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Tai Savet | Shooting the Sh*t | SKC Live | EP03

In this episode, Brian sits down to shoot the sh*t with his good friend, Tai Savet. Tai is a businessman having started out in the real estate industry, and has since spread his entrepreneurial talents into many other ventures, including blockchain-related projects, mentioned in this episode.
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welcome back to another episode of SKC live I'm Brian KIPP I'm sitting here
with my very good friend Ty savett of Agents of La
um actually that's even a horrible description of you right now because you're like you're doing so many things
now I mean I knew you when you're doing real estate kind of coming up in the game winning or was it Coldwell Banker
of the of the of the Year whatever that award was and then now metaverse TV
shows reality producing TV God I mean what what don't you do what
kind of intro was that man I'm like your brother come on this is like sitting here on the couch with your brother 100
so it doesn't matter what I have done this is a me and you Family Feud right here about that go into it a hundred
percent but the thing is but the people out there don't know yeah don't know who you are they're gonna find out aren't they absolutely what do you want to talk
about Brian I mean I just got here flew into Vegas you know and uh first off why
does your setup look better than mine I thought I was in marketing before you but you obviously stunting on me you
know what I I honestly my team came to me and said hey you know what this is the future content you know we have a
lot of great clients I have a lot of you know great connections with people obviously like you and really we just
got to get that content out there and kind of talk about what we do behind the scenes here at SKC um I I know that you you know you've
been you know very uh supportive you've been you know always you know referring people to me and vice versa you know in
the business but but realistically you know you asked me a question um uh like
uh offline here am I going to our basil yep are you going our basil uh you know
what the older I get the less I want to be around people so I've kind of turned into a Hermit where I just never come
out unless I have to or it's somebody that has to touch my hand not that I'm
you know the Dalai Lama or anything but uh you know I try to be uh in my space
in my head and I try to take meetings with myself because I feel like there's not enough me time so you know the the
the tie that you knew from the past I was all everywhere flamboyant going this place going that place enjoying life I'm
still enjoying life but I'm trying to enjoy it more in a meditative State okay all right well well the thing is but
you're still putting people together I mean you're constantly connecting people together and and only reason why you
asked about our basil because obviously that that's a huge networking kind of like clout Flex place where a lot of
people want to go and be seen but really I think you asked me because you know I do a lot of work in Miami and just
probably more curious if I was going to be there but the answer question yes I'm going to be there the entire time you're one of your biggest clients out there
right 11 11 yeah I don't even I haven't even seen I mean I think I went there with a trashy girl uh wasn't it like a
nightclub strip club was a nightclub strip club kind of thing yeah no 100 um so yeah so it opened what almost nine
years ago now and now it's like no maybe it wasn't maybe it was something else was it something else they bought no so what happened is yeah so when they
bought the property well when the property was inquired they it used to be a strip club called Gold Rush that's the
one I went to with the girl Frenchie do you remember that girl she was a girlfriend she took me up to
her place and then showed me all her nude photos and I didn't understand like like are you a prostitute wait should I
be saying her name like that maybe I don't know anyways full disclosure anyway she was a French girl and she was like show me her mom was there in her
hotel or not a hotel a condo I don't even know what it was wait a minute is this like this is like 20 years with
Romney oh my gosh she took me she took me up to her hotel her mom's sitting there and she's opening up this album of
all nude photos and stuff like that and I'm like looking to the side I'm like whoa this is so freaking awkward like
like and the mom's looking in like pointing stuff like you're proud of your daughter that she's doing all this you
know only fans kind of content back before was only fans even before Myspace and then after all that and then I had
this two chicks that I was like helping um the other photographer with and then they didn't have a hotel room so they
slept in my room it was the weirdest thing and I'm like it was just I was like in the I was in the middle like sandwiched in talking about being a
young man seeing that the Miami lifestyle crazy man well yeah but that was Miami
like 20 years ago but Miami now is like elevated to like the 10th degree it's like Vegas I mean Vegas you know I grew
up in Vegas we've obviously spent a lot of time in Vegas um but even Vegas has evolved I mean you
know it used to be you know going out going out in Vegas was you know going to you know go gamble nice dinner obviously
strip club nightclub right now it's like you really have to like really plan your
your entire experience because like you know tables now are expensive Brian when
I look at you it's crazy we're sitting here in Vegas like where the hell did you even come from
because for some reason you're always in California you lived in Miami and then we met in Vegas and we had party in
Vegas it was like the weirdest but you lived in Miami you weren't living here in Vegas like you are now
yeah well I mean well I grew up in Vegas and then I moved to Miami and I was out in Miami about eight and a
half years I met you a few years after going there and we met through a photographer and
um that went to jail I remember being so Starstruck watching
TV and seeing you on TV with your other career at the time yeah which was uh
what was that yeah Coast Guard yeah and then I sing on
TV and you're doing some news interview I'm like oh my God that's Brian so Starstruck Star Strike well yeah yeah
that was actually uh huh that was a huge um actually considered a huge international incident that was when the
Cuban refugees were trying to come on to the beach where uh the vice president
was speaking and it was a whole like huge huge huge thing a big riots broke
out in Miami over it and everything um you look like Rambo on there you had like a gun and then a whole bunch of you
know like cocaine everywhere that's not exactly what happened that was definitely another time another
seizure um yeah that yeah honestly like I was just actually talking to one of my employees about my time on the Coast
Guard really enjoyed it um you know the good thing about it it actually set me up for how I am now yeah
and probably like my how my responsibility my uh just dedication loyalty uh camaraderie I definitely
learned from the Coast Guard um but also I had a lot of freedom I worked one day on three days off so I had like
on a firefighter schedule for some review that you know know what the firefighter schedules are you know I work 24 hours on I mean how did it even
meet you now what I think about this these stories right yeah how the hell did Ty Sabbath meet Brian KIPP I met you
at Paul Miller's house what were you doing there I was because I I was she was teaching me photography so you're
learning with all these naked chicks running around so so actually so it's so funny you're gonna we're gonna reminisce
on this one so what happened is I was working I was working in the Coast Guard and it was coming up to Christmas time
and I wanted to make some extra money so I started I took a job at a part-time as
a server at a Pizza Hut because I want I I used to work at Pizza Hut in high school so it was easy for me to get in
and um it was a phone girl there that was drop dead gorgeous and she really know
how to talk to nobody one day we're both Outback having a cigarette and she goes hey do you have a
computer and I said yeah I do she's like do you have an internet connection this is in
1999-2000. I said yeah and she's out she goes well she goes um do you mind if I
come over I would love to use your computer and I was like yeah I mean she
just turned 18 I was like 22. I mean and she again drop dead gorgeous of course yeah he can come over to my house so
really she confided me that her mom did Playboy and she always wanted to be in
Playboy Hustler Penthouse like any one of those big magazines so we started searching on the internet for a
photographer or you know ways to get into the business and that's why I stumbled across Paul so William you're
in the you're you're so you're at Pizza Hut with the phone operator and you pull out this computer no no she came over to
my house okay and you're looking at nude photos of possible Playboy and you're like hey you look like you could fit this because no she was telling me no
she told me that this is what she wanted to do yeah I know so she's showing you so it's like the Frenchie incident that I had almost identically except I didn't
get a free pizza with mine I just got her mom over looking over my back checking out her new daughter so yeah no
no okay listen it was weird so like basically just to finish that story I reached out to Paul he emailed me back a
few days later and said hey um uh I'm I'm kind of busy but if you want to take some photos of her and send
him in I I would be happy to take a look at her so I called A buddy of mine in the Coast Guard that was an amateur
photographer we went out took some photos of her got him developed at one hour photo at Walgreens went back to my
house it took forever to upload a damn CD to my computer took me longer to send the photos and I got a phone call within
30 minutes from Paul and he said yep I got a studio in Boca Raton if you could bring her by on this date I would love
to meet her Glam models for hire that's it that was it yeah oh my God and
I was thinking about his uh his screen name on AOL it was poly 08 or something like that Paulie Mill Polly Mill poly
Mill yep that's crazy now things are coming back right yep because I remember him asking me to hold a reflector and
this chick is naked that's exactly what happened to me crazy no no so what ended up happening is that so I ended up
taking her down there and he he goes hey uh will you do me a favor and hold this for Fletcher he gets this girl about
naked in this like bedroom scene in the studio and I'm going like
this is what every friggin heterosexual boy in America has been dreaming about
to be on the set of a Playboy shoot or a nude shoot right right and I'm like oh
my gosh so we get done we go into his office and he basically said listen uh I I can represent you I can do this I
can do this and she literally uh told him well no I don't do anything without him meaning me and I'm like going I
don't [ __ ] know what to do I'm just trying to help you get in front of somebody and honestly I'm just trying to hook up you know what I mean like right
she started being a nice guy to be there when you're ready to want to go and um the craziest thing about it is that
never happened but we ended up uh Paul ended up taking me under his wing and
teaching me everything he knew about photography introduced me to all these other girls he was a nice guy like he was a nice guy but I don't remember what
happened I think I saw an article or something about how you get arrested yeah all right so I actually just recently talked to Paul
um how is he doing and can we do the best can we do the best impression how how do you speak like I wanna you know
how you know that I don't even know if I want to be fun on the podcast this episode out I don't know well no no
I can't do it again come on let's do it yeah it's in your head you know it no I no I you're it's coming out right now
come on I don't want to come out right now oh my God so what ended up happening is
that so Paul worked for many different Publications from Harley-Davidson to Hustler Penthouse
um but he also did a lot of work for a lot of the local escort agencies so whenever whenever they get a new girl
they would send him over to Paul's pot a beautiful house absolutely gorgeous and and like literally it was like a
photographer's dream to have uh photos there so they would literally come over he would get paid a flat rate to shoot
these girls real quick and then be able to send them back over so they can get them up on the website and start promoting them right well so Paul was
very um strict about IDs you had to have an ID
he took a photo with you holding the ID and he took a separate photo of you have an ID well one particular day he had
three girls come over he was in the middle of another photo shoot it was a last minute like hey can you help me out
can you squeeze these three girls in and so Paul agreed to it and end up
photographing the three girls and come to find out one of them had a fake ID
wow she ended up being 15 or 16.
she was a runaway and her father was the head of the FBI oh my god
um in that District like he was like the acting deputy director or something like that so that's like literally like a
hole in one to go to jail like so so what happened is that Paul's sitting at
his house one day and he he gets raided by by the federal authorities they they seize Everything Computers photos
everything um he gets indicted on child pornography he went to jail right he had he had he
did a plea deal because what happened is that the escort agency guy he ended up taking the huge run of it wow um but
yeah Paul did Paul did time um poor guy and and the crappy thing
about it is that you know it was an innocent mistake to anybody would have made he just didn't really look at the
ID and he took like he's been doing it for years with with his friend and honestly if it wasn't for the fact that
you know her father was you know probably put the full Way full weight of the FBI on him I don't blame him I mean
if I'm a father and I had that authority to go find my daughter my runaway daughter but come on dude I mean if you
are the the head of the FBI right there once you locate your daughter come on that's what you did but that's how it
sounds no he actually no no he no he found it later that no they raided Paul's house later but they found her
photo on the internet and then basically tracked it all the way back rated the escort agency's guy's house he said that
Paul was the one who did the photos because they want to know where the photos came from well you know a lot of people don't realize you know they talk
about blockchain this and that but photos are really one of the first series of blockchains because actually
every photo is unique yeah it's Unique and it has a like a serial number it'll
tell you exactly where it was taken I don't know if you guys have ever seen that but uh it it's it's probably more thorough than the blockchain well it
actually it came out I want to say 14 years ago like it was like the second
Apple three Apple three Apple five is when every photo taken from that camera
and I think all the Google cameras they all have tags on it every camera that sold that camera tells you where it was
taken everybody on their iPhone right now which don't even realize it it tracks everywhere you wear everything everywhere you've been how long you've
been on there if you go into your settings and you go on your location this little tip all right it'll tell you how long you've been here it'll tell me
how long I've been here except it won't tell me because I turned my [ __ ] off but yeah you know I I and it's funny a lot
of people get freaked out about that I I personally I don't care I mean like I don't care if I'm being like now I do
turn off I don't allow myself to be tracked but I just basically say you know while the app's being used or you
know something like that but because sometimes sometimes I I want it on I I need it for for something
um especially like you know like airplane like you know like my Airlines if you if you have it off it doesn't tell you when when when like certain
things like if you're if your flight's delayed like it doesn't just send me that notification because you turn it
off no um how did we ever live without it it it's crazy it's like what it's like what Elon Musk
says about these things this made us a cyborg absolutely I mean we're literally not saying that we have to like we have
to have it but I don't know like this would freak me out if I didn't have my phone on me if I was to like here let me
take your phone unless you already have something like you're on a cruise a destination something like that
but there's no way that um you know there's no way that you cannot have your phone I mean I I turned
mine off well except you know I turn mine off and now my Tesla is saying that uh you know it's not connected great
but but it's crazy like everything you know you know everything involves your phone I mean I mean I was just actually
showing my staff today that you could literally upload your driver's license onto your phone if you're from Arizona
Maryland or Colorado now and I believe in in 2024 Nevada is doing it
um I think California is on on track of doing it Florida's on track of doing it so you know you don't have to carry a
wallet with you I mean you have your credit cards on there maybe a little bit of cash but what else you're gonna need
in your wallet I mean all we need to do is have a starlink embedded in our head and we're good while neurolink neural link starlink
whatever it's a it's starting yeah startling So speaking of Starlight neurolink Elon Twitter thoughts
um I mean I think that it's a smart move for him I think you know controlling an audience I
mean he already has Tesla but now if you have Twitter inside your car think about how amazing it will be you'll have all
your news updates but he's controlling the narrative right it's controlling yeah it is because you can push thoughts
have you ever looked on Facebook with Mark Zuckerberg and you've said something and the ad comes up well don't
you think they have the same technology with Twitter um yeah I mean a hundred percent I I
think those that technology is out there for sure I I actually think that I I think he I think he has a bigger play
for it um I actually just watched his Baron Institute or Emperor's at Baron Institute um he did a whole town hall and he was
talking about you're talking a little bit about Twitter and why he purchased it and like where the where the vision's going but it's more of a paywall thing
it's more of a pay thing and I think he's trying to you know he's like if Amazon can do it
if Netflix can do it if Apple can do it all these other people can do it why can't Twitter do it with information he
can I mean yeah there's it's Elon Musk come on he already figured out a payment Gateway from the beginning then he
figured out a car the car right the electric car then he figured out SpaceX I mean he's covering all aspects and
then soon to be we're gonna have a global a Global Communications like you could literally be in the middle of the
Atlantic Ocean and get perfect signal because you're getting it from a satellite satellite
and I mean you're not going to need your Cox Communication all you know any of your any of your Wi-Fi and none of that
it's all going to be just here I mean I mean like literally you know it
makes you wonder is T-Mobile all the all the telecommunication companies are all are
they all freaking out because literally he's going to basically say get a cell phone tower I don't need a cell phone
tower we got satellites you know what's funny is I just uh last week canceled my fax number my eFax who uses fax no one
no but see that pagers right it's all these fads and then suddenly they're xed
out and we don't think about them anymore but everybody had a pager back in the day including you I'm sure oh 100 right I haven't had a little coaches
everything then we had our sidekick twos right which we actually got together yeah
um I I actually remember that and actually that's when I switched from a t over to uh to T-Mobile as T-Mobile was
the only one that had it then we had blackberries Blackberry was a fad and now we are hooked on iPhones because iPhones have every kind of app and then
we got off Game Boy game boy went Obsolete and we had everything now on our phones so I mean technology is
evolving and now do we really use cameras anymore other than the fact we have really amazing 4K cameras on our
iPhone yeah I mean listen I mean that I think the way of the actual like big cameras are is going to be gone because
I mean literally you can do it all from here the the flex factor is not there with this but but you remember when the
iPhone came out the iPhone 7 and then the they did um it was like in cans
Music Festival they on our Film Festival they had like a whole series of people who made movies with iPhones yeah and it
it literally you know and now if you actually made one with an iPhone now I
mean it I'm sure you can still probably tell the difference but in editing I don't think you can in post-production
you can do all the editing on your phone that's crazy and you can do like the the
the the the the the captions on there I mean there's people that are are making
so much money based off their iPhone that's it that's all they have but they're making nothing but you know
crazy money based off of their their reach and their their sponsors it's insane how much people are making off
their iPhones oh no absolutely I mean Twitter Tick Tock I mean think about if you think about Tick Tock in general how
much money is being made off the phone billions oh no billions of dollars are
being spent because of the phone with the camera well not even that but I mean just the content itself that literally
you know that people are serving up watching reposting
you know all every one of those engagements is is a dollar amount to one of these content creators especially
people that have subscriptions of YouTube and now even with uh Instagram has a new feature now where you can sign
up and I can I you know I can service up content that's just for my subscribers yeah and it actually lets me know when
one of my subscribers is trying to message me I think it's genius um I mean this all rolls into blockchain
yep blockchain web3 now the number one thing that I keep getting the
misconception um is and I just had this conversation with my father actually is that he goes
he goes oh it looks like Bitcoin just crashed and it's going bankrupt and I go what do you mean he's like yeah I saw it
on the TV they had the Bitcoin logo I've been talking about this guy Sam and I go no no this is where the news is
even ignorant because they don't understand that what what it's not Bitcoin it's cryptocurrency under FTX
and the ftt coin but not not Bitcoin Bitcoin is actually the only thing it's
not owned by anybody kinda like there's it kind of goes all together because if
you're swapping out currency and trading it and selling it off cheaper the price will go down right so that's what's
happening like you know there was uh it's not just Bitcoin crashing it's ethereum yeah but but the whole thing
when they put a Bitcoin logo up it's because it's familiar you know exactly it's marketing right so unfortunately
Bitcoin you know is is gonna it's take the hit because people think of any kind
of crypto to be Bitcoin I mean that's no stable coin I mean you're right it's like it's like a pair of pliers right
vice grips that's the brand name right so or Kleenex I mean yeah Phoenix is actually a company it's not actually the
product but yeah they have a monopoly exactly no no it's the same thing with uh vice grips yeah it's actually pliers
adjustable pliers yeah but vice grips is a brand name yeah but to get back to the whole like cryptocurrency so you know
like having to explain this to people like like okay so the metaverse right everybody thinks you have to have Oculus
Oculus and that's not true um people think that you know cryptocurrency is just Bitcoin and
obviously that's not true either I mean so there's Bitcoin is the only one that's Community run and Community owned
right like nobody actually owns Bitcoin ethereum is owned or has at least a
board of directors Asana and all the other ones but the but really I think where the
future is coming in so like to get back to the Elon Musk acquiring Twitter for five-time evaluation so someone's gonna
pay five times the evaluation of a product either has a like a trillion dollar idea behind it or you know where
I think a lot of people are trying to tie into conspiracy is that oh he's just trying to control the narrative well on
one platform compared to all the other platforms are still out there I don't think that he can really compete if he's
trying to just control the narrative let's get back to the um to the metaverse so are you working on any any
projects in in the metaverse at first off I hate anything to do with the metaverse I think it's all [ __ ] you
right now yes I think everybody's on that hype that the metaverse that dude we're still here on ground zero in real
life I think that uh you know some AR stuff will be very cool from our phones
but is anybody gonna put on some Oculus I don't care you know Ready Player One all those other [ __ ] movies they're
cool they're fantasy I get it but I think there was an article talked about uh Mark Zuckerberg without wearing
Oculus I think we're going to figure out how to figure out how to use light mass and to make Holograms come pop out kind
of like how you saw them back to the future right when he was going through that town and these things popped out in 3D Jaws yeah I think that's what's gonna
happen but everybody wants to put their focus on something that could or could not be popular my vote is that it's not
going to be popular at all I think that it's just all fake yeah yeah but the metaverse is not just Oculus though I
mean the metaverse is just it's just a digital world um that's a metaverse right there buddy
you're right but but I can still look at it on a computer I I I I've been in a
metaverse on my laptop yeah and how long do you stay in there uh not very long because there's really nothing there right now there's nothing there but if
somebody wanted to go on the metaphors I think if you want to talk about gamification I think that's going to be big I think 100 yeah but there's a
purpose in it you know there's a purpose of going in there you're playing a game you're making something you're making income whatever it is I mean this is not
gonna be like surrogates I mean you know like where you're like oh hey I'm gonna get the better looking version of me out
there into the world um and then I'm gonna sit back and get fat and disgusting sitting in my
cigarette chair you know what I mean the Bruce Willis movie I mean you know I I I
I I don't think that that's the plan no I I think the metaverse is actually more of just a an ultra reality world that
people can kind of create their own Avatar of of who they want to be you
remember that most of the people on on this planet you know and are not don't
have lives like me and you you know like don't you know what's our life
I mean like if if tomorrow we wanted to go to Bali yep we could get on the plane to go to Bali we have the means to do it
by the way I'm uh getting some ethereum right now so oh you're getting this
about the area yeah right now somebody's sending me some right now how cool is that now see I can be on a podcast and
actually receive money that's cool but that's not in the mediverse that's in real life I'm gonna get this digital
transfer to my wallet and you're gonna see a smile on my face not digital let's take a photo
of course from from Carl oh from Carl from our friend Carl from Monster yeah I
feel like we should take a photo and send it to him oh I think we definitely should during the podcast yeah first off
Brian we didn't talk about anything that you've built like what does your company stand for SKC I have no idea what the
hell that even stands for I should have asked you like light years ago but um what is that it's uh it stands for Sofa
King Creative Group really suffocate creative and then we and obviously group is
well it'd actually be grouped right underneath it like did you spell it wrong like Sofa King so so the name of
that Sofa King creative oh creative sorry sorry creative yeah gotcha yeah so um
but during the pandemic we rebranded to SKC so a sofa king creative so say it
three times so [ __ ] creative so and actually it just remember what it would have to be
like an f and instead of the K like a k like so [ __ ] creative well Sofa King
I know we're so funny let me hear it Sofa King creative I know but it's not
so [ __ ] creative that's an F that would be enough yeah so yeah it would be s f c does anybody have
any that a stone we got to go over some stuff for him so anyway so SKC
um rebranded during pandemic to SKC group and actually we're now just rebranding again to just SKC
I you know I think I think everything gets catchy I like this yeah it's catchy he learned all his marketing for me by
the way uh yeah I I I I I can't deny that I mean I learned a little bit yeah
see see if you really want to know the back back story is Brian had a really hot designer when I say hot not talking
about physically hot because he was Asian and looked a little different and not to be you know funny because I'm half asian but um you know so used to a
certain kind of designer like monster which if you have a name like monster you could only imagine what he could
look like like a [ __ ] monster like like a monster but Brian knew one of the top designers and uh your guy was one of
the top designers and I think and Chrisley of course you know who's like well Chrisley and my Tams are probably I
mean I mean Tams is phenomenal um so yeah I met I met tams in 2000.
um we both were photographers you know you know the actually so Chris is Vietnamese Mike tamsel is Cambodian uh
Indonesian Indonesian and then you got the Canadian Carl yep yeah watch AKA monster which you
would think he'd be like neutral Canada no he's freaking crazy
um in a good way super fun yeah loved hanging out with him Carlos is different but actually all of them were all of
them were different and very creative like you know Chris was you know really into CGI that's what his uh specialty
was and then you got Mike tamsl that was uh he was very clean lines everything he did was very corporate but very clean
but very loud but he would also he was one of the first people to ever take Flash and embed mp3s and actually made
flash invites or Flash video or or what we would call now
um like um um I'm trying to think of what would be that word anyways he would create video
with with music and sync it all together um but he was doing that in 2001 2002
when it was still owned by micro media Flash and um and eventually Adobe bottom and but
yeah I mean he was innovating stuff way back in the day and honestly it was incredible watching him do that funny
story to Ty and Trump and and to him so we actually me Mike and about four or
five other people we started a magazine called um um Ocean Drive it was called one
magazine oh and the number one e and we get we're on going on our second
issue and we get a cease and assist uh lawsuit if we didn't stop at a
certain time or immediately we're going to be sued a stupid amount of money by Donald Trump wow because I guess
Mar-A-Lago had a magazine called one magazine oh wow yeah so we added we had to scrap that
and we immediately flipped it over to a magazine called excluse which actually really loved the name but I don't know
what it was I think I I was talking to Mike just recently and I go whatever happened why did we stop doing the
magazine this is 20 years ago like when the magazine boom was huge and he go he
goes you know what he goes I just I I that whole like changing the name and the brand it just kind of took the you
know the win out of the sales I got a couple season assists actually got one here in Vegas from who from Howard
Hughes Corporation oh well out of Texas oh that yeah they said because of the
the show idea of selling Summerlin you know that was uh I was on the cover of Las Vegas uh magazine what was it Las
Vegas Times yeah right and uh they they didn't like that very much because the
name was trademarked um and I didn't realize that Summerlin uh I thought it was just an area but
it's actually uh owned by by the Howard huge corporation yeah owned owned Community I mean the things you find out
but you know they took screenshots everything that I was doing I mean they really investigated me and you know me
I'm like dude screw them right and I'm like until you get that big season assistant yeah and then I told my
attorney and I said listen it's all good we all have money here he said no you don't understand they have real money you know so you might want to think
about this so I looked them up I'm like [ __ ] all right let me just say my apologies like you guys are going to win this no problem you know I don't know
here's the thing I mean if you're if you're not getting assistance this or even you know or even sued but you know
but sued with you know with the purpose of stopping something or changing something um no I I got sued by um Hawk star group
when it was hakasan because so I I got I kind of got the dime that someone was
coming to Vegas from from London and um I I bought up all the domains so I had
hakas on Vegas hagasan LV I I bought them all what's wrong with that um well then I took it and I forwarded
it to my I love Vegas website which was hosting company and they basically said
if I didn't turn the domains over to them immediately that they were going to sue me for all of the revenue that they
lost by by because we had a contract with them to provide VIP service so we
already probably did two or three hundred thousand dollars in table sales and they pay us 20 percent
there's like 15 or 20 percent and you own their names and they found out they found out was you oh yeah but it's all
public right and and so you should hit that stuff no I did no no the all the domains were private but I still got a
season it says wow and here's the funny thing I got a physicist by the attorney I'm not going to name his name that
actually I know very well and he literally when the seasons just came
I didn't realize that he'd been calling me from his office phone and who who else is a phone number that if it's not
in your phone I'm not answering it and he wasn't leaving voicemails for like three days straight and also I get
served when I was living at Turnberry and um come to come to find out
um yeah it was so I had to call this attorney friend and I go hey
um he goes dude I've been trying to call you last three days I had to serve you on this he goes he goes listen you know
he has just turn over the domains I go hold on a second look I know these guys really well like Neil and Alex and all
these people that run hakasan group or Angel management back then I'm like I know all these guys and he goes I know
but but they wanted me to handle it and I go okay so what do you need he oh heels just turn over all these domains
there's like 12 of them and um and then we'll drop a lawsuit and I said all right cool and yeah because they wanted
all that back money of all that money that they paid me because they thought that I used their name to gain that so I
literally just told him he said what are you talking about no I know but you leverage their name it's the problem where you [ __ ] up dude is you actually
worked for them you had a contract with them and you made money and had their name come on dude no but the thing is is
honestly probably about 80 of those reservations were relationships already had with people still though no no I
don't look good but but again you know Lessons Learned you know it's funny see
you definitely learned from our crew or our crew because I almost bought up coinbase in Europe because it's
available everything else is taken the exchange and I got an approval from it and I have an Estonia residence card so
I was actually registering their name and I'm like you know what they'll probably sue me as an American so I'm like you know what [ __ ] it let somebody
else have that because I almost bought them because honestly if you look at all the other exchanges they they did federal
trademarks and they did uh um International trademarks but coinbase did not wow so if I pulled it up and I
showed you that's available I'm like um is that somebody I want to take on not really and on top of that if they if
they get shut down for whatever purpose I don't want it coming back to me and then me getting x'ed out for their bad
publicity so it's not a win-win on anything any level so I literally almost bought them coinbase is available yeah
I mean sometimes sometimes that you have this great billion dollar idea and it's like
you can't really do [ __ ] with it because a you're worried about that you don't get [ __ ] sued right for anything no
it's not worth it first off where we're at as a bear Market it does not make
Financial sense because if something happens to them and I own their domain it's gonna hurt me in my business 100
you know and on top of that I don't want to go against them because they're pretty big even though Bank of America dropped them
um you know I think it's uh yeah but coinbase is now with FTX out of the way coinbase is by far though no I think
it's gonna be great I I have money and you know I have money in both you know but uh I mean obviously one is seized
you know and I can't do anything with and the other one is coinbase well did you not get your money out beforehand you know what I'm an idiot like that you
know I just I let it ride I mean the ftt token is still moving you know it's not like they can get rid of it they can
block it from different exchanges but it's still there yeah so you know I just I just heard that they they have uh the
new CEO that's in Tech so you know they're not going to let FTX go completely there's two it's in
bankruptcy but some people buy them out their system still works well their database alone is worth billions yeah of
course I mean think about all the major players when I look at uh uh Tom Brady and how much money 600 million dollars
in staking that he had I mean you take a serious loss like that like I don't feel so bad I lost a couple thousand it's not
like I'm Tom Brady losing 600 million yeah but but the thing is though is I think I think a lot a lot of that had to
do with with uh Futures and and like uh stock options or corn options for for
his role I mean the the report did come out and actually said that all U.S all
U.S account holders were were okay it was all the international people that
got real we rocked [Music] so I mean it's a shame that I ended up
like that because I actually really like the system um you know it's just it's hard to believe that he thought he was going to
get away with that I mean honestly with Amy I just don't see it like what you're
just going to shut down and think you're gonna you rob all these people and not get you know taken out like crypto is a
very funny market like that it's like if they hate you they're gonna they're gonna crucify you
there's no forgiving yeah no I mean when it
I don't know this guy I mean literally if he planned on doing what he what he
did and he actually planned that that's what he wanted to do I just can't imagine it empty and uh um uh um MIT
graduate with two parents pretty established parents that he
literally had a plan I'm gonna go and I'm gonna create all this I'm gonna Rob everybody of this money and I'm gonna
take it I'm gonna dump it into the get another conspiracy theory into the Democratic party and all my all my other
green initiatives and everything else he wanted to do right he donated money all over the world um but I just don't see how you could
ever keep up with that if you knew that it was a Ponzi scheme or this is worse than Enron I think that he literally didn't know
what the hell he was doing and he got really bad advice from probably people from that word he was doing I mean but I
think that there was other special helpers that you know maybe they threatened him who knows there must be
something more to it maybe they needed this fall to happen for regulations to come in you know but that's my
conspiracy I think that there was something we need regulation on on that type of stuff yeah because he was trying
to do the 10 to 1 ratio like our banking system so he was obviously taking money out through the back door and then
pumping it pumping it up so with these money makers right so these bots so we
keep the the price like this all the way up and nobody was seeing that the money was missing so but that was kind of like
the banking system right ten to one ratio yeah no I mean smart though I mean he's smart but he's
also you know I mean just couldn't keep up with it yeah fraudulents fraudulent I mean I do have one last question for you before we uh because you're right we got
to wrap it up um oust uh it's house house
okay yeah okay the symbol is o-u-s-e yeah so it's
funny because I wear you I for anybody that that follows my social media I wear
a yellow hat and on the other hat is that logo right there all right and everybody's like what is
that and I'm like oh it spells o s
uh oh yes it's okay Hooked on Phonics didn't work
for him where I got his back anyways great branding great logo um but yeah so tell me a little bit
about it because I mean you know you were out here about two three weeks ago for the for the for the web three
conference that win and um I got to meet uh what was her name the one that helps
it works for you okay yeah Carrie yeah yeah she's amazing and um
yeah anyway she was telling me all about it and even my own good friend I didn't know anything about it he's like here's
some hats here's some swag here's this or that and I didn't really understand it other than I saw it on uh was it a
Tyrone Whitley's shorts when he got knocked out by Jake Paul Frank Gore Michael Lee who's one of the top tick
Talkers in the world uh yeah boy everybody everybody's wearing uh you know wearing yours so what is this
uh it's fractionalized real estate that's what it is it's taking uh real estate and putting it uh in the
blockchain and uh having fractionalized ownership so what we're doing is uh we always obviously have an nft line a
celebrity nft line but uh we're just making it hip and cool and uh it's kind of like like timeshare right where you
own a property right and then there's a lot of different people that own that particular property right so that's kind
of that's the concept is taking the time share but making it blockchain and uh it
will actually be tied to physical property so basically what you're saying so if I want like if I want to be a part
of a 10 million dollar piece of property a rental property it'll be tied to income
properties so what happens if uh what about what about if I own a 10 million dollar piece of property how would I get
if I want to add it to the fractional real estate before I do that I mean first off as a group a collective group
we would want to buy that and then we let people buy into it okay so yeah so
you as a group by the real estate yes and then and then what so who actually we tie it to the blockchain okay and we
have uh investors that come up and they buy it and then people buy into it and so and if they own so much of it it's
fractionalized income that comes in that is phenomenal yeah it's a cool concept very good concept right branding you
know right now I'm I'm sitting back and looking at what kind of regulations so we are uh as us as house Inc so there's
householding and house Inc uh we've been approved from the Department of real estate to sell property so we do have
that uh we also are really big into our AR formats so you can actually preview a
property in AR and actually do a walk through in AR that's awesome yeah so
we're doing a lot of different things uh that nobody else is doing I think we're really ahead of the game our only
competition that I saw that was doing something similar uh they're seven years out so I think that we're really
Advanced and obviously with my experience and the team I'm around I feel like uh you know it's a passion
project for me so obviously we're going to have a lot of fun with it but when we first came out we hit about 170 million
dollar market cap and uh I saw some problems with our codes so I pulled everything back in our Marketplace
actually and I spent nine months rebuilding it and uh then the bear Market hit and so I have not put it out
along with our bridges so we have bridges that allow you to go from binance to ethereum back and forth along
with our nfts wow I really sound like one of those guys that sit up on those panels which I never said I was going to
ever do no but that was a great explanation of yeah of what you're doing because it because you're right you
haven't been pushing it you haven't been on purpose I wanted to follow 100 because when we almost sold out of all
the tokens I released remember I only released 28 billion tokens and we had out of the 4 trillion and we we were
literally right there at the ceiling where for me to keep and going with the trading I would have to buy in it I did
the numbers of me to release more tokens it would cost me almost eight eight and a half million actually 8.8 million
dollars for me to open up the floodgates and I said you know what I already know there's some problems let me pull back
so I did the right thing by pulling back and not letting all the stuff continue to go because I knew that first off I
didn't put enough tokens out there you know my my you know I own what 90 97
percent you know uh ownership so you know it was exciting to see you know
everybody buying into it you know off something that a concept it's exciting to see all the celebrities in it but I
uh deliberately held off on putting all the celebrities I have because I didn't want the hype together and I didn't want to be a celebrity brand so that's why
you don't see too many there's people that rock it like Charlie rocket and the other guys from yesterday Rock our stuff
um you know I think The Branding is really cool yeah for sure but uh you know we we also developed uh um a store
that you can use our crypto to buy our merchandise like sweaters and stuff like that I bought the the screen printing
company that does our stuff so we own that um we also have an evaluation software
that will actually take any of our houses like the on The Meta map that we've developed and it'll give you a
price guide of which we think it's worth so it's kind of like a Zillow it'll tell you what we believe your property's
worth and you can just type in the blockchain code right the and it'll tell you this
is what we estimate it to be worth so we have a lot of proprietary stuff that is assigned only to Aus I think our project
is going to do phenomenal uh you know when I sit really quiet you know I'm I'm doing something and and you've been
sitting quiet for a while yeah I mean I'm a marketer man I mean we didn't even talk about the TV shows or anything else I'm doing because it's just uh you know
well I mean I mean honestly we can sit here for hours and talk about everything I mean we I I I think we dove into the
past a little bit we obviously talked about the present um but yeah I I consider to talk to you
for hours yeah I mean the same it's just like we're bringing up memories and whatnot but you know obviously what we've should we make it to an hour I
mean it's almost like were the countdown's on or should we yeah tied up yeah we should probably make it to that
he said wrap this sucker up right he's like he's like hey I want to go home this guy these guys are here on the the road Caster just like a podcaster sorry
Road casters podcast right that's what it is it's both um we're using an A10 mini pro to change
between all the cameras and all of that stuff and we're using a road yeah Road uh Caster Pro okay yeah so yeah that's
good so I think let's wrap it up then so I mean first off I appreciate you having me here it was on the whim I said hey
Brian I'm coming in town and we just set this up randomly yeah well you know it's funny because we actually do all of our
um all of our episodes well actually we're ramping back up right now and every Tuesday so I've got uh actually
our friend Ari um I'm actually interviewing her tomorrow um yeah and um but yeah I've got two
pretty much every week and then we're gonna we're relaunching the channel and uh the really the goal is to educate
people you know have them get a little bit into our lives um and just kind of learn about like
what you know you know what we could do one thing we didn't tie into too much was like adding the marketing element to
to all these things but let me know what your name it stands for so that's that's good marketing that's right Sofa King uh
was it creative great oh sorry see I don't know so [ __ ] creative so this
is sofa king creative live oh got it it's smart I like it that's cool yeah
yeah but don't you think don't you hey don't you think we should say one last thing just joking we're done live from Las
Vegas we're done it's Monday night all right well thank you everybody
thanks to Ty and um yep we'll see you next time
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