal like uh
ice crystals and she puts her phone number in uh oh yeah do you remember that one and that was popular around the
time that I was shooting so I literally was like that is that's what I'm looking for I'm looking for that relaxed face
nothing forced and a lot of times I just have to talk to him and then be able to
try to capture it when they're when I'm like okay stop because I shot digital mostly and you know I would say come
here look on the screen that's what I want that's what I'm trying to capture yeah
but um I didn't have that luxury when I started you shouldn't film I I started
out please be good especially probably your first couple shoots when you've probably got one first when I first
started shooting I was shooting film in no Polaroid I mean I didn't know what a Polaroid was oh wow yeah I was using
that just don't test no test I used a light meter and I I looked at how the
light was fought and in some cases I was using speed lights I didn't even know how I literally looked and placed the
lights where I felt the light would go across the face in a correct Manner and
I created my own light boxes and things out of boxes and and Kleenex and stuff
seriously wow I made all this stuff when I was starting out and it's weirdly they
worked as strange as it sounds and and so literally I was shooting and I was
shooting positive film I was I started shooting Kodachrome when I started reading about what Playboy shot with
they said they shot with Kodachrome and I'm like what's Kodachrome and I bought some and it was so difficult to use and
if you and if you shot it you know it is a freaking Bear yeah I I was definitely on the cusp of learning learning film
and then digital was right around the same time um but
but yeah I mean you know because I remember how I got into photography was you know to kind of sum it up in like
hopefully 30 seconds or less um is I was working with a bunch of talents and um and basically we hired a
photographer to come shoot and he was shooting film um and he was just taking forever we had
four or five models there and they were getting really impatient they're already in our makeup right and so one of them
goes over the photographer and goes hey I see that you you use a digital to test can we borrow that and go over and kind
of get kind of like warmed up so like literally I swapped out a memory card and this is when the memory cards
were probably like uh 256 MB and you can maybe get about 40 photos
and you got to swap it out put another photo in um and went over and shot you know the
other three girls waiting and then kind of upload to my computer and left them there so waited for the photographer to
come back and we're going through all the photos you know film or actual photo and the girl's like Oh I like that one
well that was okay you know and you know they they definitely liked you know quite a few of them and then the one
girl goes wait a minute what about the ones you shot like oh no no we're not we're gonna pull those up and then and
this is back in 2000 99 2000. and it took forever to open up the folder
all right and then the process one photo because they're like well I think they're probably two or three Megs now
it's like it's open back then it had to be it was a good probably 15 20 seconds to
open one picture to open one yeah and um and that first photo that popped up the girls like oh my God I love it
and I was like and we went through all of them eventually and they're like I don't like his I like yours and that's
why I realized I had the eye and so I actually I went back to the to the gentleman who I actually
um um kind of learned photography from a little bit like learn more of the lighting you know the grip light and the
key lights and the hair lights and uh over you know pretty much all that and I
said you need to teach me more because apparently I've got the eye and um and so I showed them the photos and
he was like that that's really good that's what you can't teach
you know it's like an artist right like I can't teach you how to draw well actually I could teach you how to draw but I can't teach you how to be creative
in your drawing right so but yeah no I I mean but it but I'm still like you know
I've you know I'm still kind of like uh googly-eyed over the fact that I get to
sit and actually have a conversation with David I mean like literally in Miami back then there was there was
actually that's when we met that's what we met yep and there was a few photographers and I'm not gonna name any names but there was a few that were kind
of rapping that there were Playboy photographers and um but I got the opportunity to meet David I was like Wow and then seeing
some of the actual published work in Playboy right and I'm like your lighting
was the the lighting that it was it was incredible and the fact of you know
having that first interaction you know he could have been an [ __ ] and we wouldn't be sitting here right now but
he was such a great person and what how many years ago was that oh that was probably what was it around
2001 yeah it was like 2000 it was 2001 2002-ish in that area which was when I
was on a Playboy TV show by the way sexy girls next door I was one of the
co-hosts of that really yeah I was on the Playboy TV show for three years yay the one on the Playboy Channel yeah on
the Playboy Channel oh yeah Playboy no no no no no no but I was on there and um
well this is like before like the girls next door it was it was previous to that but I think it was kind of their Forerunner to it in a way but it was it
was basically what they what they they created this TV show to make it appear that this is how Playboy This Is How
They did their Playmate tests and so I would go in and I would literally I had like 10 minutes to light a scene and
then I'd have to shoot it and then they would come back and light it for for video and recreate what I had done and
making it appear that the video was what David was getting when he was shooting and I was one of the coasts and then at
the end of the show we we photo I'd photograph three girls and at the end of the show we'd pick the winner that was
going to be sent over and and to for heft to see so oh wow yeah so that was the that was
Apprentice Scott cope was the producer he was also co-host and there was a playmate on there as well but yeah I did
that for three years I was um and then I got so busy freelancing in LA because I
I moved to LA in 1990. I I worked out of the Chicago office in the 80s and then I
moved to L.A it's funny uh really quick when I first started
thinking about trying those shoots for Playboy which was the late 70s I actually had a a gentleman who I had
entered a contest in there they had a I shot cars back in the day and so he
invited me to come out and hang out with him and stay at his house and stuff here in in California and this was like
78-ish nine-ish something like that and and so I went out there and I brought my portfolio so I go over to Sunset
Boulevard which is where the Playboy building was then or the Playboy Studio was then and there was this guy loading
a van an assistant and I find a park and I'm watching him and I get out and I walk over and I go excuse me and he and
he goes hey what's up and he had long hair he looked like he was in a rock band and he was his name was Joe Frank
and you know from Joe Frank Reynolds that that group you remember them yeah
so anyway he was working as an assistant for Playboy well he
super nice guy and and we've been friends ever since anyway he I I show
him some of my pictures and he goes man these things are good let me let me go show these to Marilyn Marilyn Grabowski
who was the West Coast editor right hand woman to half and so he goes into the
building he's in there for like 20 minutes and he comes back out and he goes Marilyn wants to know if you're if you're living here now and I'm like no I
live in Texas and she goes and he goes she told me if you move here she'll she'll start using you and I'm like wow
but I I didn't have the balls to do it back then I didn't feel like I was ready
yet really and I'm just like really and he goes but and then also moving to La
was a huge deal man I would have literally I'd have been like where's the nearest U-Haul actually I haven't even
done that would have been like I'm here now I just moved in and then I got an address what's weird is the word for
Playboy yeah but what's weird is it was only about a year later that I ended up in Chicago now I'm one and and and by
the way I started freelancing out of the Chicago office I'm wondering if they spoke and they and because they I ran
into Arne fry tag in Dallas Texas once just in a a weird meeting I mean he
literally we just literally met it was like random and I I looked at it uh I
had to look at his driver's license I was working a thing called Malibu Grand Prix and so I looked at his driver's
license and I said Arnie Freitag you work for Playboy and he goes yeah and and I mean why how do you know that I go
because I talked to to Jeff Cohen a lot and I I I I actually know Jeff yeah yeah
and he goes how do you know Jeff what's your name and I go David Missy he goes I've heard your name like that I'm like
really and I was just like what and he goes yeah they're talking about you what
you're a photographer right yeah he goes yeah well blah blah blah we'll just happen to be the Army you know give the
audience like a back a backstory of who Arnie is yeah Arnie is the photographer who shot the most gatefolds Centerfolds
we called them gatefolds because they would swing out like a gate in the magazine he is the man who has shot the
most gatefolds for Playboy than any other photographer ever Stephen wait a second uh Pompeo pozar I think is third
and I'm way down I didn't shoot that many gatefolds I mean I shot like a dozen only two were published but um the
um the percentage because I was what was known I was a kind of a yeoman guy I was
always sent out to do the multi-girl features I did the college girl features the women of Texas Women of Alaska women
of Florida all those all the toughest walls yeah women of Wall Street I was on
the road all the time I was there I was a I was a road guy that's what I did and
because of that I learned how to light quickly to and what was interesting when
I went to El when I started going back and forth between Chicago and L.A and I actually got to meet Marilyn
when I went into her office all across the top of her light table were my slides and and I and when she came in I
and I was looking at and she goes admiring your work and I went no those are my pictures she goes yeah you're
you're poses are the best gatefold poses right now that I can I'm using your
poses all the time my my gateful pose or centerfold pose has they uh a centerfold
always has to be super skinny in its way it's done the pose the the model has to
have everything kind of compact while still looking relaxed and looking sexy and something that she realizes what
it's all about too when we did her picture it's just it's very uncomfortable for the model at times although hers when she was
reclining so it wasn't as bad so they always say the the pose that hurts the
most is the best pose exactly yeah that's what they're they they say they apply that to a lot of different uh
Industries and techniques yeah yes yeah but that's I think that somebody made that up to make it easier on the model
or something to make it think it was better well no because I remember doing I did a photo shoot in the Bahamas
and it happened to be like February March and um there was well it was like 20 20
models came out and it was the and for the life of me I cannot think maybe
Teddy can pull it up um but the um the
most lavish property in the Bahamas is the Nassau oh Atlantis no the the
private private residents the Gary nagiri uh god what the hell is it oh well no no oh you're talking about the
you're talking about the Fabian dude yeah the fashion no he was a fashion uh icon and he owned um the the SNY guard
nigh guard yes I've shot at his place you shot it yeah so have you seen the
special about him now he's got he's been kind of wine steamed out I mean but back
then back then nobody knew and I didn't even know when I was there yeah we actually we came in we actually we all
stayed at Crystal Palace which was like the it was like Atlantis yeah or Crystal Palace yeah yeah and we bust in and out
but he he was there like during all the all the shoots but it was like me and like two other photographers and uh yeah
I got to you know that they had like the Mayan temple ruins area that place unbelievable I mean it probably I mean
literally a photographer's playground dream yeah and it looked like it looked like a freaking Indiana Jones set that's
what it looked like I mean I mean it looked like paradise I mean it look like I mean everything I was trying to do
photo shoots in the bathrooms because those bathrooms were like it was like all in Rock
and and it even like the main bedroom the one that opened it was like 300 degree I don't know if you remember that
room and and the blinds open all the way and you have like you're just you're
like I could just thank you forever yeah yeah did you see the Dragon
water is a dragon there's like this this Cave thing and he had a he had like a dragon made in there where it would blow
steam out during parties you're talking about kind of like the um like I would say it was like a grotto yeah it's like
a KV thing yeah KV thing yeah yeah my my most favorite photo from that shoe I can say that now because I never ever wanted
to be like you're my favorite because then then she would run off and tell the other girls like oh yeah but uh but my
favorite photo um that I captured was in that in that like a grotto laguni area and honestly I
thought the lighting was going to be [ __ ] it and I I hit it perfectly I got
the water perfect I got the model perfect and and you know and she wasn't even
she wasn't even like if I had to line up all 20 girls she would probably be in the middle gotcha you know what I mean
and as far as like what I thought I could capture because I never I never looked at the girls and said like what I
like personally in life is never been what I thought I can photograph the best if that makes any sense no it does I can
look at somebody I can photograph you and crush it and I can look at you and be like you know you're going to be
you're going to be difficult because maybe you have a rounder face or there's just something about you um but yeah she I end up just nailing
knowing that that shot one of my most favorite pictures I ever did for Playboy is in this issue which one in the very
back it's called a loving look back and each issue I do a story about something
in my life that was significant that picture this one that picture is
one of my most favorite it took a week if you can get a good uh close up on that uh it took a week of planning all
right um it's a that mountain in the background is Mount McKinley oh wow yeah
it's like Alaska that's in Alaska is it the second second tallest I think or
maybe it's the tallest in North America I think it might be the tallest in North America wow I mean it's up there but
um what's interesting is when we shot that it was during the day when we were setting up for it it was 10 below zero
by the time we got to that when the sun had gone down it was closing in on 20 below and we in my film my my Polaroid
froze my film I only got off about 16 to 18 frames of Kodachrome and then my
camera stopped it froze that's only that's I think I had out of the 16 or 18
frames about 10 to 12 were publishable did she freeze they one of the things
that's inside that tent is a 50 000 BTU space heater blowing directly on her
that's the only way she plus the fact that was the lighting what was the lighting speed lights no three or four
no I think we used four speed lights two hung up in the um
yeah and then there was one laying literally in the uh sleeping bag down
behind her that gave the that gave separation light to it and I had one of the first remote sinks ever made I think
it was called the hawk I think it was called a hawk sink it was one of the first ones that had with the battery
powered and and you could you know sync uh with your strobes from 150 feet or
300 feet whatever it was and and I was praying that it worked and it did that
that cost that cost Playboy and this was back in the days when there was no big
deal whatever it cost do it that cosplay because I used two two ski planes and
four snowmobiles to get that done I had four guys mountain climbers who who helped set that tent up and get it all
done we spent the whole day there we had to walk around in snowshoes because the snow was so deep we'd sink up to our
crotch in the snow and we had to walk around in snowshoes the whole day and then then
um when I put when I started to shoot it I I put my tripod and it sank into the snow so I had to put my tripod on three
snowshoes and wow yeah and and then we shot that and and because it was
such an ordeal to do but it was my concept I wanted this I wanted to show Mount McKinley in the background she was
um when she graduated from college she lived by herself in a cabin for a year in Alaska by herself hunted fished
everything all on her own Survivor Steve was a Survivor literally yeah and she looked great she also was quite
attractive so she was my choice for that and we flew out there by ski plane and I used one of
them in the background and he gave me a little break on the price on the on the planes so what year was that David that
was about 1986. oh wow so it was literally like three years old
oh my God great that's all I need to hear so so anyway shot on Kodachrome 64. PKR
Kodachrome 64 and um yeah I mean and I did not know
that I had that picture and it cost about five thousand dollars to produce which in today's money is around 18 18
Grand wow for one picture and I didn't even know I had got the picture and it
got published of course oh yeah and in German German Playboy ran it double page spread 11 by 17. we love those Germans
yeah those Germans man they they liked it so um when so I was able to snag one of the
slides because I I mean and I that's the one that I and so I I write the story
about how it was done in and and and I do that now in each of my issues of Miss say I I will write at the back of the
book some story about my history and photography or with Playboy or what I'm
doing currently whatever that works as a way to give people an Insight more
insight into who I am and what I've done and that sort of thing because a lot of guys when I do workshops and stuff guys
just want to hear my stories it's really weird it's not weird but I mean they're they're just interested in my what I've
accomplished and how I did it oh that and I'm doing how I do my photo shoots by the way I do how how I did it in the
magazine your recipe yeah my recipe yeah Secret Sauce my secret yeah that's something Missy what is it called mises
morsels another guy that's another friend of mine called that that's my little secrets and stuff
you can continue talking well when we did that by the way that was Jeremy's
idea and she had the Wardrobe and everything and she throws the dress on and I'm like oh yeah that looks awesome
yeah and so and you brought the so it sees fans and like they're silk but I
only had a certain talk about these ones yeah yeah and so I had to figure out how to light her and the back like those
puppies so that they would show up to swing it and to capture it like yeah she
was wondering it's teamwork when you do a photo shoot it really is teamwork work and by the way we are definitely going
to have to put some links in the comments on this on this episode to
um to say magazine oh yes yes please yes I mean it like yeah and and uh if you go to
www.mece magazine know why just you'll get to the
to the website yeah no I incredible I mean and the current I
think on my website Mariah will come up on it her cover and everything Mariah's
on the cover and Mariah she was we had her on a previous up previous uh episode
and one of the Grand Junction girls yeah
and by the way we didn't really get into that but what is what is like Grand
Junction hot mean like so if somebody goes to you and says Jeremy you're La
hot does that mean that you're like is that a compliment well LA's hard you know
beauty is definitely there in LA yeah I think Beauty exists anywhere true but
like but I think it's Grand Junction because I'd taught and spoke with Mariah and it's such a small City it's four
hours north of Denver and it's just a small town so you know people just don't
expect like you know this hot girl that's now in Vegas co-producing her show and then one of the hottest shows
yeah when the hottest longest shows yeah topless fantasy leave that
out I mean no no we can't I mean and if you haven't seen it yet folks you need to go see it I've seen it four times it
is excellent like I was so impressed and all the girls are just you know they're
it's it's their dream it's their passion you have to have that absolutely so you're from Midland right yes so so
someone called you Midland hot I would be honored really yeah well well you
know what everybody from Texas they do it better in Texas I'm sure they're all I'm sure they're
we're Texas through and through I think what it means or my my take is like Midland hot Grand Junction hot it's it's
more about like you wouldn't expect this beauty like this beauty or this beautiful person from there and then
ends up in this magazine or this fantasy like topless show or you're like wow oh
yeah for sure I mean because I was even talking to her about like Playboy I go I go when did you want to be a Playboy
model she's like ever since I wanted to be a model and and and so like I went over to Irina and I was like you know
did you ever have aspirations the same way and you know I I she she kind of
like I don't want to say skirted the question um but but I think a lot of girls that get into modeling they they definitely
like that somewhere in the back of their mind cream of the crop I mean if if you himself came down and said you're going
to be Miss December you're not going to be like no
uh you're like okay so how many parties I have to go to and what does this
insist of how many of those Sunday Funday parties yeah and yeah I just need to know like how many
do I need to go to the doctor before or after yeah what's my um Beauty allowance
exactly yeah so how about so what so since we're talking about now getting
into all that how many times have you been in the mansion um well I I went to New Year's Eve 1999
to 2000 to the party oh for the big one yeah for the big party I was there yeah
um and then a few other times maybe six seven times maybe I wasn't there that much yeah because I mean there's really
no purpose there's no purpose to be there other than if we were working yeah um and then I oh I was there for
Playmate of the Year um I found a playmate of the year but speaking of that I've in my career
during my time at Playboy I found 23 Playmates of the month and a playmate a
Playmate of the Year wow yeah well I mean I was a I was a proficient dude man I was out there because I was traveling
all the time I was meeting women left and right everywhere yeah hey my name is David Meese and I can make this dream
happen here's my card no and literally thank God you're a great dude because like and the same thing with me like I
you know like I never I never took advantage of the situation exactly and me neither I mean it was like if I saw
the situation is flow yeah if I saw they were like said hey I'm gonna I'm gonna if you do this I'm gonna do this right
and and I can see that you could have exploited the hell out of it the hell out of it yes and there are guys that
aren't really Playboy photographers that do that and one of the things that happened to me 100 yeah one of the
things that happened to me throughout my career Playboy which is kind of a strange thing there was a couple of
different guys pretending to be me and when I would travel around the country doing these pictorials they would
literally follow me and they would go to clubs now this is before social media
this was before you can verify you could verify anything and they would go to a night or they'd call a nightclub and say
hey I'm David misi I'm in town doing these interviews for this because they knew what I was doing because I would do interviews on TV on TV for news channels
in the in the town I was on the radio a lot and so because of that they'd hear I
was there and then they call up a club oh this is David Missy with Playboy and they go oh yeah you're in town oh yeah
can you think I could drop by and get a table or something oh absolutely come by just tell the door God blah blah blah
they'd show up they'd have fake cards they'd show up they'd put them on a table they'd give them champagne all the
they'd send girls over there of course and then he'd end up you know hanging out with a few of them whatever well
yeah taking advantage of his bull [ __ ] can I say [ __ ] yeah hell yeah you can say brochure take advantage of it one of David's
[Music] nicknamese
oh yeah I got okay yeah yeah one of his nicknames is precious I've heard
precious yeah oh do tell the backstory oh my god
um because I I act so kind of quirky and funny when I'm around women I don't I'm
just their friend literally I am just and I hang out with them I don't want to
say I'm like one of the other girls that's not me but no um but I mean I'm I'm just really there and enjoying
everything to the point where they will start talking about girl stuff and if you've ever heard a girls of course I've
heard girl stuff that stuff gets really strange
I'm serious and I'm just like and I'm driving and they'll be in the car talking and I'm like
um ladies I'm here and they're like what I go I'm a guy I'm sitting here hearing
all this oh well that's okay you're precious and that's how it started wow and they just and now it's starting to
move around and more and more hearing about it and I just God I don't when he's so respectful for women like
probably one of the most respectful photographers I've ever yeah no I I I've
heard nothing about amazing things about him even 20 years ago yeah you know when I met him I mean
I I mean the whole thing is that you know you got to be able to not only a
if you're going to be doing a new a nude shoe right you got to get them a naked B they got to feel comfortable so they can
look sexy right because a woman I mean you know once you at least my experience
is whatever I've got like you know I didn't do too many fully nude shoots um only when it was like you know
requested or paid for um but like literally
there has to be chemistry there I mean like literally I would say I would
literally I would have my camera and I would say the lens here right
two things one pretend like if you're gonna put like your uh put your chin on the bottom of my lens but I need you to
I need you to I [ __ ] the [ __ ] out of my camera all right and I and I need you to
literally molest it with your eyes my camera and when the camera's up you're in
you're acting um and when the camera is down relax but like literally and and it always
works and you know even like you know it's funny because me and David recently realized that we actually I actually
discovered a model out in La I mean out in Miami um oh Anya Anya yeah I would say like I
I discovered her but like I well I definitely started getting some of the her first bigger jobs and then actually
got her out to LA and then she got got to meet a whole bunch of people out there and eventually got to meet you and work with you but um but I would always
tell the models that the best model is the best actress because you got to go in and you got to
get in that role and especially if on a day-to-day basis you're not Mariah that
like gets topless every day for her shoot you I mean how often do you get naked for a photographer very rarely for
myself all the time but but in front of people yeah yeah but we're not in front of people yeah yeah she's not out there
walking around speaking of so uh oh of course about David no no this is a funny question I go David like I'm just
curious so oh God she's gonna say this I go how many like boobs have you seen
just curious and he Mr precious over here he's like well you know so so how many like let's
let's share it um okay I I literally Sat one day because I get asked this a lot how many
women I'm just curious you know and so I sat down and because I because I did all
these multi-girl shoots I also did tons of interviews for anniversary searches I mean remember when Playboy would send us
out all around the country and we'd be seeing thousands of women
and I gauged that I saw probably 25
000 women probably 50 000 boobs wow because there's two boobs for a woman
but but at the same time out of that 25 000 and it's sadly there's a lot of not
good ones in there well that's what I asked him I was like how many of them actually get good yeah I mean I mean I
think my boobs are pretty good they're very hold on a second they're very good everybody we're gonna have to
and then in December you'll see like the full boobs full boobs oh oh so they're
not covered up boobs oh gosh no no they're they're way out they're quite nice okay listen
oh looky there this exactly wow they're there they're there
and the one thing I tell David I go I'm more of a smiley girl but he likes me in
this serious look so there are some of those there but there's like yeah I love my smiley girl pictures yeah but you
know what I mean sophisticated let that sophisticated sexy look I think you have it and that's exactly how I photographed
her when you when when you were speaking earlier about how I'm I'm photographing the women I try to do a story and
um like the current the well the September issue is Sam on the cover and on the inside her layout is based on the
Mad Max movies that I saw back in the 80s okay with Mel Gibson and then
um the um and then Mariah her her feature is based on Phantom of the Opera
except I made her The Phantom of dance because that's what she does yeah and so
I shot her in the theater kind of look and for carami being sophistic dedicated
I photographed her in a more sophisticated place and and a way you would see her and so and then Irina and
then Irina um I just photographed Arena Leaving Las Vegas but I I did it in such a way that
it was kind of a throwback to 50 not well 50 60s 60s 70s look a 60s 70s look
with a little uh scarf in the head oh like rockabilly a little bit of that rockabilly the 50s rocker yeah yeah that
kind of thing and they literally just shot that this weekend yeah we literally just shot her her nudes yesterday out on
a out on a road just outside Vegas with a ton of cars going by yeah it was it
was difficult no no no no she always covered we I had an assistant and he go car coming and so
she'd cover and sit in there but they'd always slow down and just look and this one guy was so funny he was a older
gentleman I'll put it more mature he goes by he slows down and he turns all the way in his and he's not even looking
where he's going and he's just driving down the road looking back at his way man it would have been great if all of a
sudden crash no it wouldn't be great no he wouldn't have been great but he knows so I'm looking at these photos and like
I'm like trying to turn on like my photography mind like you I would suggest to do a shoot with you
get one of those kiddie pools right on outside kind of like a like a white
picket fence a really nice green grass around and fill it with Skittles and
having you throw up Skittles in the air and like laughing smiling being goofy
popping in your mouth trying to throw it up and catch it like playing like a little like just just playing but in
like but in the pool of skittless because with the ring light oh yeah of course
yeah yeah yeah that would be perfect for that yeah I mean just you know because that's the one thing that like Vision
like I I can look at a girl and be like yep you're going to be great like this and then from there it just evolves
you know like I remember I remember we did um me and a really good friend of mine um Mike tamsel I don't know if you
know that name Tam's designs um he um I had a model that I found I
got introduced to me and we went over to his house and literally we're going over there for
dinner and as soon as we walk in he like looked right at Greta and goes hold on
he's like I'll be right back he literally goes out to his garage now think about this like Mike is a very uh
over the top very uh if you don't if you don't know Mike's personality you might
think that he's offensive and he's rude but really it's just his personality how he talks he comes back in with police
caution tape in his camera and he basically said do you mind if I
can it do you mind if you just um like what are you wearing underneath your underneath your uh your pants and
she happened to be wearing like uh um like um a full what do you call those like stockings but the full one like
pantyhose yeah pantyhose yeah full pantyhose okay and so I mean we literally we literally yeah we walked in
and not minutes she hadn't even really said hi to the guy
and he literally we did a whole photo shoot of her looking dead and so he like got her topless just in
the pantyhose and she's like laying on the staircase like down and the way her makeup because we were coming from a
shoot and she had really dark dark makeup and her hair was kind of slipped
back she kind of had like this short blonde hair look I have to show you the photos Okay and he and he crushes his
photo shoot crushes it um and um I I wish I had him here you
know what I'm gonna put him in the comments I'm gonna put some of the photos but it but it was but but but
that's the type of visionary like that's how I learned from him I learned from
you know like watching you know some of your stuff and you know from you know there was you know Andy McFarland and uh
in Florida and he super vibrant high contrast photo shoots I mean you knew
that that was an Anna McFarland photo and um but that but those were the type of things I was trying to strive to do but
yeah Skittles anyway yeah with a bikini or nude I actually
could be either you could yeah you can literally you can progress into it I think a bright colored bikini would be really cute
one oh Cherry yeah no that that might be good too but I'm thinking like vibrant
like just extremely high contrast colors um yeah it had to be a ring light yeah
and you can almost even shoot on a green screen and just like literally pop in the background into it to control the
lighting even better but I mean but like nowadays you could do that and and it doesn't caution an arm and leg before
you know that would cost you know a studio green screen right production would it would be just crazy but yeah
wow I mean I feel like I can talk to you guys forever ever but we're definitely
getting to kind of the end of the uh of the segment here I mean like literally I
I can't even well you know you know Brian we did have our six-month Gala
recently that's right you guys did for the magazine and you weren't able to come and we were kind of bummed it's okay
he'll be there at the one year well I got to get the one year date log into my calendar now so nothing is booked on it
probably April the 1st it is a Saturday and launched his magazine I launched it
on April the 1st by the way right and the way I launched it was when I wrote it up on Facebook and posted I said this
is no April Fool's joke I'm really launching a magazine wow that's exactly how I did it so it probably will I feel
like I saw that yeah it will be on April 1st I think we'll try to make that happen I'd like to yeah I mean the
Gallow this time was really a lot of fun and it went off really well we had a nice turnout of people
um once people see the magazine they're blown away I mean that's what I've been getting reaction from my readers not
only do they love the pictorials of I mean you know like like what was with Playboy they uh but they really like
what I put in as far as content for articles absolutely and and so that that makes it a it makes it a very full men's
lifestyle magazine I mean it's really it's it's got beautiful pictures of beautiful models while also really cool
interesting stories um we had the Knights Templar story about that in our issue
um you know we have a story about the Pikes Peak Hill Climb uh automobiles I'm
big into cars love Porsches uh in fact plug the plug yeah well I I
found a couple of them and and so and and Porsche I think knows that they they actually sent me to Finland to drive
gt3s on Ice tracks okay that's a whole nother episode I didn't go down there
and I gotta I gotta bring in other people that I know that would just be like oh like they would be in heaven
raising yeah yeah so so that's another side of me by the way is my driving I
raced and all that kind of stuff so um my that was another reason a lot of
my friends thought I should do a magazine because David you're doing everything men want to do and not even
but not even that but there's there's no advertising in here which is which is it
it really goes back to the fact this is a true publication of what you're trying
to do I think I I eventually I know that you that you will we're going to try to do that do some advertising but but I
know like right now if you go to you know if you go to messay and you can subscribe you
can either do the single month single issue or you could do the four year yeah and you might as well do the full year
because you know you're going to get hooked on the first one that's interesting you say that I've had several friends go write me and go you
know I bought your issue now I'm gonna buy this I'm going to do a subscription oh 100 yeah it's it
thankfully and and I'm also hearing every issue is getting better better better which is awesome so by the time I
get to December it's going to be amazing well and the one feedback that I heard from the gala is you know like Brian
holding the physical uh people are also wanting some physical prints of it so
we're working on trying to make it an option to where maybe we can print a few issues to go along with the digital
version or maybe you've got to come to the the Galas or you had to come to the events to get the physical issue you
know because another thing too is that like I think that with you know I mean print heiress is Prince
dad I don't think Prince did I don't either but I also don't think that but I also think that if you're trying to
force just a print publication down people's throats it's never going to work right so I think you know what with
with this see I personally think that we should do a monthly or not we you should
do a monthly release every month and have a just a little get-together mixer where you have a bunch of copies
and you literally get you know the the different press to come out the different you know influencers different
people because again if you do it on a monthly basis you know you can actually grab up different people that maybe
couldn't made it the previous month Like Yours Truly okay you know I had to you know be in Mexico for
um some business stuff so business is always good it is
hey I got to go Tour all the tequila Farms hey that's busy I got to it it actually
was business turned it a little fun but definitely business um but yeah no I mean you know you know
that now that we're kind of wrapping up the segment here do you guys have any final follow comments concerns I mean I guess
I could talk to both you guys forever yeah and we're also doing
um we're kind of testing some merchandise for some T-shirts oh really stay tuned for that
um Carry Me on my chest well yeah well that's kind of it really yeah yeah I
would totally Rock You um okay then I'm definitely going to give you a sample I we're actually
meeting with someone this afternoon right yeah really yeah because because part of it is like you know guys when
they see like a girl that's showing her boobs or they're like the cleavage is out they
always look there right it's like come on look up here like please look at my face don't look here
so that's kind of leading into what the t-shirt is is don't look here
got it yeah okay okay I can definitely I could definitely see the vision for
sure it's fun it's exciting and speaking just a little bit on the advertising
thing we had a gentleman a couple of gentlemen from a vodka company dropped by
um the gala really and um it was through a friend of mine who called them up and said hey you need to
go see David's magazine oh really and they they come and I didn't know I
didn't know about it but it's um I'm gonna mention their name it's called blue ice okay and they're out of Idaho and
um I had a gentleman there visiting one of the the readers flew down from Indianapolis who's a samye and he
usually drinks wine and he drank some of the blue ice and he came up to me goes David where did you get this and I told
him it was possible it was a sponsor in a way and he said this is the best vodka
I've ever I've ever drank and I'm like really and then as the gentleman were leaving they actually caught me pulled
me aside and said listen we love your magazine I think we would like to talk to you about advertising I'm like yeah I
have a back cover that's available no 100 but see here's a but here's the thing where I think that now we're gonna
we'll quickly go into a marketing segment I personally think that you need to you need to leverage you
and you basically you go to blue eyes and you say not only will I give you the back cover for x y z I'll shoot it oh
ABS yeah I'd love that but it but the thing is I think that I think you know
um where a lot of people make mistakes and you know in in the marketing play is that they forget about themselves yeah
yeah and and Anonymous you know yeah but this is why this is where you need to step in and say no no no
you need to be the one doing this because to me I think that that would be that would number one help everything it
controls how you're going to want the out of segment it's going to be anyways right and you know you could do it you know
you could do it like a traditional where it's like you know blue ice whatever their slogan is with maybe like you know
a lake in the background it could be with a girl like laying on a beach or or on a you know by a pool or I mean sit
down with them and go over yeah well and we did a David darling drink with the blue ice vodka for the guys darling
drink it was so cute how many did you drink oh I don't drink
okay so how many how many would you have drank if you drink well I heard it was great it had blueberries it had some
muddled raspberries so that to me is like refreshing so I probably would have two two just two just two and they make what
was the one that um that they make that's a flavor oh it's a huckleberry oh
yeah the Huckleberry one they make one it's Huckleberry and if and and of course of being a fan of Tombstone uh the movie
Tombstone with Val Kiln it's the first thing that I said they're lying and they
use it yes and the owner created the Huckleberry vodka because he saw the
movie and loved that and integrated it in and now it's one of their biggest sellers it's a it's supposed to be
amazing and that was one and that was the drink that samier was drinking was the straight Huckleberry wow yeah we're
all connected it's just bizarre how that works and it was like wow okay uh this
is really cool so yeah I can't wait to meet one it reminds me I need to get in touch with them and get that meeting
there you go yeah the number one thing is the follow-up the follow-up is what kills everybody
yeah even especially even when you meet somebody you meet like one thing I normally do and I think I even did it
with you when we first met is I'll hey it was great to meet you like you got to put it back in your mind
if especially if you know that you're going to be developing you know a relationship down the road professional
you know you want them to like oh yeah Brian I remember you you know I wasn't
sure that the next time I would see you and but now I know that I'm probably going to see a lot of you now
a lot a lot a lot in December yeah well let's see it's great when you turn right
and by the way that's my favorite one on the right that is my favorite picture when she's lifting her hair so David one
of his things when you do a Photoshop what do you think Teddy It's [ __ ] amazing I love it I'm
[ __ ] amazing but one thing that I do want to point out that when David like is capturing
this certain look like he he just knows when your hair is out of line or when the curl is about to fall like he has it
all timed out I don't know how he does it but he's just amazing I call him famous hairs yeah that one piece of hair
that kind of is like pokes up or falls out her well this is this is he wants you to pull your hair up like oh I'm
always kind of worked earlier work that hair make it look as if you pull it up pull out of bed yeah pull it up and let
them know yeah no for sure it's just like the natural Falls yeah after you
pull your hair up and kind of get it going yeah get it all crazy I tell get your hair crazy and then okay stop and
then let you know and then let it fall yeah telling a girl that you're photographing me you want me to make my
hair crazy yeah it's probably a crazy thing in her mind that yeah we're like What yeah but then I show them the
picture like oh my God I can't wait to do crazy hair all over again crazy yeah flip it crazy
and I'm known for that every model in fact when I was photographing um Irena yesterday and she goes oh you
only needed David hair that's exactly what she said when I call it David hair David hair and because I've worked with the arena a number of times she's been a
workshop model for me and things like that photographed her for a catalog but anyway she goes oh you want David hair I
would go yeah give me David here so he's known for that just I mean it's watch his pictures guys when you have that
messy hair going that's David David hair yeah I mean it's just really funny I and
what's amazing is it makes the picture sexier because it looks like a hundred
percent the girls like all you know wow what was she doing to get that hair like that there you go
so another Secret Sauce another another Missy morsel
we gotta think of something better yeah I prefer David hair no no I'm not
talking about like the secret sauce right right so like yeah me see and then you know we have the David darling drink
now we have the David hair so we gotta think of something oh my gosh uh don't call it precious something though please
yes no no it's David [Laughter]
I I mean I literally I can sit here all freaking day and and I I can tell you
this this won't be the last time that we're talking on oh awesome yeah I would love to come no no no we we got to
continue this yeah this Magazine's gonna be growing oh no absolutely and I'm actually excited to you know be you know helping
you um open up some doors of some of my connections that would be awesome yeah thanks for all your support because I
love how your business has helped as well oh no for sure I mean we and and you're welcome I mean like they
I mean the team here you know they I I can't even explain it like you know
like as soon as we sat down the start of the segment the first thing you know she told me was your staff is so nice and
friendly and professional and like you can't really you can't really train now I mean you can find
that with the talent before you hire them but I I know for a fact I have the best staff when it comes to marketing
because a you know I empowered them to be creative I am I I'm constantly
challenging them and and I think that that's what really makes them you know create the the very big you
know best work that you know that can come out of that um but yeah I mean I I hate to do it but
I gotta wrap this up um you know I've had lunch here for the past what a while but okay I'll close with
this I just I hope all of the viewers out there are watching this um that you'll give Miss a magazine a
try that's all I ask and I think if you do you're going to really really enjoy it and
um getting back to this this getting back to the potential client the advertisers
um I just did a the November centerfold shoot over this past over this weekend
um so I wear about six different hats I'm I'm publisher managing editor Director of Photography uh staff
photographer uh writer and and so I it I'm I'm a pretty busy guy now and she
knows this I I rarely get to bed before around 1 30 2 o'clock and at night now
and then I get up at seven to start the day because I'm I'm always busy doing
something I have to you know you have to be on top of it and when you start something like this which is a monthly
now if I were doing quarterly yeah I could maybe hedge a little bit but I'm doing a monthly Pub I mean I
have to close this this November issue the 23rd of this month so I have another
couple of weeks and I'm done I'm toast I got to get it done no no for sure I mean I I've never been on a publishing side
of things but I can tell you that you know the deadlines the deadlines the deadlines the deadlines now getting ads
into Publications for clients absolutely yeah but um but yeah do you have any final final words
comments happy to be here and you know stay tuned because I know we're going to try to put some more events together for
people because I know people loved the gala and they're asking like where the next possible event or I'm making her my
event coordinator oh okay you and I are going to be doing it
together yeah BFFs yeah yeah she's going to be yeah because I mean she she took care of that Gala I was like I
was she knows it I was pulling my hair out everything David relax relax I'm just like well he knows it so well he
just has to show up and mingle you know and then yeah and everyone's there to support which was so beautiful like the
turnout that came was it was great no for sure I mean and I've got I wish I could have made it
um but yeah so I mean I I do got to end it there um and I do really really appreciate you
both coming on thank you David Missy carry me thank you I mean and you know
I I hate to say goodbye from SKC Studios and uh but yeah but we got to say
goodbye and you know thank thanks for everybody watching um make sure you like and just And
subscribe all down over here and over here and like just like subscribe and
then also you know make sure you check out the comments you know we're going to be putting a lot on the same magazine stuff in there a lot of um stuff where
you can see hear me looking like this looking quite yeah looking nice
very sophisticated we'll keep a professional all right until next time
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