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Mariah Rivera & Irena Murphy | The Naked Truth | SKC Live | EP02

In this episode, Brian sits down to talk to entertainment legends. Mariah Rivera and Irena Murphy sit down to talk to us about the trials and tribulations of the entertainment industry, and learning to be comfortable in your own skin.
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welcome to SKC live I'm actually joined here with two lovely ladies Mariah and
Irina um it's kind of funny how you guys ended up here today right like I mean I've known
you for many years but we you know we haven't really connected and probably
last like 10 years eight to ten years um but actually through my friend David
misi uh that started a an amazing magazine called me see magazine and um
he thought it would be a good idea to kind of get us all together and just talk shop
very excited well it's funny because sometimes when you know you're kind of getting geared up for a podcast and you
start talking ahead of time come to find out both of these lovely ladies are from Colorado specifically Grand Junction
that's right yep and we just met each other too yeah small world and now we're best friends yes they're BFFs yes I
think that's what happens when you're from the same town yeah for sure Grand Junction's small enough too so this is the first time you guys are meeting as
well yeah oh wow yeah well it was crazy because you got you got Mariah that's actually going to be
on the the cover of Missy magazine for October and then arena is going to
follow her right back up with November which is actually crazy it's very exciting yeah yeah actually you know I I
got a little uh sneak peek a picture of a lovely beautiful Mariah
and and and so in Vegas I would say if you know hospital if you know the the
show world the entertainment world you know Mariah also comes from a very popular show here in town
called fantasy and you've been you've been doing fantasy for how long uh well I moved to Vegas when I was 18. so I've
been professionally dancing for about 20 years now wow and I've been lucky enough
to be in fantasy for now 14 years and I started as a dancer kind of moved into
company manager then got promoted to associate producer and this year I just was promoted to co-producer of the show
as well as six nights a week so I'm very very lucky and blessed and Fantasies at
Luxor at Luxor every night at 10 30. oh it's never dark never dark unless the
pandemic happens again but not yeah yeah the pandemic's no bueno
especially for Vegas so otherwise we're on 10 30 every night 30 every night wow
how long has the show actually been running for of we're about to celebrate 23 years anniversary wow yeah October
11th we're actually doing a big calendar release and that'll be our 23 year anniversary party and yeah I was gonna
say because it's what you Carrot Tops over there how often does Carrot Top Pop
in on your show uh who never comes into our show but we like share a backstage dressing room so I see him every single
night like he'll you know has that like a prop he'll come over and be like hey what do you think of this I just saw this new joke or you know something
happened on the news what do you guys think about this and so he'll like test his new jokes and props out on us he's he's hilarious yeah yeah he he's
actually one of the first people I met uh when I moved back to Vegas I grew up in Vegas and then I moved to Miami and I
moved back in 2005 and somebody introduced me to him and um it was actually pretty quiet kind of
kind of to himself but then when he and he kind of warms up to you a little bit but I went and saw a show a few times
and I don't know what it is but like I I have to pee before I go to watch a show because I laughed so hard because
slapsticks comedy is incredible he is I've seen a show and I hear his show
every single night so sometimes he has you know consistent jokes that it's it's funny every single time I'm like and
then if the audience doesn't like it he's just like well that one sucked I'm not gonna do that one again and there's just he's just funny yeah yeah if you
haven't seen carrotub you should go see him oh no absolutely and fantasy as well well of course obviously yeah wow that's incredible so Irina so
you you know you you've obviously known David for a long time um and uh so yeah talk about like how
you met David and what got you into modeling um and yeah sure first of all I want to
say I don't I'm not from Vegas so it's really cool to hear these like behind the scenes stories
um so yeah I moved to LA I guess a decade ago and I met David through
another photographer I had worked for in Colorado Springs I think but she just
was like go meet David and I was like why she's like just go meet him he's a great photographer and maybe he can
photograph you or something and so I went and met him and um yeah he lived in Venice at the time and just
like looked at his book and I was like cool I didn't know what I was doing you know like meeting photographers and so I
modeled for him and then ended up modeling for some of his workshops because he did
um like I think they're called fantasy Photoshop workshops okay whatever he
would like get photographers that wanted to shoot in the style of Playboy yeah and teach workshops on how to light the
way that they used to light for Playboy and so he would do like those like boot
camp Workshop weekends or whatever so I would model for some of those and yeah it was really cool I love David I've
known him for I guess a decade now and um yeah he was the first photographer
that ever shot me and I he's the only photographer that shoots me nude now I
don't trust anybody else I'm just like why you know no for sure well I mean
when you have a literally a living legend in photography so like my background is
um I grew up in Vegas I moved to Miami and then I picked up photography and I actually built a pretty good little
career for like six years in Miami and of course this was like the
beginning of the 2000s and I mean Playboy was like the Pinnacle like you
wanted to shoot like the like the Playboy photographer Stephen Arnie David
and I mean the the fact that I mean they're lighting I mean they're lighting
sequences and structures and you know and they come in and they just make the
female body looks incredible which is hence Playboy or why it blew up
so it's funny how you know we got reconnected um and
come to find out we actually know a whole bunch of the same people uh but actually he was one of the photographers
I looked up to and um so being able to kind of like you know talk shop with him now
um kind of wish I could have done it back when I was doing photography because I mean I could use some of the tips
um but yeah I mean that was literally the Pinnacle like you wanted to be you know definitely a Playboy photographer
and modeling like that was like to be a Playboy model or Playmate of the Year that was you know that was my dream and
I didn't get a chance to well you know Playboy was still playable yeah Hugh Hefner but yeah when David asked me I
was like absolutely like I my whole life of wanted to be a Playboy model so really yeah I was I was honored when
David asked me to shoot with him oh no absolutely I mean he you know what's
funny is I think secretly a lot of women would would definitely want to be on the cover of Playboy especially be a
playmate oh yeah you know yeah but but it's funny you talk to a lot of girls like oh no I'm not going to shoot nude
but it's like I I think I think the difference between shooting with a professional photographer nude and
somebody that you're just meeting and are hitting you up hey hey you want to do some nudes for sure I mean
yeah I mean I personally I I kind of avoided it um you know like implied you know like
you know what you know maybe like a mesh or like you know maybe that you know you know the arm across the boob type of
thing but I I don't know I just I I've always felt very intimidated that I wasn't going to capture it the right way
because again the lighting has to be perfect yeah and you know because I mean there's
so many different angles and shadows and you don't want to have a shadow over the wrong area and so it was very
intimidating from from a professional side but again I mean you know there's all these people out there that are like
oh yeah I can shoot you I can shoot you and but but yeah I mean you know so
have you ever done modeling you know for like any other nude
modeling or Playboy or did you try out did you
I was like I can't leave and I've literally been working on six days a week since I was 18 so it really I'm
like I'm kept like the universe like tell me what to do and then like they just kept giving me work in Vegas so I
was like I think this is where I'm supposed to be and as it turned out I really never
you know had time or anything else to shoot anything so now that I'm uh prioritizing my life a little
differently I'm like you know yeah I'm you know not getting any younger might as well just do it like yeah within the right
scenario with you know like someone like I trust like David that I know the photos are gonna be awesome so yeah this
is my first real nude photo shoot wow yeah well I think that you know anyone
would see I've seen other photography done on you
uh that is spectacular um but even fantasies isn't fantasy a
taco show yeah fantasy is topless and it was kind of like back to that like I was never going to do a topless show when I moved to Vegas I was like absolutely not
I did show in the sky you know covered I was very like Disney PG and then uh
audition for a topless show and I was like oh it was in Laughlin I was like No One's Gonna Come See Me in Laughlin in
case I hated it and then I took my top off and I loved it I was like this is so freeing so empowering like it was I I
was actually shocked that I liked it so much wow and they were always done so classy and beautiful and you know the
whole show girl thing and I was like this is where I'm supposed to be wow so Irina so you know modeling met David a
decade ago so what so from a decade ago till now so what
you know what's been your progression in your in your career or do you have other career kind of uh yeah
trying to be kind of I was acting and pursuing some other things but that kind of all comes
together when you're you know doing your headshots and trying to get out there and meeting people
um yeah I pursued acting for a while probably I don't know like 10
years I'm still like pursuing it in a way it's just it was interesting as I started doing
that it took so much time and money and then when I started getting jobs like
those entry-level jobs it just didn't pay like what you think it pays and then I was like I don't know if I can commit
to to sacrificing my time and money for something that doesn't pay you back what
you're putting in so I my hair stylist and I do that like you know part-time
still to kind of fill in but yeah it's an interesting to see like
being in La for like the last decade things have changed so much and like even as a hairdresser talking to people
all the time because my clients are actors and seeing that whole world
um just the progression of the way things go with that it's I mean not to get like
into the economy and stuff it's hard to like be like how does everybody live here and make so little with these
industries so with modeling I I do it for fun you know it's not something that
I'm like trying to make an income off of although it's interesting talking about this is like a marketing branding
podcast or whatever absolutely or whatever right
um yeah it's like kind of interesting to see girls take like their careers in their own hands with building a
following and then trying to monetize that um but I just man it did not have the energy to do that I was actually telling
David just the other day how in the past like people used to shoot for Playboy and then now that's a career like now
they can do signings now they can book other jobs that was like one shoot and now people have to create like 50 shoots
to just have content exactly always shooting and I'm like man that's exhausting like how are they paying for
it are the photographers paying them are they paying the photographers all the time and it's just to build a following
and try to monetize on that and I'm like now this is for the birds like you used to be able to do like a couple like be
on a show do a photo shoot and that's it like yep I don't know it's just an
interesting thing to analyze well I mean it's actually one of the most common questions I get as being an agency owner
is how do I become an influencer like what is there are there platforms are there this other than that and what I
what I try to tell people is you got to find something other than yourself you know that makes you interesting
um you know you know some of the biggest influencers I know are also Foodies or they do meal prep or they're a
personal trainer or they're like um care me which you both know um you know she
does like holistic healing and samples and I think as she really pushed that I think she could probably become an
influencer in that World um but yeah I mean it you know it's
definitely crazy like you know that you know the TV show [ __ ] streak by the way I binge watched that during
covet and uh actually just fell in love with the show fell in love with every character but
but the but the the daughter on the show you know she literally she said she
almost gave up almost moved back home because she was going on so many ghosties so many and she finally went in
and she literally told herself I watched a whole interview on it and she just was
like I don't care I'm just gonna go in I'm gonna do what I think is the best because she would always listen to her
acting coaches and her agents and and she went in she crushed it she like became did her you know it was supposed
to be like uh this uh Primadonna uh Ultra rich but kind of ditzy and and she
literally went in there and now now the character and now she's on top of the world I love her so much I know me too
yeah it's funny because I what was it what was the name of the character her brother David
[Laughter] which is actually kind of funny because he's in those uh those new TV
commercials where like you know the guy's like you know like oh you know our daughter just took her first step to do
it again yeah can you do it again for me you know like it he like the character is still him but I also think that
that's really him in real life yeah I think he's I think he's he he plays himself well he wrote it he wrote it
with his dad yeah yeah I think it's an extenuating Persona of who he really is yeah because
I felt like as this series went on he got better at acting because in the beginning it was a little I don't want
to say uncomfortable but it was like oh you know like there's a few lines and a few kind of like things but he nailed
that line I mean he nailed that and I like that I would have to say he's probably my favorite character on the
whole show was that they have a character yeah yeah um I liked the girl Alexis Alexis Alexis
yeah but I think it's because she was like I want to be that yeah
no that was funny because remember she had the opportunity to go with her friends and and go off they were they're
going on some uh um I think they're going like to the Mykonos or something and they're like oh hey we're all gonna go we're gonna be on
so-and-so's yard and this and that and she had her opportunity to get out of shit's creek and she and she didn't
which is actually I think when her character really came alive even the mother was great I mean oh God
Beetlejuice mother I mean whenever I see her on anything that's Beetlejuice mom Uh Kevin McAllister's mom you know Kevin
McCall oh my gosh yeah I she's a she's amazing I love her no yeah she played that so well as being
like yeah no she she nailed that that role really well but yeah so anyway was a lead into that I mean she what um you
know that actress she was giving up and you know and I think I think the thing is is that you know
you know for her you know she was actually about to give up on her dream and you know you live in LA and you do
you do it part-time right you go to a lot of castings yeah it's like I don't know it's an interesting ebb and flow
where some people are like oh you just have to like believe you can do it and I'm like that I don't think that works
in this case I think everybody believes they could do it it's just if you have like the time and the money to weather that storm
before yeah you you break or whatever but I'll have my moments of like really
trying to do it but what is really trying is just like taking the classes and networking or trying to get an agent
essentially is you know what most your time is but like yeah you could do all
those things and still just not have an opportunity it's it's interesting people are like go go do your own web series or
go do stand up or go do anything to get like seen and sometimes you'll do those things and you're like oh well it didn't
work or like let's try something else it's just like a random shuffle of trying different things to see what
breaks but along the way you just have to enjoy the journey so I like will be
like yeah I want to do this and then I'll be like oh no [ __ ] that I have to go get a job like let's just like be
real like people that live in LA and then you know another little wave will come that inspires you to do something
else so yeah no I I went to LA probably back in 2000
to 20 years ago and then I got introduced to a guy named Joe Blake and
Joe Blake casting he's a huge casting producer but he has that big facility
right off Sunset Boulevard and they just run castings for TV commercials movies TV series and and I that's where his
office was and I'm like walking in and it's like if you're here for this audition this way this way I mean it was
chaotic and that was my first time I actually got the taste of like what goes
into all this stuff and you see a lot of long faces of people because they're
they're you know but there's always that one that got the part you know and um and I remember yeah I remember talking
to him and we actually went to dinner at miyagi's I don't even know if that's still a thing on Sunset Boulevard
um it's like a sushi restaurant um I yeah I'm not even sure if it's even
still around anymore but um but yeah we went there afterwards I remember asking like you know how do you
how do you determine that this person over this person you know if they're both really good and and
he's like you know you just know you just you know and then you know we talked about like um
I I can't even remember the movies but he did a lot of really big movies back in the day and he go he goes what would
you have thought if this character played this role because you know like Top Gun
um you know demean Moore actually she auditioned for the was it Kelly McGillis
for her role as the flight instructor and could you imagine like what that would have been for I mean Demi Moore
went on had an amazing career but um but yeah like he was talking about like all these what ifs if this person
played this role and this person and I'm thinking like no no I think it's good the way it is you know what I mean it
wasn't like he was suggesting it would have been better but but he's just like all these people are up for these acting
roles and we end up sliding this person in um but yeah no I mean La has got to be
chaotic I mean you're going out there with a dream and then you and then like
reality slaps you in the face yeah no it's um that I don't know if I actually came
out to LA with a specific dream to be honest like I came out and did hair and makeup for a music video and just
everybody was doing something creative and I was like oh man I'm missing it I'm missing like all the fun like literally
everybody on the set is doing something and so I just moved out with like the
intention of jumping in the mix of like what is fun what is all the creative people in La doing creative things so
maybe that's why like I haven't had a specific success in anything because I'm like I want to do all the things you're
like squirrel yeah I'm like squirrel let's do this do stand up let's do modeling let's do acting so you've
actually done stand up oh yeah yeah really yeah I did it for maybe like a year
um I had like a I took some classes with a group called pretty funny women and
it's all females that want to be stand-up comedians so then you kind of have like a little crew of girls and you
would go to like the open mics and do all the things but yeah I performed like at Flappers and Comedy Store and stuff
like that um it was a really fun for a moment but then again it takes like every night for
free to go pursue doing a thing hoping that somebody like you build a following and then they have like what they call
bringer shows which is like now you're like really great at five ten minutes like do a show and then bring people and
we'll give you time and so I'm like great now I'm doing this every night of the week for free and now I have to
guarantee that people are coming to pay to go see it's just like so exhausting
I'm like at what point do you make money doing this well I mean when it was somebody like Lauren Michaels or or or
or or some other producer that's looking for a female new funny comic to break because it because on the flip side they
got to put the same effort and money into you totally yeah in order to try to break you right
um you know because I I was in well I'm still in marketing um but I was in more nightclub marketing
back in the day and uh when I was at win we used to talk about billboarding a DJ
it would be breaking a DJ and we knew if we put up billboards with this person's face on it and their name that that
could actually make make their careers yeah um and um but it's the same way with you
know like if I if I was a producer and I and I wanted you you know I have to know that you're
going to go along with everything that we're going to be doing good bad and indifferent you know with with your
character or you know with comedy I'm not really familiar with comedy as much like breaking comedians or Comics but
um probably the only person I really know and like I met Brad Garrett um and got it what a funny the guy's
just a walking Comedy Festival I mean he just everything he comes out of his
mouth is funny and comedic um but Oz that's very interesting that you
know it was a fun it was a fun thing to do for a while and I thought about taking it further but again I just have
too many interests you got to really be committed for like a really long time to make that happen
um but I mean whatever it's another little skill in the back pocket I guess so out of all the comics that are out
there currently today um like which one would you say that that's my you know what I actually just
went and saw um Mike birbigula for probably like the third time and he does more storytelling
comedy have you heard of him you know what I probably do if I saw his face yeah I'm more of a facial person yeah
the name no I don't know if ever if like he's everybody's favorite but he has such like a story to every his whole
stand-up is almost like the moth like where it's like storytelling but then he has like jokes about everything that
he's telling it's not like set up punchline or like crowd work it's nothing like that and I don't know I
love like writing and I really appreciate that type of Comedy where you can carry somebody through like a whole
journey of like your a story or of your life and just find the humor in all of it and just be like so engaging he's one
of my favorites so yeah I guess yeah it's a different style nice yeah huh
yeah no I I don't know I just you know I I maybe I'm like old school
but like the Eddie Murphy the Chris rocks yeah like you know because they're like
Eddie Murphy was probably the best Storyteller but you don't know if it was a true story or it was a comedian story
yeah that's also that kind of bothers me yeah I know I kind of want to know if it's fact or fiction I I kind of want to
know yeah we could just make them it was a [ __ ] if that's the case like like drawing from like your your truth
of your experience yeah well it's like well my wife and it's like did your wife really like go through that she's okay
with it now he's like I don't even have a wife yeah yeah but there's a lot of things like
when we you know when a lot of these comedians say that they like to bring in like um
you know I feel like they're almost like verify like they're verifiable uh um people like for example like when
they say oh well my wife did this or my wife approved this or my wife got mad at me about this or my kids or my mom or
whatever they do that to kind of like make the story more believable but I wonder how much of it's really true I
don't know I do too I also wonder yeah well I mean think about if you make up
something really funny and you know even Adam Sandler does that you know like I've seen Adam Sandler
stand up and hilarious you know because again it's somebody that you relate to back to like Billy Madison days yeah and you watch him like
his whole like acting career and then now sudden now you actually get a piece of him and it's like you're not Billy Madison
you're not happy you know more you know you're not the guy from 50 First Dates you're not that sweet you know what I mean yeah so
so yeah so you know other than you know get back to you Mariah um you know so dancing was your passion
came out to Vegas and you just struck gold oh I mean I I wish it was that easy
okay well similar to well let's backtracking I played Sports growing up like danced
when I was really little and sports so I was I literally quit Dancing when I was like 11 years old to focus on Sports
full-time um what sports I was All-State basketball my Junior and Senior year volleyball state champion bodybuilder
like I was all about sports that was wow my thing I had a bunch of scholarships to play in college basketball and uh
ended up breaking my ankle at the wrong time and like The Scouting and everything was just kind of so then they're like you can try to walk on at
like CU or CSU and I was like I really want to do that and so my mom was like you were such a great little dancer go
out to Vegas for the summer After High School and just audition for things and here you go 18 years old go to Vegas my
mom like literally forced me she was like you know an apartment for three months go out there I mortified myself at every single
audition like it would be I had no idea what I was doing so I you know would show up and everyone was like in hip-hop clothes and
I was wearing like a you know showgirl outfit and so then the next one I would go in a showgirl outfit never like a
type type bun and the big things and everyone was you know in I just I missed the mark every single time so it's kind
of like that last uh it was right before summer summer summer break was over and I was like okay I'm gonna go home to
Colorado there's one more audition I'm gonna go audition for showing this guy at the Rio I don't know if I'm gonna get
it otherwise I'm getting in my car and I'm driving to Colorado um and I went to the audition there you
go yeah I gotta I gotta quit my life at some point and maybe the thing that I do
right before I didn't make that decision yeah it was it was definitely like okay this is where I'm supposed to be because
I was my car was packed I was moving back to Colorado for sure wow yeah think think the universe for okay so you
did oh so you got shot of the sky at 18. wow okay and then and then so from there
where did you oh I did that show for maybe nine months and then I did a magic
show in China I was out there for a couple months and then I literally did every single show I did for about six
months and then I literally thought it was the closer for shows because shows would be open so then I would do I'd
come into the cast and be there for like a month or two and then the show would close and then I'd go to another one and learn a new show and then I literally
closed like seven or eight shows in a row and I was like I think I'm bad luck I think if you hire me then your show
was gonna close uh so luckily I mean eventually all shows in Vegas end up you know running
their course of time um but uh gone would I've been at Fantasy for now 14 years so and I don't
I don't see us going anywhere wow so well so so what other shows did you do in Vegas oh I did
wyrick's magic show I did Greg Thompson Showgirls rhinestone cowgirls
um I did a couple shows in Laughlin um I lost track sometimes I look at my resume and I'm like oh yeah I forgot I
did that show wow so yeah I was on a bunch of billboards that was my biggest goal I had a ex-boyfriend break my heart
and he said oh you know your Grand Junction hot but you'll just be a dime a dozen he did not say that to you
what is that I was just like I remember like being 18 and driving up this trip and I was like I'm gonna see my face
strip you're gonna see me up here like I'm going to show him I've never talked to him again since I have no idea oh man
oh I I would actually go get the billboard and put it in his front yard so every time he walks out he's got to
look at the damn billboard and be like like hey you know Grand Junction hop right here that's right that's right two
Grand Junction hot sitting on one couch I mean no kidding I mean wow I mean I I
I I can hear so is do people think of Grand Junction that way
oh like small Towny okay okay yeah I would say some of the most amazing
people come from small towns I I mean I agree I mean you got to get diamonds in a rough and I probably have two of them right here no they all just come from
Grand Junction well I've been through Grand Junction I'd rather the car in Grand Junction but
but actually that great grant for a lot of people that don't know Grand Junction is like the Gateway if you're not going
to fly directly into Aspen you're flying Grand Junction it's about an hour and a half two hours
and uh you get an aspen that way or you can or you can go to what's that although we can't keep talking about
Grand Junction we're going to kill this podcast well I don't know everyone's going to move to Grand Junction be like that's where all the hot girls are I
don't know maybe we're going to create the hashtags Grand Junction hot all right we're going to change that whole
mentality I I actually have to send this to everybody I know that's from Colorado maybe we do have a whole marketing play
and be like hey um explain what Grand Junction hop means I like it that's
awesome that's my new hashtag when we were driving down we did me and David I just shot with David actually last
couple days and we did one little set at on this Sunset Strip and we saw your
billboard and I was like is that your friend and he's like yeah I'm gonna take a picture of a billboard from the car I
was like that's oh so cool I've been very lucky to be on lots of things and I'm I I have no
idea I have no idea how I got so lucky and I'm definitely not the best dancer or the prettiest or any of the things I
just maybe you are definitely not well you've graduation is hot yeah maybe
yeah but but the thing is I mean you know that that old saying Beauty's you know uh and and the eye of the beholder
you know to me like I think somebody can be extremely attractive and they could be the ugliest person I
know and and it goes both ways right yeah and I mean on top of it all I don't think anybody that's watching or
listening to this is going to think that you're anything but beautiful gorgeous talented sexy
um and you gotta check out the October issue because I think you're you're a little nakey in that one right I am it's
a little naughty is it so so how I mean how how far did is it just topless I
mean I haven't I I think I think you haven't looked I haven't I haven't it's
it's not like I feel like it's very classy it's of
course it's like flavorful it's definitely not you know any of the the porn things that you can see it's I feel like it's very very well done it's
I wouldn't know how to describe it except for um Playboy yeah Playboy yeah Playboy
okay so similar yep that's awesome yeah and then I got my mom's approval on it
so don't worry I was like David asked me and then I called my mom I was like do I want to do this and she was like yeah go
for it I was like you're probably sounds cool she is cool yeah well hey you know that's another thing you can do is you
can send that issue that magazine to the ex-boyfriend I broke her heart well I don't I don't even know how to find him
but uh well I mean it's probably a dead issue but but it would be but but it would be it'll be good or every X right
here's like here remember this so um yeah I mean but I I know this is this
is actually the cover and you know what I I think I'm interviewing David after
this and I might have to see if he has an issue and we might have to like you
know see what you look like naked there's articles in there too so you could read the articles no for sure
that's what most people right I do it for the Articles oh 100 yeah
old slogan or something no but it is kind of funny because when
me and David were kind of reconnecting and I said you know what I said I have an old issue of Playboy
that had an article with Wade Boggs his old baseball player uh played for the Boston Red Sox New York Yankees and I go
where he talked about he ate chicken the certain type of type of chicken before every single game
and that was like a Superstition with him and he goes I'm the one that shot that I did the whole thing he goes
matter of fact let me show you photos and and then he liked he liked Playboy so much obviously that he actually got
to come in and be mentored under David and he got to shoot a centerfold wow
um they brought Wade Boggs in I think it was Chicago or L.A it might have been Chicago at the studio
and he got to actually shoot and David has all these behind the scenes photos and how cool and I but I'm like God I
remember that I mean it you know I I actually collected Playboy issues thinking thinking that they were
actually going to be valuable back in the day right the huge Maryland fan myself um it's funny like my old condo was
nothing but Maryland wow wow and everybody's like oh man you know you think she's hot I go actually I'm I
thought she was like a boss like I really kind of respected her for like
doing it her way you know like Frank Sinatra says right I did it my way but
yeah this is awesome but I wish we had a lot more time to continue doing this this was a great great great segment
yeah thanks for having us we all love shit's creek we got to talk about that and also David yeah Dave is amazing yep
yep MEC magazine um yeah no it was definitely incredible
and and I got to learn what Grand Junction hop is or not but actually it definitely hot
you guys think 100 hot well thank you again and um
yeah let's uh continue to have a great day awesome thank you for having us
all right
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